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Archaic Times to the End of the Peloponnesian War


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Preface to the second edition; Volume editor's introduction; Abbreviations; 1. Ancient chronology; 2. The date of Lykourgos of Sparta; 3. The establishment of the Olympic Games; 4. Pheidon of Agros; 5. The foundation of Naxos and Megara in Sicily; 6. The foundation of Croton; 7. The Lelantine War; 8. The use of the word tyrant; 9. The foundation of Tarentum by the Partheniai of Sparta; 10. Orthagoras, Tyrant of Sicyon; 11. Law of the city of Dreros (Crete); 12. Tyrtaeus of Sparta, the Messenian Wars, and the Great Rhetra; 13. Spartan treatment of helots; 14. Memorial to a Locrain proxenos at Corcyra; 15. Drakon's law on homicide; 16. The first sacred War; 17. Battos, the founder of Cyrene; 18. The foundation of Cyrene; 19. Law from Chios; 20. Gravestone of Phanodikos of Prokonnesos; 21. Epitaph of the Corinthians who died at Salamis; 22. The Athenian naukrariai; 23. The Athenian archon list; 24. Greek mercenaries in Egyptian service; 25. Alliance between Elis and Heraia in Western Arcadia; 26. The establishment of the Panathenaic festival; 27. Spartan treaty with Tegea; 28. Kroisos' gifts to the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus; 29. Treaty between Sybaris and the Serdaioi; 30. The wives of Hippias and Hipparchos, the sons of Peisistratos of Athens; 31. The nature of Peisistratos' rule; 32. Polykrates, Tyrant of Samos; 33. Law from a Locrain community settling new territory; 34. A list of Dareios' subjects; 35. Letter of Dareios; 36. An argive rule about the use of sacred treasures; 37. Dedication of peisistratos son of Hippias; 38. A Spartan dedication; 39. The liberation of Athens; 40. The rebuilding of the Temple at Delphi by the Alkmeonidai; 41. Ostracism at Athens; 42. Epigrams celebrating an Athenian victory over Boeotia and Chalcis; 43. Dedication of the Athenian portico at Delphi; 44. Athenian klerouchy at Salamis; 45. Rations for Ionian mothers working at Persepolis; 46. An Ionian contractor at Persepolis; 47. Law of the Eastern (Hypocnemidian) Locrians about their colony at Naupactus; 48. The Persian cavalry at Marathon; 49. Dedication of Kallimachos; 50. Athenian thank-offering for Marathon; 51. Athenian epigrams on the Persian wars; 52. The Greek embassy to Gelon; 53. A supplication by Corinthian women during Xerxes' war; 54. Gelon's thank-offering for the victory at Himera; 55. The decree of Themistokles; 56. Contribution of the Naxians to the war effort against the Persians; 57. Oath of the Athenians taken betore the Battle of Plataea; 58. The number of the Athenian dead at Plataca; 59. Greek thank-offering for victory in the Persian War; 60. Megarian memorial of the Persian War; 61. Pausanias, regent of Sparta, and his actions after the victory at Plataea; 62. Attempts at colonizing Ennea Hodoi in Thrac; 63. Regulations of the Teians; 64. Hieron's thank-offering for the victory at Cumae; 65. Themistokles' ostracism and flight to Persia; 66. Political expulsions from Miletus; 67. The Messenian Revolt; 68. Athenian relations with Phaselis; 69. The ban against Arthmios of Zeleia; 70. A Halicarnassian law concerning disputed property; 71. Regulations imposed by the Athenians on Erythrae; 72. Egypt rebels from Persia; 73. Spartan aid to Thebes; 74. Perikles' oratory; 75. Athenian regulation of the Eleusinian Mysteries; 76. Kimon's return from ostracism; 77. Samians fight in Egypt; 78. Casualty list of the Erechtheid tribe of Athens; 79. The building of the Long Walls and the Middle Wall at Athens; 80. Thank-offering by the Lacedaemonians for the victory at Tanagra; 81. Alliance of Athens and Egesta; 82. Athenian compact involving the Delphic Amphictyony or Phocis; 83. Dedication of Athenian knights; 84. Tolmides' circumnavigation of the Peloponnesus; 85. The first tribute quota list of 454/3 B.C.; 86. Limitation of Athenian citizenship; 87. Treaty between Oianthia and Chalcion, and law of Chaleion; 88. The civil l

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Covers the period which begins with the era of Greek colonization and ends with the close of the Peloponnesian War in 404 B. C.

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