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CBD Oil for Dummies


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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

About This Book 1

Foolish Assumptions 2

Icons Used in This Book 2

Beyond the Book 3

Where to Go from Here 3

Part 1: Looking into CBD 5 Chapter 1: Updating Attitudes toward Cannabis and CBD 7

Debunking Myths about CBD 8

Understanding where some of the uncertainty about CBD comes from 9

CBD is not a cure-all, but neutralizes many difficult symptoms 10

Applying and Ingesting CBD 11

Applying CBD to the skin 12

Eating or ingesting CBD 12

CBD: The New Treatment of Choice? 13

Providing a natural alternative to Western healthcare 13

Move over, opiates: Considering CBD for treating pain 14

Looking at the Legality Surrounding CBD 15

Breaking down the criminalization of CBD 15

Changing attitudes and changing laws 15

Moving toward new understanding 16

Chapter 2: Examining CBD Itself 17

Meeting the Mother of All CBD Sources 17

Delving into the long history of hemp 18

Identifying the parts of the hemp plant 18

Explaining the Parts to the Whole 20

Debating the benefits of using the whole plant versus the sum of its parts 20

Appreciating all the cannabinoids in the hemp plant 21

Exploring terpenes and flavonoids 21

Looking at enzymes and the value of the other plant molecules 23

Investigating the Hemp Strains and Varieties 23

Checking out calming strains 24

Recognizing refreshing and revitalizing strains 25

Lifting and elevating some energizing strains 25

Finding CBD and Similar Chemicals in Other Plants 25

Coming full circle with tree bark 25

Focusing on the flowers 26

Exploring other similar compounds 26

Choosing between Synthetic and Natural CBD 27

Chapter 3: Looking into What CBD Does 29

Discovering What Makes CBD Work 29

Comparing and contrasting CBD and THC 30

Seeing how CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system 31

Recognizing CBD's Physical and Mental Effects 34

Chapter 4: Extracting, Infusing, and Producing CBD 37

Familiarizing Yourself with Extraction Methods 38

Discerning the Qualities of Kinds of Extractions 39

Identifying the Forms Resulting from Extraction 40


CBD distillate 41

CBD isolate 41

Infusing CBD 41

Discovering the basics of CBD infusions 41

Calculating concentrations like a champ 42

Infusing CBD at home 43

Using CBD Extracts to Make a Product 44

Creating a useable topical or consumable product 44

Including complementary substances 45

Chapter 5: Doing the Math: The Pluses and Minuses of CBD 47

Realizing the Potential Benefits: The Four Pillars of CBD

(and an Added Bonus) 48

Relieving stress and anxiety 48

Soothing mood conditions 49

Helping manage sleep issues 49

Relieving pain and physical ailments 50

Promoting skin health and beauty 51

Looking at the Pros and Cons of Supplementing with CBD 52

Adjusting to daily use 52

Acknowledging potential drawbacks 52

Checking how CBD interacts with medication 53

Taking responsibility for being informed 53

Weighing the Risks and Challenges of General CBD Use 54

Finding a doctor versed in CBD 54

Spotting an adverse reaction to CBD 55

Part 2: Finding and Using CBD 57 Chapter 6: Buying CBD 59

Discovering What You Can Legally Buy in the United States 60

Following federal laws 60

Being aware of the laws in your state 61

Promoting Medical Use 63

Understanding the different kinds of retailers 63

Checking quality 63

Dosing and adjusting appropriately for your needs 68

Tapping into Online Distributors 69

Choosing an online seller 69

Tracing the path of the best sellers 71

Being an Informed Consumer 72

Being wary of CBD scams 72

Avoiding pitfalls 72

Chapter 7: Delving into Forms and Delivery Systems 73

Becoming Familiar with the Forms of CBD 73

Full-spectrum 74

Broad-spectrum 74

Distillate 75

Isolate 75

Wax, rosin, and so on 76

Hash and kief 76

Uncovering the Delivery Systems 76

Smoking 77

Vaping 77

Dabbing 78

Sublinguals 78

Eating and drinking 78

Topicals 79

Choosing Your Smoking or Inhalation Method 79

Smoking, vaping, or dabbing? 80

Deciding on a device for smoking flower 80

Picking a pre-roll 81

Deciding to vape 81

Dabbing CBD 82

Touching on Topical and Transdermal Applications 83

Smoothing on skin 83

Pasting on patches 84

Spraying on CBD 85

Taking CBD Orally 85

Putting CBD under your tongue 85

Chewing gummies, tapes, mints, and more 88

Cooking with CBD 88

Swallowing CBD in pill form 90

Chapter 8: Using CBD Safely and Responsibly 91

Figuring Out How Much to Take 92

Adjusting for product potency 92

Scheduling CBD into your daily routine 93

Realizing the importance of bioavailability 94

Keeping Others in Mind as You Dose in Public or at Work 96

