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Censored Science


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Bruce Malone has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati and has worked as a research leader for Dow Chemical for 28 years. He holds 18 patents with the company and has a clear understanding of how science works. Bruce left Dow in 2008 to lead Search for the Truth Ministries with the goal of "Opening heart and minds to biblical truth". Bruce has lectured extensively on the evidence supporting Biblical creation and has published 6 books on the subject with over 200,000 copies in print. Censored Science was written to present the most startling and irrefutable evidence for creation in a compelling and visually stunning format. Over 50,000 books on the evidence for creation have been donated to students and prisoners in order to build the credibility of the Bible as a reliable source of truth within our culture.


"This hardcover, beautifully illustrated book covers three important areas in the evolution-creation controversy: biology, geology, and cosmology. A significant feature of the book's layout is the concept of two facing pages for each topic, complete with text, full-color picture, and a short paragraph called 'skeptics corner'. This layout by Bruce Malone has resulted in a book that is the perfect tool for urging high school students that the path of evolution is not true science and that the scientific realities of the Bible should be suppressed no longer.

The author consulted literature written by scientific creationists and evolutionists and shows that the time has come for the principles of science to be applied to evolutionary beliefs. This includes the fallacies of claims that the earth is billions of years old and that all life originated spontaneously from dirt and chemicals. The reader is introduced to the writings of Micheal Behe, Martin Lubenow, Ian Taylor, Michael Denton, Andrew Snelling, Kurt Wise, John Morris, Michael Oard, and numerous others who have researched evolutionary literature, laid bare the false claims, and presented facts to show that evolution has never been a fact.

Under the heading 'Folder Mountains', Malone writes, 'Throughout the mountain ranges of the world, there are enormous layers of sediment which have been bent and folded without breaking, This could only happen if these mountains were uplifted while the sediment was of a soft, pliable, mud-like consistency.' (p. 64). He then tells the evolutionary story about the hundreds of millions of years needed to accumulate the sediment and how it would break under the enormous upward pressures. In contrast, the Biblical record describes a worldwide flood that resulted in a rapid accumulation of sediment that can account for the folded rock layers now visible.

Under the heading, 'The Mystery of the Woolly Mammoths', Malone writes, 'Skeptics have not been able to come up with a model of Earth history that adequately explains either the cause of the ice age or the demise of the mammoths' (p. 78). He then supplies the reasoning given by Michael Oard for the existence of semitropical vegetation found undecayed in the mammoth stomachs, and the scientific rationale for the existence of the mammoths in the frozen north in the first place.

Using this logical approach, the author describes fifty of the most convincing evidence that we have a Creator God and a Bible that has recorded the facts. Not content just to write this book and have it published, Bruce Malone, full-time director for Search for the Truth Ministries, has traveled extensively in the United States and Europe, distributing copies free to students, teacher, missionaries, and prisoners." -- Creation Research Quarterly Book Review by Clifford Lillo
"I have just finished Censored Science The Suppressed Evidence by Bruce Malone, and it is a keeper. When I saw that it was evidently 'self published' I had my reservations. I had yet to read a 'self published' book that was worth anything, but Malone changed my mind.
The illustrations are brilliant and well done. They help the reader think about the text but it is the information which Bruce shares that is fabulous. I marked a few places that gave me new information. One was on page 20 about the Urey/Miller experiment. It was first promoted in 1953 as an explanation for how to create life from a proper construction of organic substances. I did not realize that this widely publicized experiment first occurred just after I was born [nor the problems not exposed to most students]. How people imagine that they can make the spiritual out of the material is beyond my comprehension.
I loved the plant section on page 40. I have seldom seen the problems of plant evolution laid out so clearly. I am also glad for the careful referencing. The Skeptic's Corner is a good part of the presentation. Although Malone expresses more skepticism of evolution than creation, I can understand that. He does not actually give a fair presentation of the 'other side.' But why should he? We can read the 'other side' in National Geographic and a multitude of other publications. Malone does not need to litter his work with nonsense. Most readers have already heard and read 'the other side' in media presentations on the subject since grade school. It is about time the creation viewpoint got more press.
I love the way Malone winds up his presentation on pages 102-103. God is the greatest joker in the universe and to destroy most of the evidence for naturalism as He has so cleverly done. The evidence for creation is one of the greatest jokes on 'intellectuals' who propound the philosophy of Naturalism that I have ever seen. Malone's presentation illustrates this humor of God even though he may not realize the extent of how he does it.
This book was treat to read." -- David R. Brooks, 12/5/09, Reviewer for Mt. St. Helens Creation museum

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