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The Bhakti Coloring Book


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Ekabhumi Charles Ellik Ekabhumi Charles Ellik is an artist, poet, student, and teacher of classical hatha yoga who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. His diverse work includes The Shakti Coloring Book, as well as 20 original illustrations created for Sally Kempton's Awakening Shakti. For more, visit ekabhumi.com.


"This book is deep fun--inspirational and informative. We love it!" --Deva Premal and Miten, musicians and international recording artists "Once again, Ekabhumi has birthed a treasure for all ages, providing an accessible way to realize the power of yogic art to transform consciousness from the heart of the bhakti tradition. These interactive visual meditations and illuminating descriptions are a profound portal of discovery for the both beginner and longtime seeker." --Shiva Rea, founder of Prana Vinyasa & Samudra Global School for Living Yoga, author of Tending the Heart Fire "Respectfully authentic, visually attractive, wholeheartedly devotional. I cannot think of a better way for kids and adults to learn what the deities and yantras truly represent." --Nicolai Bachman, author of The Language of Yoga "Such beauty! This book is a beckoning to the heart of devotional practice. It is an invitation to slow down and be present as you sit with these glorious images. Read the luminous descriptions of their particular sacred transmission. Offer the colors that best reflect your living relationship to the divine realities they represent. Meet the Beloved through art, and allow yourself to be transformed by the encounter." --Mirabai Starr, author of God of Love: A Guide to the Heart of Judaism, Christianity and Islam and Caravan of No Despair: A Memoir of Loss and Transformation "Ekabhumi's new Bhakti Coloring Book is a literal feast for the senses! He helps us elevate art-making to a spiritual practice. Through his generous and direct instructions, Ekabhumi leads us into a creativity that brings greater awareness. He's also created a beautiful and accessible guide to many of the gods and goddesses in the Hindu pantheon, helping us recognize the divine within ourselves. This book is also super fun! You'll be excited to hold it in your hands, and bring your paints and markers onto its pages. You will love it!" --Lauren Walker, author of Energy Medicine Yoga and The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription "As an authentic working manual on the deities and sacred imagery of Hindu devotional art, The Bhakti Coloring Book is truly a product of much time, knowledge, skill, and love. In an accessible manner, the artist introduces the viewer to this deeply symbolic art, which makes it far more transformative and meaningful than the many 'spiritual' or 'mindful' titled coloring books of recent years." --Robert Beer, author and illustrator of The Encyclopedia of Tibetan Symbols and Motifs and Buddhist Art Coloring Books 1 and 2 "'Exquisite' is perhaps the most apt term to describe this beautiful offering by Ekabhumi Charles Ellik. Not only does this descriptor apply to the lovingly crafted works of sacred art filling the book, each of which begs to be blessed with the colorations of the reader, but to the level of knowledge and care that goes into the written description of each. Ekabhumi has shown time and again that he is steeped in the traditional knowledge of the sacred world he inhabits. Additionally, Ekabhumi again demonstrates that his ability to transmit this information clearly, and enjoyably to the reader, is of the highest caliber. Simply put, this book is a joy to read, and a pleasure to open oneself to artistically. As one pours color into the book, it will pour bliss and wisdom into the reader." --Stephane Dreyfus, international yoga instructor "As with his Shakti Coloring Book, Charles offers up an exquisite combination of esthetic pleasure, spiritual education and contemplative experience. The book, with its sumptuous illustrations, is sure to open hearts, as bhakti is intended to do." --Philip Goldberg, author of American Veda: From Emerson and the Beatles to Yoga and Meditation, How Indian Spirituality Changed the West "I learned so much from this book! It is clear that Ekabhumi has a lot of concern about sending the