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Database Systems for Advanced Applications


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Keynote Talk.- Challenges for Dataset Search.- Invited Paper from Recipients of Ten-Year Best Paper Award.- Secure Computation on Outsourced Data: A 10-year Retrospective.- Big Data Management.- Online Indexing and Distributed Querying Model-View Sensor Data in the Cloud.- Discovery of Areas with Locally Maximal Confidence from Location Data.- Multi-way Theta-Join Based on CMD Storage Method.- MIGSOM: A SOM Algorithm for Large Scale Hyperlinked Documents Inspired by Neuronal Migration.- Indexing and Query Processing.- Scalable Numerical Queries by Algebraic Inequality Transformations.- SAQR: An Efficient Scheme for Similarity-Aware Query Refinement.- Concurrent Execution of Mixed Enterprise Workloads on In-Memory Databases.- On Data Partitioning in Tree Structure Metric-Space Indexes.- Graph Data Management.- Improving Performance of Graph Similarity Joins Using Selected Substructures.- Linear Path Skyline Computation in Bicriteria Networks.- Label and Distance-Constraint Reachability Queries in Uncertain Graphs.- Privacy-Preserving Reachability Query Services.- Spatio-temporal Data Management SKY R-tree: An Index Structure for Distance-Based Top-k Query.- Causal Structure Discovery for Spatio-temporal Data Efficient Processing of Which-Edge Questions on Shortest Path Queries.- Reconciling Multiple Categorical Preferences with Double Pareto-Based Aggregation.- Database for Emerging Hardware CARIC-DA: Core Affinity with a Range Index for Cache-Conscious Data Access in a Multicore Environment.- Approximating an Energy-Proportional DBMS by a Dynamic Cluster of Nodes.- APSkyline: Improved Skyline Computation for Multicore Architectures.- Data Mining.- Greedy Filtering: A Scalable Algorithm for K-Nearest Neighbor Graph Construction.- On Mining Proportional Fault-Tolerant Frequent Itemsets.- An Efficient K-means Clustering Algorithm on MapReduce.- Efficient Mining of Density-Aware Distinguishing Sequential Patterns with Gap Constraints.- Probabilistic and Uncertain Data Management Identifying Top k Dominating Objects over Uncertain Data.- Probabilistic Reverse Top-k Queries.- Monitoring Probabilistic Threshold SUM Query Processing in Uncertain Streams.- Efficient Processing of Probabilistic Group Nearest Neighbor Query on Uncertain Data.- Web and Social Data Management.- Popularity Tendency Analysis of Ranking-Oriented Collaborative Filtering from the Perspective of Loss Function.- Rating Propagation in Web Services Reputation Systems: A Fast Shapley Value Approach.- CLUSM: An Unsupervised Model for Microblog Sentiment Analysis Incorporating Link Information.- Location Oriented Phrase Detection in Microblogs.- Data Mining.- Ensemble Pruning: A Submodular Function Maximization Perspective.- Identify and Trace Criminal Suspects in the Crowd Aided by Fast Trajectories Retrieval.- Multi-Output Regression with Tag Correlation Analysis for Effective Image Tagging.- The Ranking Based Constrained Document Clustering Method and Its Application to Social Event Detection.- Spatio-temporal Data Management.-A Skylining Approach to Optimize Influence and Cost in Location Selection.- Geo-Social Skyline Queries.- Reverse-Nearest Neighbor Queries on Uncertain Moving Object Trajectories .- Selectivity Estimation of Reverse k-Nearest Neighbor Queries.- Graph Data Management.- Efficient Sampling Methods for Shortest Path Query over Uncertain Graphs.- Exploiting Transitive Similarity and Temporal Dynamics for Similarity Search in Heterogeneous Information Networks.- Top-k Similarity Matching in Large Graphs with Attributes.- On Perspective-Aware Top-k Similarity Search in Multi-relational Networks.- Security, Privacy and Trust ρ-uncertainty Anonymization by Partial Suppression.- Access Control for Data Integration in Presence of Data Dependencies.- Thwarting Passive Privacy Attacks in Collaborative Filtering.- Privacy-Preserving Schema Reuse.- Web and Social Data Management.- Any Suggestions? Active Schema Support for Structuring Web Information.- ADI:Towards a Framework of App Developer Inspection.- Novel Community Recommendation Based on a User-Community Total Relation.- User Interaction Based Community Detection in Online Social Networks.- Keyword Search.-Object Semantics for XML Keyword Search.- Large-Scale Similarity Join with Edit-Distance Constraints.- Topical Presentation of Search Results on Database.- An Efficient Approach for Mining Top-k High Utility Specialized Query Expansions on Social Tagging Systems.- Data Stream Management.- Novel Techniques to Reduce Search Space in Periodic-Frequent Pattern Mining.- Inferring Road Type in Crowdsourced Map Services.- Rights Protection for Trajectory Streams.- Efficient Detection of Emergency Event from Moving Object Data Streams.- Data Quality.-Cost Reduction for Web-Based Data Imputation.- Incremental Quality Inference in Crowdsourcing.- Repair Diversification for Functional Dependency Violations.- Industrial Papers.- BigOP: Generating Comprehensive Big Data Workloads as a Benchmarking Framework.- A*DAX: A Platform for Cross-Domain Data Linking, Sharing and Analytics.- Optimizing Database Load and Extract for Big Data Era.- Web Page Centered Communication System Based on a Physical Property.- Demo Papers.- TaxiHailer: A Situation-Specific Tax iPick-Up Points Recommendation System.- Camel: A Journey Group T-Pattern Mining System Based on Instagram Trajectory Data.- Harbinger: An Analyzing and Predicting System for Online Social Network Users’ Behavior.- Cloud-Scale Transaction Processing with ParaDB System: A Demonstration.- BSMA-Gen: A Parallel Synthetic Data Generator for Social Media Timeline Structures.- A Mobile Log Data Analysis System Based on Multidimensional Data Visualization.- Tutorials.- Similarity-Based Analytics for Trajectory Data: Theory, Algorithms and Applications.- Graph Mining Approaches: From Main Memory to Map/Reduce.- Crowdsourced Algorithms in Data Management.

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