Adjusting Your Usage to How Your Body Reacts 96

Looking at potential sleep reactions 97

Finding the virtue in moderation: Microdosing 97

Storing Your CBD Products 98

Preserving potency 98

Restricting access 100

Part 3: Benefitting from CBD 101 Chapter 9: Easing Neurological Conditions 103

Acknowledging the Dangers of Inflammation and How CBD Can Help 104

Doing your homework on inflammatory conditions 104

Understanding CBD's anti-inflammatory and other neuroprotective properties 105

Helping with Huntington's Disease 106

Looking at the five stages of Huntington's disease 106

Improving quality of life 107

Soothing Alzheimer's Disease 108

Analyzing inflammation of the brain 109

Setting the stage for treatment 109

Tackling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) 110

Making sense of the symptoms 110

Fighting a two-headed dragon: Pain and inflammation 110

Treating CFS symptoms with CBD 111

Addressing the Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 111

Describing the disease and its symptoms 112

Supporting your nervous system 112

Resolving and reducing the symptoms 113

Chapter 10: Alleviating Autoimmune Conditions 115

Understanding CBD and Immune Function 115

Connecting cannabis and autoimmunity 116

Tackling terpenes 117

Comparing CBD to conventional treatments 118

Relieving Lupus Symptoms 119

Addressing the effects of lupus 120

Treating lupus-related skin conditions with CBD 121

Treating the Effects of Lyme Disease 124

Looking at how CBD can help ease general symptoms of Lyme disease 124

Diminishing diarrheas and intestinal problems 125

Supplementing to address pain and muscle spasms 126

Finding Help for Celiac Disease 127

Familiarizing yourself with the symptoms 127

Pinpointing possible gluten in CBD products 128

Pairing widespread and specific CBD treatment for celiac relief 128

Managing intestinal issues with CBD 128

Chapter 11: Dealing with Eating Disorders and Digestive Troubles 131

Relieving Anorexia 132

Gaining weight 133

Boosting appetite 133

Regulating mealtime anxiety 135

Limiting the Psychological Effects of Bulimia 135

Dealing with the depression 135

Counteracting anxiety 136

Inducing sleep 137

Calming Nausea 137

Mother's little helper: CBD and morning sickness 138

Correcting chronic nausea 139

Reducing seasickness and motion sickness 139

Chapter 12: Coping with Muscular and Physical Ailments 141

Connecting CBD and Muscle Recovery 141

Utilizing hemp-derived dermal solutions 142

Soothing post-workout soreness internally 142

Pampering overworked joints with bath bombs or muscle soaks 142

Relaxing the Symptoms of Fibromyalgia 144

Resting easier 144

Alleviating pain (without getting hooked) 144

Clearing brain fog 145

Activating Asthma Relief 145

Looking at the lungs 145

Breathing better 146

Mitigating Migraines and Other Headaches 147

Menstrual migraines 147

Quelling stress-induced headaches 147

Upgrading from traditional prescription treatments 148

Dealing with Diabetes and Insulin Resistance 148

Examining insulin resistance and CBD 149

Preventing diabetes with CBD 149

Regulating blood sugar levels through appetite suppression 149

Chapter 13: Helping with Emotional, Mood, and Mental Disorders 151

Identifying the Differences between Stress and Anxiety 152

Processing stress so that it doesn't lead to anxiety 152

Unpacking the causes and treatments around anxiety 153

Exploring the effects (and side effects) of traditional anti-anxiety medication 155

Easing Depression 155

Examining the effects (and side effects) of traditional antidepressants 155

Helping your brain better respond to mood modulating systems in the body 156

Modulating low moods and anxiety 156

Combating the sexual side effects of mood modulating medications 157

Calming the Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 157

Relieving the stress of painful memories 158

Sweeping away stress and worry from nightmares 158

Abolishing anger and irritability 159

Addressing the Physical and Emotional Components of Addiction 159

Curbing heroin cravings 160

Treating opioid addiction 160

Reducing dependence on alcohol 160

Assisting with Bipolar Disorder 161

Remedying mood swings 161

Managing mania 162

Using CBD as an adjunctive treatment 162

Chapter 14: Alleviating Issues Specific to Age and Sex 165

Addressing Skin Concerns That Coincide with Aging 166

Sagging skin and lost elasticity 166

Scar tissue 167

Clearing up Acne and Other Conditions 167

Addressing acne 168

Reducing rosacea 168

Eliminating eczema 169

Answering common CBD skincare questions 169

Relieving Menstrual Cramps 171

Suppositories 172

Transdermal patches 173

Bath soaks 173

Teas and balms 174

Considering CBD during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding 174

