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The Dr. Sears T5 Wellness Plan


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  • Platform from previous books; The Baby Book has sold over 1.5 million copies
  • Promotion to a dedicated T5 website on (more than 90K visitors/day) and Facebook page ( likes)
  • Authors are frequent speakers; 2 large health talks per month
  • Dr. Sears has had extensive previous media coverage, having been featured on or in all the top morning shows, The Doctors, Dateline, Time magazine, Prevention, The Costco Connection newsletter (more than 65 million Costco subscribers in the US), the Sam's Club newsletter, EWTN radio, and more
  • Authors will promote the book at Health Summits, both online and live
  • Dr. Sears has created a short booklet with an early version of the T5 principles that he uses at many speaking engagements
  • Promotional website:
  • Promotion through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute (around 3,500 health and wellness coaches in 31 countries, all of whom are expected to purchase copies of the book and recommend it to their clients)
  • Promotion through specialty organizations that have sponsored the Sears' health talks in the last two years, including GOED, Birth Bootcamps, The Chinese Nutrition Society, Expo West, and the Women's Wellness Conference
  • Dr. Sears is on medical advisory boards for several major corporations
  • Of foreign interest: the Sears' books have been translated into 21 languages
  • Of foreign interest: China is the Sears' largest market-they sell four times more books in Asia than in the US-and Dr. Sears speaks there regularly
  • Though Dr. Sears still gets regular requests to comment on parenting issues, he is increasingly asked to speak or do interviews on healthy living topics, positioning him perfectly to promote Transform 5
  • Table of Contents


    Why This Book Is for You

    T5 Overview: Welcome to our T5 Family: Starter Tips to a New Life

    A Life Transformed-Dr. Bill's Story * Make Your Own Medicines-Naturally-with T5 * Meet Transformed Co-author and Certified Health Coach Erin * Five Tips for Getting Started * Your T5 Synergy * What T5 Transformation Feels Like * T5 Boosts Sex Drive * A Top Transformer's Testimony * T5-Transformation for All Ages * T5 Testimonies

    Part I: Five Changes in Five Weeks

    Chapter 1: Enjoy the 5-S Diet

    The 5-S Diet * Smoothies: Enjoy One a Day * Salads and Spices: Savor Them * Seafood: Wild Salmon and Other Safe Selections * Smart Snack: Seeds and Nuts * Supplements: The Top Five Science-Based Ones for T5 * A Second Helping: Why T5 Works, Why It Lasts * Stay Lean! Why "Diets" Don't Last and T5 Does

    Chapter Two: Graze on Five Mini Meals

    Chew-Chew, Times Two * Why Grazing is Good for You * Good Grazing Tips * Dr. Bill Says: Snacks Are Good for You * Coach Erin's Time-saving Tips for Snacking Success * A Tale of Two Eaters: Mr. Spikey and Ms. Steady * A Second Helping: More Tips on Healthy T5 Eating * Coach Erin: How to Break Your Soda Addiction

    Chapter Three: Move More! Five Ways to Enjoy It

    How to Make Your Own Medicines * The Last Piece of the Puzzle: A Nobel Night to Remember * A Look Inside Your Endothelial Pharmacy * A Walk in the Garden-a Wake-Up Call * Coach Erin Says: Move Your Body for Your Mind * The Five Best Movements You Can Do * Five T5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Exercise Time * Mighty Mitochondria-Another Reason Why Exercise Gives You More Energy, Muscle, and Brain Power * Fitting in More T5 Movements

    Chapter 4: Stress Less: Five Transforming Stress-busters
    Think-change Your Brain: Feel a Mental Transformation * Five Stress-Busters You Can Do * Start Your Day the T5 Way * Don't Worry, Be Healthy: How Stress Harms Your Health * Coach Erin: Keep Hitting That Reset Button! * Coach Erin Helps You Overpower Your Inner Critic

    Chapter 5: Share with Five Friends: Enjoy the Helper's High!
    Getting Started: T5's Top Ways to Share * I Wish I Would Have *

