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The Art of Rigging


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PART I ALPHABETICAL EXPLANATION OF THE TERMS AND PHRASES USED IN RIGGING Abaft or Aft Abaft the Beam Aboard or Inboard Abreast Ahead Aloft Aloof Amidships Anchor-stock tackle An-end Athwart Avast Awning Back-stays Beckets Belaying Bending Bends Bight Binding Bitts Bitt the cable Blocks Block and block Boarding-netting Boatskids or Boomskids Bobstay Bolsters Bolt-rope Booms Boom-irons Boom tackle or boom jigger Bowgrace Bowsing Bowlines Bowline tackle Bowsprit Bowsprit-netting Brace Brails Breast-rope Breastwork Breeching Bridles Bull's-eye Bumpkins or Boomkins Bumpkin shrouds Buntlines Buoy Buoy-rope Burton tackles Button and loop Buttons Cable Cablet Cant Caps To cap a rope Capsize Capstan or capstern To carry away Cast-off Catharpins Catfall Catheads Chain cables Chain plates Chain sheets Chain slings Cheerly Chestrees Choaking the luff Chock-a-block Chocks of the rudder Clamp Clap on Cleats Clinch Clue of a sail Clue-lines Coat Coil Coin or quoin Collar Come home Come-up the capstan Come-up the tackle-fall Contline Cordage Creeper Cringles Crotchets Crosstrees Crow-foot Crown of the cable Crowning Crutch Cut-and-run Davit Dead-eyes Dead-lights Derrick Dismantle Driver or spanker-boom Dolphin Dolphin-striker Down-hauler Down-haul tackle Earings "Ease-off, or veer-away" Elbow in the hawse End-for-end Ensign Equip Eye of a shroud Eyelet-holes Fag-end of a rope Fake Fall Fancy lines Fangs or lee-fangs Fenders Fathom Fid Fids Fish Flag-staff Fleeting Fly of a flag Flying of sails Fore-braces Foul anchor Foul hawse Frapping Frapping a ship Freshen-hawse Furling Furling-line Futtock plate Futtock shroud Futtock stave Gaff Gammoning Gangway Gaskets Girtlines Goose-neck Grapnel Gripes Grommet Ground-tackle Gudgeons or braces Gun-slings Guys Hag's-teeth Halliards Handsomely Handspike Hanks To Haul Hawse-bags Hawser Head-ropes Heart Heaver or woolder Heaving Helm Hinges Hitch Hoist of a flag or sail Hoisting Holding-on Hook Hoops Horns Horse Horses Hounds To jamb Jaws Jeers Jewel blocks Jib-guys Jigger Jigger tackle Inhauller Junk Keckling Kevels Kinking Knittles or nettles Knot To knot Lacing Laniards Lashers Lashing Lashing of booms Lanunch ho! Leading-part Leech lines Leech rope Legs Life lines Lifts Lines Lizard Loop Loosing the sails Luff tackle Main tackle Man-ropes Marline spike Martingale Masts Mast coats Mat Maul Meshes Messenger Mousing a hook Nave-line To nipper or nip Nippers Norman Oakum Overhaul Outhauler Outrigger Painter Panch Parbuckle Parcelling Parral Parral trucks Passaree To pay out Peak-halliards Pendants Pins Pointing Points Port pendants Preventer Preventer stays Purchase Quarter tackles Rack Racking a tackle Ratlines To rattle down the shrouds Reef Reef tackle To reeve Relieving tackles Ribs of a parral Ridge tackle to rig Rigging Rigging-house or loft Rolling tackle Rope-bands Ropes Ropeyarn Rough-tree rail Round-up Rounding Round-turn To rowse Rudder-coats Rudder tackles Runner Runner tackles Running-rigging Saddles for booms Sciatic-stay Seizing Middle-seizing Selvagee To serve Service Serving mallet Setting the sails Setting-up Shackles Shank-painter Sheave Sheep-shank Sheers Sheet Shifting backstay tackles Ship-shape Shrouds Slabline Slack Slack or a rope Slack rigging Slings Slip-knot Slip-rope To slue Snaking Snaking the stays Snotter Spans Spanning of booms Spanning of runners Spanish windlass Spars Spilling lines Splicing Spring stays Sprit Spunyarn Square-rigged Square-sail boom Staff Stage Standing-part Standing-rigging Standing part of a rope Stanchions of the nettings Stays Stay-sail stay tackles Stay tackles Stern-fast Stirrups Stock-tackle Stools Stop Stoppers Strand Stranded Straps To surge Swab Swagging-off To sway Swifter Swifters Swiftering of shrouds Swivel Swivel-hook Tack Tack of a flag Tack tackle Tackle Tail Tarpauling Thimbles Throat Throat-brails Throat-halliards Thrumming Tiller-rope Timenoguy Toggle Top Top-rope Top-rope pendants "Top-tackle, or top-rope tackles" Topping Topping-lift Towline Train tackle Traveller "Traverse horses, or jackstays" Treenails Trestle-trees Tricing-line Trucks Truss Truss tackles Tie Vangs To veer away Viol or voyl To underrun a tackle Uphroe Wall knot Warp "Warp, or woof" Warp of shrouds Whip Whipt Whip upon whip Winding-tackle Winding-tackle pendant Windlass Woolding Worming Yards Yard tackles Yarn

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