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Ancient Greece


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Maps and Battle Plans: Preface: New to the Fourth Edition: Translations Used by Permission: Timeline: INTRODUCTION A Bird's-Eye View of Greek History Sources: How We Know About the Greeks Retrieving the Past: The Material Record Retrieving the Past: The Written Record Periodization Frogs Around a Pond City-States Greek City-States I. EARLY GREECE AND THE BRONZE AGE Domestication Sources for Early Greek History The Land of Greece Greece in the Early and Middle Bronze Ages (c. 3000-1600 BC) Minoan Civilization Greece and the Aegean in the Late Bronze Age (1600-1200 BC) The Years of Glory (c. 1400-1200 BC) The End of the Mycenaean Civilization II. THE EARLY IRON AGE (C. 1200-750/700 BC) Sources for the Early Iron Age Decline and Recovery, Early Iron Age I (c. 1200-900 BC) The New Society of Early Iron Age II (900-750/700 BC) Revival (c. 900-750 BC) Homer and Oral Poetry Homeric Society Community, Household, and Economy in the Early Iron Age II * The End of Early Iron Age II (c. 750-700 BC) III. ARCHAIC GREECE (750/700-480 BC) Sources for the Seventh and Sixth Centuries The Formation of the City-State (Polis) Government in the Early City-States Emigration and Expansion: The Colonizing Movement Economic and Social Divisions in the Early Poleis Hesiod: The View from Outside The Hoplite Army The Archaic Age Tyrants Art and Architecture Lyric Poetry Philosophy and Science Panhellenic Religious Institutions Relations Among States IV. SPARTA Sources for Spartan History and Institutions The Early Iron Age and the Archaic Period The Spartan System Demography and the Spartan Economy Spartan Government Sparta and Greece Historical Change in Sparta The Spartan Mirage in Western Thought V. THE GROWTH OF ATHENS AND THE PERSIAN WARS Sources for Early Athens Athens from the Bronze Age to the Early Archaic Age The Reforms of Solon Pisistratus and His Sons The Reforms of Cleisthenes The Rise of Persia The Wars Between Greece and Persia The Other War: Carthage and the Greek Cities of Sicily VI. THE RIVALRIES OF THE GREEK CITY-STATES AND THE GROWTH OF ATHENIAN DEMOCRACY Sources for the Decades After the Persian Wars The Aftermath of the Persian Wars and the Foundation of the Delian League The "First" (Undeclared) Peloponnesian War (460-445 BC) Pericles and the Growth of Athenian Democracy Literature and Art Oikos and Polis The Greek Economy VII. GREECE ON THE EVE OF THE PELOPONNESIAN WAR Sources for Greece on the Eve of the War Greece After the Thirty Years' Peace The Breakdown of the Peace Resources for War Intellectual Life in Fifth-Century Greece Historical and Dramatic Literature of the Fifth Century Currents in Greek Thought and Education The Physical Space of the Polis: Athens on the Eve of War VIII. THE PELOPONNESIAN WAR Sources for Greece During the Peloponnesian War The Archidamian War (431-421 BC) The Rise of Comedy Between Peace and War The Invasion of Sicily (415-413 BC) The War in the Aegean and the Oligarchic Coup at Athens (413-411 BC) Fallout from the Long War The War in Retrospect IX. THE GREEK WORLD OF THE EARLY FOURTH CENTURY Sources for Fourth-Century Greece Social and Economic Strains in Postwar Greece Law and Democracy in Athens The Fourth-Century Polis Philosophy and the Polis X. PHILIP II AND MACEDONIAN SUPREMACY Sources for Macedonian History Early Macedonia Macedonian Society and Kingship The Reign of Philip II Macedonian Domination of Greece XI. ALEXANDER THE GREAT Sources for the Reign of Alexander Consolidating Power From Issus to Egypt: Conquest of the Eastern Mediterranean (332-331 BC) From Alexandria to Persepolis: The King of Asia (331-330 BC) The High Road to India: Alexander in Central Asia India and the End of the Dream Return to the West XII. ALEXANDER'S SUCCESSORS AND THE COSMOPOLIS A New World Sources for the Hellenistic Period The Struggle for the Succession The Regency of Perdiccas The Primacy of Antigonus the One-Eyed Birth Pangs of the New Order (301-276 BC) The Place of the Polis in the Cosmopolis The Macedonian Kingdoms Hellenistic Society Alexandria and Hellenistic Culture Social Relations in the Hellenistic World EPILOGUE The Arrival of the Romans A Greco-Roman World Glossary: Art and Illustration Credits: Index:

About the Author

Sarah B. Pomeroy is Distinguished Professor of Classics and History Emerita at Hunter College and The City University of New York Graduate Center. Stanley M. Burstein is Professor of History Emeritus at California State University, Los Angeles. The late Walter Donlan was Professor of Classics Emeritus at the University of California, Irvine. Jennifer Tolbert Roberts is Professor of Classics and History at City College and The City University of New York Graduate Center. David Tandy is Visiting Research Fellow in Classics at the University of Leeds, UK. Georgia Tsouvala is Associate Professor of History at Illinois State University.


"Ancient Greece is a sweeping, accessible historical narrative, punctuated by social and economic insights of one of the most complex and intriguing cultures of antiquity."--David Graf, University of Miami "This text is an excellent choice for those seeking a comprehensive treatment of ancient Greek history. Its chronological reach is long, and it devotes a great deal of attention to social and cultural topics along with the standard political and military ones."--Eric Wild Robinson, Indiana University "Ancient Greece is a very clear, comprehensive overview of Greek history, in its political, social, cultural, and intellectual dimensions, with particularly good coverage of the Archaic and Classical Periods, written by some of the top scholars in the field."--Philip Kaplan, University of North Florida

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