    Part II: Transform Five for the "Big Six": Gut Health, Brain Health, Inflammation, Heart Health, Diabetes, and Cancer

    Chapter Six: T5 for Gut Health
    Meet Your Microbiome: What It Is, What It Does, How to Make It Work Better for You * The Mind-Microbe Connection * Your Microbiome Is Your Personal Gut-Health Pharmacy * "Medicines" Your Microbiome Makes For You * Diet and the Healthy Microbiome * Get Your Gut Back: How the 5-S Diet Is Better for Your Microbiome * The 5-S Better-Microbiome Diet: Five Eating Changes in Five Weeks *

    Chapter 7: Transform Your Brain Health
    Staying Smart: Five Simple Brain Facts You Must Know * How Food Affects Brain Function * The Transform Five Brain Health Program at a Glance * Movement Makes More Brain Medicines * Grow Your God Center: The Neuroscience of Spirituality * Seven Effects of Belief on Mind and Body *

    Chapter 8: T5 Fights Inflammation
    Inflammation-It's All About Balance * T5 Balances Body and Brain * How T5 Promotes Inflammatory Balance * T5 Helps Your Body Make Its Own Anti-Inflammatory Medicines * How T5 Promotes Heart Health * Five Ways T5 Helps the Heart * T5 for Preventing and Healing Type 2 Diabetes * How T5 Helps Prevent and Beat Cancer *

    Chapter 9: Answers to Common T5 Questions
    Getting Husband on T5 * Alcohol * Vegan* Diet Okay? * Organic Foods * Measuring Sticky Stuff * Measuring Your Health Markers * Healing Heart Disease * Transforming While Traveling * Good Grains * Downgrading Dairy * Badmouthing Beef? * Is Meat Okay to Eat? * Chuck the Chicken * Glycemic Index * Family Fatness * Sugar-Sensitive People * Insulin Insults * Scale Watching * Cheating on Eating * Counting Calories? No Need To! * Mediterranean Diet * Telomeres and T5 * Egg Whites Only? * Cholesterol Confusion * T5 for Depression * Sleep Deprived * Prebiotics * Gut Health and Aging * Leaky Gut

    Appendix A: Strength Building Exercises
    Appendix B: Yoga and Pilates
    Appendix C: Recipes


    Suggested Reading


    About the Authors

    About the Author

    William Sears, M.D., has been advising busy parents on how to raise healthier families for over 40 years, and now turns his attention to the specialty of lifestyle medicine. He has served as a voluntary professor at the University of Toronto, University of South Carolina, University of Southern California School of Medicine, and University of California: Irvine. As a father of 8 children, he coached Little League sports for 20 years, and together with his wife Martha has written more than 40 books and countless articles on parenting, nutrition, and healthy aging. He serves as a consultant for TV, magazines, radio and other media, and his website is one of the most popular health and parenting sites. Dr. Sears and his contribution to family health were featured on the cover of TIME Magazine in May 2012. He is noted for his science-made-simple-and-fun approach to family health.

    Erin Sears Basile, or "Sears kid number five," as she will joke about, has experienced first-hand the magical benefits of a happy, healthy household. Growing up in the fun and sometimes crazy Sears home with 7 siblings has taught her a lot about the importance of family values, and leading a life of service. With her parents as guides, she has shaped her life around helping others. She received her B.A in Music Education and Vocal Performance from Vanguard University and then went on to receive her M.A. in Choral Conducting from Azusa Pacific University. She then pursued a teaching career, and has loved sharing the joys of music with her students for the past 13 years. After a health crisis lead Erin through her own mental and physical transformation, a spark was ignited in her to focus her life towards helping others, and is honored to guide people through the journey of healthy living. She is certified health coach, yoga teacher, group exercise instructor, and co-founder of the Transform 5 healthy living plan. She is also an advocate and speaker for whole-food nutrition and assists families all over the world in living life to the fullest. Whether it's through music or health coaching, she has devoted her life to helping others find their joy and thrive, experiencing the best version of themselves.

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