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Cannabis for Seniors

Cannabis for Seniors is written for independent seniors looking for ways to manage their everyday health concerns without resorting to powerful, habit-forming, potentially dangerous medications. It is also written for younger family members who care for seniors or simply "keep an eye on" a mother or father who is aging and needs a little help managing physical ailments and mental challenges. Cannabis for Seniors reviews the latest scientific research regarding the health effects of marijuana and the effectiveness of various cannabis strains for managing specific health conditions. It also presents anecdotal reports on cannabis use by seniors -- so readers can learn about people "just like them" who have tried medical marijuana and had good results. The book addresses the myths and worries that many seniors have about marijuana use showing which concerns are founded in fact and which are simply based on inadequate or partial information. It discusses various methods of administering medical marijuana, explaining which conditions are best handled by smoking, eating, or using skin patches containing active medicinal cannabis components. It deals in detail with the major conditions that cannabis can help: * Sleep issues * Depression * Alzheimer's disease * Chronic pain * Anxiety * Digestive disorders * Cancer * Glaucoma * Multiple sclerosis * Parkinson's disease * Concussions * Stroke * and many more For each condition, Cannabis for Seniors explains the scientific research and personal anecdotes supporting use of medical marijuana -- helping seniors decide for themselves, or with the help of a caregiver, how best to cope with their personal health situations. Cannabis for Seniors also discusses social elements of life that are facilitated by marijuana. Research shows that seniors who remain connected to friends, family members and community live longer, happier and healthier lives. The book shows how medical marijuana can help with these important social connections.
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Table of Contents

1. Why Cannabis for Seniors? 2. The Endrocannabinoid System 3. Cannabis Myths 4. Routes into The Bloodstream 5. How to Use Cannabis 6. Cannabis Therapeutic Strains 7. Tailor Your Program 8. Senior Opioid Epidemic 9. Reducing Opioid Dependency 10. Cannabis and Depression 11. Cannabis and Anxiety 12. Cannabis and Pain Management 13. Mind/Body Pain Management 14. Quelling Discomforts 15. Get a Good Night's Sleep 16. Neuroprotection 17. Cannabis Promotes Socializing 18. Using Cannabis Topicals 19. Healing Laughter 20. Cooking with Cannabis 21. DIY Cannabis Medicines Bibliography Author Bio -- Docpotter

About the Author

Mark J. Estren, Ph.D., is a psychologist and medical journalist, former producer of "Report on Medicine" for CBS, author of numerous health and medicine articles for publications including The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Miami Herald, Bottom Line/Personal, Bottom Line/Health, and others. Nationally known journalist and Pulitzer winner. Named one of the "People to Watch" by Fortune magazine. Executive producer (CBS and ABC News; also PBS). Major contributor to In a Word (Dell). Current contributor to The Washington Post. Current contributor to Bottom Line newsletter group. Current contributor to Journal of Animal Ethics.