Cannabis and pregnancy 175

CBD and breastfeeding 177

Making Menopause Bearable 178

Helping with Sexual Dysfunction Issues 180

Lifting your libido 180

Rising to the occasion (so to speak) 181

Preventing vaginal pain 181

Increasing sensation 181

Chapter 15: Letting Pets Benefit from CBD 183

Determining How CBD May Help Your Pet 184

Asking the right questions 184

Reviewing conditions that CBD may help alleviate 185

Aiding an Anxious Pet 186

Soothing stress from separation 187

Treating anxiety in dogs with PTSD 187

Trying CBD as a Cancer Treatment 188

Shrinking tumors 188

Stimulating a weak appetite 189

Saying Goodbye to Seizures 190

Reducing the frequency of seizures 190

Relieving epilepsy 190

Getting Good with Dosing 191

Starting low 192

Watching for reactions 192

Adjusting as necessary 193

Part 4: Concocting Your Own CBD Products 195 Chapter 16: Bringing CBD into the Kitchen 197

Discovering Ways to Add CBD to Your Regular Meals 197

Bringing CBD into your breakfast routine 198

Elevating evening meals with CBD 199

Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth 201

Fashioning DIY CBD gummies 201

Swapping in cannabutter 202

Selecting a Quality Base Oil 206

Getting Familiar with Special Techniques 207

Investing in quality cookware 207

Turning down the heat 207

Diving into decarbing 208

Chapter 17: Testing Out Recipes at Home 211

Mixing up CBD Beverages 212

Bottoms Up! Indulging in CBD Cocktails 219

Cooking with CBD 227

Creating CBD Ingredients 232

Chapter 18: Branching out to Other CBD and Hemp Products 235

Treating Your Sweet Tooth: Recipes for CBD Sweets and Snacks 236

Treating Your Body: Recipes for CBD Body Care and Skincare 245

Treating Your Pooch: Recipes for CBD Dog Food and Treats 252

Part 5: The Part of Tens 257 Chapter 19: Ten Reasons to Try CBD 259

You Can Use CBD Every Day 259

CBD is a Plant-Based Product (Usually) 259

CBD is Safe to Use 260

CBD is Easy to Ingest 260

CBD Doesn't Get You High 261

CBD is Legal in Most States 261

CBD is Available from Many Sources 261

You Can Take CBD Discreetly 262

Name Brands Provide Reliability 263

CBD Relieves Innumerable Conditions 263

Chapter 20: Ten Ways CBD Can Help 265

CBD Enhances Health 265

CBD Relieves Stress 266

CBD Controls Nausea 266

CBD Relieves Pain 266

CBD Helps You Sleep 267

CBD Relieves Digestive Problems 267

CBD Supports Autoimmune Treatments 268

CBD is Effective for Neurological Conditions 268

CBD Eases Cancer Symptoms 269

CBD Can Help Pets, Too 269

Chapter 21: Ten Ways to Get CBD into Your System 271

Eat a Product Containing It 271

Smoke It 272

Vape It 272

Dab It 273

Smooth It on Your Skin 273

Put It in Your Food 274

Take a Mint 274

Swallow a Pill 275

Drop It under Your Tongue 275

Drink a Beverage That Contains It 276

Chapter 22: Ten Tips for Having a Great CBD Experience 277

Recognizing That CBD Can Help 277

Researching before Buying 278

Buying the Best Product 279

Choosing the Form That Suits You 280

Finding the Proper Dose 280

Determining the Best Way to Buy 281

Being in a Good Physical Space 281

Getting Your Head Right 282

Adding a Complementary Product 282

Trying Something New When You Feel Comfortable 283

Appendix A: Helpful CBD Resources 285

Resources for Using CBD 285

Know Your CBD (International) 286

CBD Resource (U.K.-based) 286

Informative CBD Websites 286

Project CBD 286

Be Poplar 287

Industry-Focused Hemp Information 287

Informative Cannabis Resources 287

Leafly (U.S.-based) 288

Weed Maps (U.S.-based) 288

Miss Grass 288

Hello MD 288

Cannabis Health (U.K.-based) 289

Trade Organizations 289

Hemp Industries Association (HIA) 289

Drug Policy Alliance 289

Marijuana Policy Project 290

Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP) 290

American Herbal Pharmacopoeia (AHP) 290

Americans For Safe Access 290

American Trade Association for Cannabis & Hemp (ATACH) 290

Cannabis Trade Federation (CTF) 291

Cannabis Canada Association 291

Conferences 291

MJ Biz Con (U.S.-based) 291

NoCo Hemp Expo (U.S.-based) 292

Informative CBD Science Articles 292

Journal of Cannabis Research 292

PubMed 293

Updated CBD Guidelines 293

Daily CBD 293

U.S Food and Drug Administration (U.S.-based) 293

Health Canada 294

The European Commission 294

Index 295

About the Author

Blair Lauren Brown is a plant-medicine veteran and cannabis expert, She's been involved in every aspect of hemp and cannabis from cultivation to formulation, and medicinal applications of the plant to brand development. Blair is the in-house wellness expert and co-founder of Poplar, a modern drugstore, focusing on all-natural solutions for pain, stress, and sleep, including CBD and more.

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