right information and taking care that the reader learns to respect it as well. As a professional Thangka painter, I feel it is important that those of us who make traditional spiritual icons give all that is necessary to preserve a type of art that we didn't create. It is a wisdom tradition, which depends on its artists to keep authentic even in a rushed and capitalist world. Of course, people can make art the way their hearts feel like! But this is a very objective art: it has the principle of connecting one to the divine. It has a structure and an intention, and the one who wants to follow this path should trust and follow what the ancient masters have attained. I think this aspect is the most precious of this book. Even if people say 'make it simple, ' the author finds the language to translate the meaning without missing the point." --Tiffani Gyatso, artist and art instructor, Brazil "This book invites us into our right brain, our nonlinear side, as a means of connecting with, experiencing, embodying, and resonating with the rich culture, myths, and inspiration available through these deities and the tradition. Such a lovely break from the busyness of twenty-first-century living" --Elizabeth DiAlto, author of Untame Yourself, host of the Untame the Wild Soul podcast, creator of Wild Soul Movement "Wonderful! This artistic tribute to Spirit draws your heart to all-encompassing love. Color to your soul's delight!" --Linda Johnsen, MS, author of Lost Masters: Rediscovering the Mysticism of the Ancient Greek Philosophers "In these times of political upheaval and economic havoc, contemplating the nature of reality is an antidote to the selfishness of consumerism. These delightful drawings, inspired by traditional icons, are like facets on the jewel of truth that lies at the heart of all wisdom traditions. This book is both a description of bhakti as well as an inspiring expression of bhakti in the form of sacred art." --Baba Rampuri, Sri Mahant, Naga Sanyassi of Juna Akhara, founder of Hari Puri Ashram, author of Autobiography of a Sadhu: A Journey into Mystic India "Ekabhumi draws us into the mystical experience of the divine through his masterful representations of his Bhakti Coloring Book. His inspiration of the deities and mandalas unfold as a deeply moving spiritual journey through the art of playful meditation. Divining through his powerful drawings, we release healing intentions into the cosmic universe!" --Yogini Shambhavi Devi, author of Yogic Secrets of the Dark Goddess and co-director of the American Institute for Vedic Studies "Bravo! It's rare to find a book with both colorful and imaginative content and authentic wisdom. The Bhakti Coloring Book is much more than just a coloring book. It's a journey into the deep traditions of bhakti and tantra yoga--an opportunity to explore beloved Hindu deities and their corresponding mantras, yantras, and mandalas in a playful and creative way.
If you've always wanted to know more about the Hindu gods and wondered how they are used as symbolic tools for empowerment, then this book will inspire and guide you with complete grace and devotion.
It's also a divinatory tool. Just randomly opening to a particular page I found the message for that particular deity immediately resonated with a situation that needed resolving in my own life. I loved the contemplation offering for each deity too because it gave me concrete tools to work through particular issues and archetypal themes.
Another endearing aspect is the variety of ways one can work with the yantras. You can choose to be playful, evoking the lighter aspect of the prescribed deity, or be more formal in your approach, literally invoking its most powerful qualities. This makes the book accessible to all ages and levels of interest.
This book is also perfect for devotional yogis wanting to deepen their knowledge of bhakti yoga. From reading the stories of each deity to chanting their mantras, visualising and then coloring in their yantras, each section is a carefully constructed ritual to give the reader the sense that they are not just coloring in lines, but participating in a sacred act.
And for those wanting to know more about the essence of bhakti and how to practice it as sacred art, Ekabhumi draws from his own wealth of experience as well as elucidating how we can express our devotional heart.