CULTURE Magazine The #1 Cannabis Lifestyle Magazine May 2017 Cannabis for Seniors Senior citizens often face may obstacles when it comes to finding the best treatment options available for the many aliments with aging. CANNABIS FOR SENIORS was written by Dr. Beverly A. Potter, and it gives those of a certain age who are considering cannabis medicine insight into how consuming the plant has the potential to provide a higher quality of living and health. By debunking myths that surround cannabis medicine to discussing the countless options of cannabis treatments and more, this new book contains all the evidence and information senior citizens look toward when considering cannabis to treat their medical conditions. --Jacob Cannon--Jacob Cannon "Culture Magazine " I had the pleasure of reviewing Cannabis For Seniors by Dr.Beverly Potter, also known as Docpotter, and could not be more e> The description, on the back, shows that "Cannabis For Seniors is an essential reference for seniors, both new to cannabis and those who are experienced users." Additionally, that "Caretakers and family will find the information invaluable in evaluating the potential benefits of cannabis." After reviewing this publication, I could not agree more, as the subjects that Dr. Potter touches upon are essential for seniors to find their way through this complicated, and stigma ridden, plant- ripe with potential medical and wellness benefits. Why Cannabis for Seniors: Thischapter begins with this impressive stat1st1c: "Baby boomers are turning 65 to become "seniors" at an incredible rate of 10,000 each day. The percent of Americans aged 65 or over will grow to 18% by 2030 and it's projected that the senior citizen population will balloon to 89 /o by 2050." Not that I was unaware of the explosion for the baby boomer population, as I have family in this age group and we have been discussing the various issues with Social Security benefits, medical care, etc. for decades now. However, Dr Potter brings attention to some details such as "It is not uncommon for seniors to be taking up to 20 pills per day," many haves "become isolated due to grown children" or "death of a spouse," and that they find it "harder to meet new people." She also points out that "with isolation comes feeling lonely and helpless to be able to change it, which can lead to anxiety and worry about their situation, health and future." Finally, that "cannabis has properties and benefit that seniors can draw upon for aid in these issues." The Endocannabinoid System: I was happy that Dr. Potter took the time to address the basics of the Endocannabinoid System as it is the system, in the human body, that is set up to receive cannabinoids. She discusses Trichomes, "the small, mushroom-shaped crystals that coat the cannabis flower" as well as terpenes, "the oils within the plant affecting it's flavor" and other synthetic cannabinoids, or "designer drugs" made to emulate the natural cannabinoids of the plant. Routes into the Bloodstream: This chapter discusses all the methods of consumption, such as injection, inhalation, eating, absorption through skin, sublingual absorption, and suppositories. This chapter points out facts such as how although injection is the quickest route into the blood stream, cannabis is not water soluable and so this is not a typical method of consumption. Also, that "most people begin to notice effects of suppositories within ten to fifteen minutes after insertion" This is an incredibly informative chapter that is quite explanitory of the consumption methods, of cannabis, and the risks and benefits of each. Tailor Your Therapeutics: I felt it was importantto highlight this chapter as Dr. Potter stresses the need for all patients, but especially seniors, to take back know- Ledge and control of their body and how medicine affects it. She explains the need to "establish a baseline" or to "quantify your Level of anxiety or pain (for example)" in order to know how cannabis is helping that wellness issue. Then, once you have established your baseline then it is important to usesmall quantities to observe how it is helping you to get a hold of your particular condition. It is also important to "acknowledge the change" you have noticed, even if small, in order to understandthe appropriate dosage and strain that is most helpful to the the condition. This chapter Leads into a chapter on the "Senior Opioid Epidemic" and points out some frightening statistics. Did you know that "from 2006-2012, a Towson University study found that ER visits for prescription overdose jumped by 78%"? Also, I was unaware that "the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality shows rates of adults 45 -85 being hospitalized for opioid use to have risen by 500% since 1993"? Finally, that "a 2009 American Geriatric Society reversal in their policy to no Longer recommend over-the-counter meds (such as NSAIDs)before prescribing opioids, which hastened the rise in opioid use." Easy to see how, with the rise in population of baby boomers combined with the decision to recommend opioids over over-the-counter medications caused the explosion in opioid use, and addiction in the senior community. Also how a recent Journal of Psychoactive Drugs study concluded that cannabis can both substitute and totally replace opioids as well as enhance their effectiveness in order to decrease the sheer quantity of opioid consumption. The importance of decreasing the intake of opioid consumption, in all age groups, is vital to the future of our Country. Cannabis and Depression: "According to Gregg Easterbrook, author of The Progressive Paradox How Life Gets Better While People Feel Worse, depression is a growing problem, especially among seniors." Symptoms of depression include pessimistic thoughts, feeling useless and helpless, chronic unhappiness, no interest in hobbies, feelings of anxlety or grumpiness, changes of sleep patterns, changing in eating habits and thoughts of suicide. Popular treatments, within western medicine, are "the use of antidepressant medications such as Prozac, Lexapro, Zoloft and others. However, "many are turning to cannabis for rellef from depression because it enhances mood and well being." Did you know that in the early 17th century Indian doctors used cannabis as a treatment for depression? Dr. Potter points out that "cannabis stimulates the body's endocannabinoid system, hastens the development of nervous tissue, boosts energy, improves focus and decreases anxiety." Studies