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The Day After the Dollar Crashes


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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction xv

Chapter 1 We are in Deep Trouble and We're Not Alone 1

Today's Reality 1

We are Not a Going Concern 3

We are a Society Dependent on Entitlements 5

Our Aging Population is Expensive 8

We are Digging a Hole to China with Unfunded Debt 12

We Export Our Consumer-Oriented Lifestyle to the Rest of the World 14

We Cannot Compete Globally Due to the Disparity in Wages 15

We Have Used Up Our Grace Period 19

We Produce Food That Impairs Our Health and Depletes Our Treasury 21

We are What We Eat, Breathe, and Drink-and It is Costing Us a Fortune 23

We are Jeopardizing Our Life Support Systems 24

Glenn Beck and Me, Talkin' 'Bout a Revolution 27

We Can Be an Ostrich or a Hero 31

Chapter 2 We Need to End Our Dependent Lifestyle 33

We Need to End Our Dependence on Our Addictions 34

We Need to End Our Dependency on Our Credit Cards 37

We Need to End Our Dependence on Unsustainable Entitlements 39

We Need to Stop Depending on the Government to Tell Us What is Healthy 42

We Need to End Our Dependence on Imported Energy and Fuels 43

We Need to Reduce Our Dependent Prison Populations 44

Chapter 3 The Truth and Spin about the Pending Economic Meltdown 47

Why No One Wants to Talk About Why Our Deficit Cannot Be Repaid 48

The Truth about Tariffs and Jobs 52

Big Corporations Spin the Truth and Play Down the Problems They Cause 55

The American Dream Has Turned Nightmarish 58

Citizens of Other Countries Condemn Americans 59

What Religious Leaders Say about the Pending Economic Meltdown 60

Chapter 4 What People Fear about the New World Order 61

Entropy is Linear and Irrevocable 63

People are Fearful When Their Beliefs are Threatened 64

Governments Believe They're Too Big to Fail 66

Don't Worry, Be Happy 68

The Grab for Dollars from the Taxpayer's Pocket 69

A Fearful Government Nationalizes Industries 72

Resistance to Change is the First Response 74

Chapter 5 How We Can Build and Prepare for the New World Order 77

Who is in Charge of Our Money? 78

Rethink the Importance of the Dollar 79

Do a Cost Analysis of Our Diminishing Returns 80

We Broke It and We Need to Fix It 82

Governments Must Return to What Works 83

Governments Must Support Innovation, Not Save Dying Industries 85

Vote on Character, Not by Party 86

We Need to Learn to Feed Ourselves 87

We Need to Reduce Our Sprawl 88

Where are the Bees? 89

We Can Move Mountains 89

Your Conscious Shift to Oneness 90

Think Globally and Act Locally 92

Be a Leader and Turn the Herd 94

Take It to the Street 94

Chapter 6 What to Expect the Day the Dollar Crashes . . . and Beyond 97

A Country is Like a Business 98

The Day the U.S. Dollar Crashes 99

New Game, New Rules 105

Could the U.S. Dollar Continue as the Reserve Currency? 108

What Can an Investor Do to Prepare for This Crash? 110

What Happens After the Day the Dollar Crashes? 114

Could the Next Bear Market Be Just Around the Corner? 116

How Bad Can the Next Bear Market Get? 118

Chapter 7 Shaping the New World Government Order 119

We Need to Limit the Growth of Governments 120

Individual Nationalism versus Global Citizenship 122

Maintaining National Identities within Global Citizenship 123

Protecting Cultures from Friendly Fire 125

Establishing Sustainable and Equitable Resource Management 127

We Can Expect a New Form of Exchange 129

The Double-Edged Sword of Debt and Unsustainable Promises 130

A Centralized Governing Body Could Coordinate Emergency Response 132

Chapter 8 Shaping the New World Social Order 135

Where Will Our New Leaders Come From? 138

The Global Communication Evolution 139

Flash Mobbing-A Social Networking Phenomenon 141

Ending Our Addiction to Stimulation 142

We Aren't as Smart as We Think We are 142

The Role of Religion in Our Transformation to a New World Order 144

Connecting as One 145

Chapter 9 Consumers Will Decide How the Future Will Look 149

Consumers Will Drive the Next Big Thing 150

Focus on Creating Health and Alternative Treatments 152

Reduce Dependence on Drugs 153

Being Accountable for Our Well-Being or Opening Pandora's Box? 154

Protect Our Water and Fishing Industries 155

The Health Care Industry is Due for an Overhaul 156

Overmedicating, Over-Testing, and Overcharging 157

The Basis of Geriatric Care is Kindness 159

Help Shape the Government's Mandated Medical Program 160

Stand Up, Make Noise, and Demand a Transparent Public Process 161

Purge Fertilizers, Pesticides, and Toxins from Our Food 161

Purge Hormones and BPA from Our Food 162

Purge Sugars and Additives from Our Food 163

Kill Factory Farming 164

Refuse Genetically Altered Foods 165

Demand Changes to Fast Food 165

Chapter 10 Create and Profit from the Next Big Thing 167

Globally Sustainable Investing for Long-Term Profits 168

Socially Responsible Investing 168

The Positive and Negative Sides of Social Networking and Technology 169

Invest in Technologies That Expand Our Sustainable Energy Sources 170

Changes in the Auto and

Transportation Industry 171

Weaning Ourselves Off Oil 172

The Insidious Petrochemical Industry 173

The Wonderful World of Recycling, Reusing, and Repurposing 173

Our Costly Packaging Industry 176

Stop Natural Gas Companies from Destroying Our Aquifers 176

Mothball Some of Our Drug Companies 177

Putting Your Plan into Action 177

We are the Change We Want to See 178

About the Author 181

Index 183

About the Author

Damon Vickers is Chief Investment Officer of Damon Vickers & Co., an investment firm located in Seattle, Washington. In the 1990s, Vickers and his customers were early investors in such companies as Starbucks Coffee, Cisco Systems, and Amazon.com, to name a few. Mr. Vickers predicted the top of the equities markets in 2000, and in 2008, during the worst market year since 1987, a private fund, initially capitalized by Mr. Vickers, enjoyed returns of 63 percent. A frequent guest on financial television such as CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, and BNN in Canada, Mr. Vickers has also been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and other widely read publications.

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