I absolutely loved this book, its beautiful artwork, and healing message! Thank you, Ekabhumi, for your pure dedication to bring this blessed work to light!" --Rachel Zinman, author of Yoga for Diabetes: How to Manage Your Health with Yoga and Ayurveda, global yoga teacher, and yantra artist "Ekabhumi's artwork is a constant source of inspiration around our home. From framed paintings to coloring book pages, his work reconnects us on a daily basis to both the Divine and to our own inherent creative spark. We can't wait for his next coloring book!" --Jai Uttal, Grammy(R)-nominated devotional singer of Roots, Rock, Rama! "The Bhakti Coloring Book is a beautiful offering of art, knowledge, and Eastern spirituality. It is a coloring book for all ages, a meditation tool, a manual on sacred art, and an inspirational guide for any one seeking to learn about the goddesses, gods, and poet yoginis of the Hindu Bhakti tradition. This book is rich in wisdom and insight into a millennia-old tradition of devotion as expressed through creativity, divinities, and meditation that can serve to bring more peace, harmony, and balance into our lives." --Laura Amazzone, MA, teacher, yogini, and author of Goddess Durga and Sacred Female Power "Such a sublime offering this is, leading us across the threshold into the heart-centered devotional world of embodied bhakti yoga. While The Shakti Coloring Book is a much-loved guide to the esoteric world of the divine feminine, The Bhakti Coloring Book is meant to engage us at any stage of the path, showing us a way to access the heart of devotion by applying our eyes and hands and voice to enliven the sacred art included in this book. Relevant for children, artists, devotees, and sadhakas, engagement with The Bhakti Coloring Book will bring hours of pleasure, insight, and even transformation. With suggestions for colors and mantras to use while contemplating the various forms of the divine, this will be a valuable and enjoyable resource to connect with Bhakti Yoga and for supporting deeper embodied connection on the spiritual path. Jai!" --Aditi Devi Ma, wandering yogini and author of In Praise of Adya Kali: Approaching the Primordial Dark Goddess Through the Song of Her Hundred Names "In Kathmandu, we honor both Buddhist and Hindu gods, so we know that the ancient traditional art is similar for both religions. The information given by Ekabhumi is useful to anyone who loves Himalayan art or wishes to walk the spiritual path of bhakti. His first book is very popular with my customers, who want to know more of the symbolism of these complex images. Coloring the icons is an easy way to meditate on dharmic teachings, and even my children enjoyed it." --Anil Thapa, owner of Lumbini Buddhist Art Galleries of Kathmandu, Nepal, and Berkeley, California. "At first glance Ekabhumi Charles Ellik's coloring book offers us an intriguing introduction to many of the beloved deities of the Hindu tradition. Yet as we engage on a creative level through mindful coloring and guided contemplations, this work also skillfully and playfully introduces us to our own inner energies of divinity. As our experience of these energies awaken and become more familiar, we can call on the wisdom they offer in our everyday life. As bhakti practices are often enjoyed in communal gatherings, I have used Ekabhumi's previous book in coloring sessions with fellow practitioners and heartily encourage groups to gather and witness the inspiration and awe that can arise." --Cindy Lee, teacher of dharma, meditation, and yoga philosophy; artist, designer and musician. "The Bhakti Coloring Book is an incredible resource for anyone who is curious or interested in Indian mythology, philosophy, or bhakti yoga. Ekabhumi's descriptions of the various deities and what they represent are insightful and articulate, and the portraits and yantras that accompany each of the deities are beautiful and stunning to look at. I cannot wait to try my hand at coloring these beautiful works of art! I have long been a fan of his previous book, The Shakti Coloring Book, and I recommend it in both my classes and trainings in Austin, TX and Lafayette, LA. I am excited to share this new book with them as well.