from Montreal's McGill University show that "Low doses of THC generate the happy chemical known as Serotonin within the brain. Some seniors may chooseto consume through inhalation eating or tinctures but it ls important to make sure that the dose of THC is Low, in orderto benefit from the cannabinoids in the plant. Cannabis and Anxiety: "Chronic Anxiety affects the mind as well as the body." Anxiety is described as "the sensation of fear and/or panic and makes people feel nervous and fearful about certain Life situations." The book points out that "clinical studies and growing evidence suggest that CBD has powerful anti-anxiety properties." Although inhalation is the quickest method of treating anxiety, for more Long-term treatment edibles, tinctures and transdermal products Like ointments, patches and gels might work better as they Last Longer. All in all, Cannabis For Seniors is 196 pages, within 22 chapters, and discusses so much more that what I have covered here today. Everything from thehistoryof cannabis prohibition, myths about cannabis and even how to cook with andmake diy cannabis medications is covered in this book. I found itto be very informative, detailed and a very easy read.You can find Dr. Potter's book at Amazon, on paperback, for $12.88 and I highly recommend it. --Carrol Holloway-Dyer Cannabis for Seniors - A 420 Magazine Review By Ian Bastage Would I buy this book for my Aunt Faye? She is a tough old woman, who spent most of her life as a no-nonsense farmer's wife. Now that she has reached an advanced age, she is living alone and health problems have started to dominate her life, as they do for so many of us. The revolving door of doctors and prescriptions is so very hard to exit. With Cannabis for Seniors, that is the precise path that the author lays out for the reader. She guides us through the maze of information and misinformation that surrounds the medical and recreational uses of cannabis in its many forms. This is not a light and breezy read, but stick with it and you will walk away with a very solid foundation of how cannabis can help you and your loved ones. Beverly A. Potter, PhD, (a.k.a. Docpotter), is a counseling psychologist and a corporate trainer, who has authored numerous books on health and motivation as well as ones on several cannabis-related topics. Written in large, easy-to-read type, this book is intended for those that want to do some research on the subject but don't really know where to start. It runs somewhat deeper than your standard how-to book, with a concise look at the chemical makeup of cannabis and the way it can help the ailments that typically plague older adults. Anxiety, depression, acute pain, sleep problems and chemo relief are all covered in detail with suggested cannabis solutions. The author goes to great lengths to stress the need for a personalized approach to cannabis consumption and to caution the reader that, "Using cannabis takes learning, unlike when using pharmaceuticals." Along the way, the author explains the different forms of consumable cannabis that are available and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Edibles get the special attention that they deserve throughout and she even gives readers some basic recipes to kick-start a cannabis regimen. She is very careful to repeat the dosage cautions that should always accompany any recommendation of edibles to a new user. On the emotional front, she explains the very real socialization problems of isolated aging adults, with possible solutions and encouragement to also enjoy the fun part of cannabis. "Laughter really is the best medicine." So yes, I will buy this for my Aunt Faye. She will appreciate the detailed analysis of the subject and I bet you she will get a kick out of getting high. And as for ailment relief, well, I'll just have to help her find the right strains. --Ian Bastage Cannabis for Seniors is informative work that presents alternative ways to maintain quality of life. Beverly Potter explores the ways that aging baby boomers may find relief for what ails them in Cannabis for Seniors. This quick yet comprehensive guide is designed to educate a possibly ailing senior population on the therapeutic benefits of marijuana. In just over twenty chapters, Potter addresses why cannabis should be considered, as well as how to overcome the stigmas and perceptions that many still have about the plant--which, she points out, is a natural product, as opposed to the plethora of synthetic pharmaceutical drugs on the market. She also discusses how cannabis affects humans and how to use it to treat certain conditions. Even though medical marijuana is legal in many jurisdictions, it's not easy to write a book on the health benefits of cannabis. After a century where marijuana was misrepresented with melodramas like Reefer Madness and made ridiculous with comedy acts like Cheech and Chong, Potter knows that many people still have reservations about cannabis as a medical treatment. Potter makes a compelling case for the use of cannabis as a therapeutic tool while never being preachy or pushy. While she presents this perspective armed with credited and sourced information, Potter is largely persuasive because of her friendly, approachable tone. She is easy to understand and stays away from overly medical and scientific jargon, even when tackling subjects like the different types of trichomes on marijuana or the biphasic properties of cannabis. The book also includes sections on selecting plant strains based on therapeutic properties, ways to cook with cannabis, and how to use the plant as a salve or poultice. By showing the practical uses of cannabis, it reduces the stigma around the plant, making it seem more like an everyday product. The work is clearly and handily organized. Topics, from the history of cannabis as a therapeutic tool to how cannabis is routed through the bloodstream, are arranged in a logical order, and pictures and illustrations are included. Brief chapters are chunked into different short topics. This makes the book easy to put down and pick up again, or simple to reference a particular topic. A large font avoids eye strain, and the overall package is appealing. Cannabis for Seniors is informative work. No matter what condition a person faces at the end of their days, Potter's book shows that there is an alternative to help them maintain a good quality of life. May 9, 2017--Katerie Prior "Foreword Clarion Review "

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