Ekabhumi does not disappoint with his latest book, filled with beautiful artwork that engages the senses and awakens a deeper connection to the Divine in ALL its stunningly beautiful forms!" --Ana Pilar Cruz, E-RYT500, yoga teacher trainer, tantrika, mother "The Bhakti Coloring Book serves as an important resource for myself and my teaching. My students use the book as part of their ongoing explorations, and we frequently make coloring part of their devotional practices. Personally, the coloring provides me with a beautiful meditative practice, something I greatly enjoy on my long flights." --Michaela Boehm, tantric lineage holder and international workshop teacher "This second coloring book is another jewel, centered by Ekabhumi's rare talent to make the mystical art of the Indian subcontinent clearer and more understandable to the inquisitive Western mind. What a visual delight and introduction for the novice to the budding artists of the Western hemisphere. Let our minds be open to the shapes, gods and goddesses, yantras and mandalas; and be guided by the discovery and sheer delight of the endless miracles and expressions of the human mind." --Andy Weber, worldwide recognized artist and lecturer of Tibetan iconography "Ekabhumi's artistic mastery and depth of understanding bring a clarity to the material that will no doubt inspire both novice and adept alike. His work finds a way to be both accessible and easy to understand for those unfamiliar with these images, at the same time adding layers of depth for those who have spent a lifetime with them. So much more than just a coloring book, this book provides insights and pathways of understanding in one's spiritual practice and daily life. It's also just downright fun." --Ashton Szabo, yoga and meditation teacher, host of the Anatomy of Living podcast "In The Bhakti Coloring Book, Ekabhumi Charles Ellik has once again distilled the history of Hindu iconography and made it accessible though the joyful play of art. Pairing reverent illustrations of deities with stories, commentary, sacred geometry, and exercises for self-inquiry, Ekabhumi entreats us to engage a tradition beyond the image itself--and when we do, we become an indelible part of that tradition. This book is a must-have for students of yoga and meditation, but it is also sure to be a favorite with those simply looking for a means of expression, including children. What you hold in your hands is much more than a coloring book; it is an invitation to create meditative, sacred space that can enrich the experience of yoga practitioners, students of yogic philosophy, and curious artists alike. I can think of no better artist to bring the yoga of sweetness and devotion to life." --Susan Somers-Willett, PhD, RYT-500 "We are in need of the meditative arts now more than ever. We live bound to screens of all sizes that keep us aroused, alarmed, angry. A decade into the exhausting extroversion of the social networking revolution, surprising new forms of meaningful introversion are emerging. The Bhakti Coloring Book is the richest of these new cultural products. Vivid drawings of Shiva, Vishnu, Saraswati and other gods based on famous prototypes--along with famous yantras used in esoteric Tantrik rituals--invite your colored pencils or felt-tip pens. But it is more than coloring, satisfying and strangely meditative as that has proved to be for overextended moderns recovering lost joys of childhood. The book suggests a way to make coloring a spiritual practice. Pick an auspicious time--say, sunrise? Purify your body, tools, and space with rosewater or incense. Invoke a reverent mood. Visualize the deity as a living being, or recite the invocation for that image. Direct the energy of your emotions toward the divine principle that deity represents. This well-researched and masterful book brings together mind and body in playful meditation. A side effect will be learning a great deal about the Hindu bhakti tradition." --Carolyn Brown Heinz, emerita professor of anthropology, California State University, Chico "Can a coloring book also serve as sacred ritual? Can playfully interacting with divine illustration actually deepen compassion, deliver authentic joy, and maybe--just maybe--bring about real transformation? You're holding the answer right now.
This is where delight meets devotion. It's where creative expression dances with authentic spiritual practice on the tips of 108 brightly colored pencils, and all the gods did shimmy.
Here is my prediction: It will be downright impossible for anyone to spend quality time vivifying Ekabhumi's enchanting illustrations and not come away just a little bit wiser, more awake, eyes sparkling and heart expanded. Grab your most beloved colors and set your intention just so; the gods await." --Mark Morford, author of The Daring Spectacle, columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, expert yoga instructor "A sacred attitude towards all life is cultivated in Indic culture through viewing its myriad aspects as divinities. The individual relates to these deities through rituals of devotion repeated in a variety of ways and circumstances. The Bhakti Coloring Book is a wonderful means for opening the doors to this attitude. Ekabhumi's introduction to the deities of India helps to enhance contemplation and build a devotional relationship to these myriad aspects of life, while his beautiful illustrations in fidelity to various regional traditions, and his guidance in color symbolism, activate these relationships through physical practice. The Bhakti Coloring Book thus provides a modern devotional ritual for a living contact with the sacredness of all life." --Debashish Banerji, California Institute of Integral Studies

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