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Earth Repair


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Chapter 1 - Introduction/Earth Repair ManifestoWho this book is for? What this book is based on? What is an Earth Repair Responder? Earth Repair Manifesto! Chapter 2- Environmental Justice 101 -brief introduction to environmental justice, threats to community and environmental healthChapter 3- The Not So Good Neighbour - When industry comes knocking on your door, and what they leave behind. Chemicals and Toxins you need to know about and their impacts on ecological and human health. Chapter 4- Conventional/Industrial Remediation Techniques - Brief explanation of different ways industry and government handles spills, contaminated soil, etc (landfills, land farming, drilling wells, off gasing, etc). What is needed for this, when is it needed, who has it, and why it isn't always accessible to communities, where it falls short.Chapter 5 - Permaculture Earth Repair - brief introduction to permaculture earth repair ethics, techniques, working with planetary allies. Chapter 6- Bio Remediation - introduction to bio-remediation, what it is, when it works, how to do it, site considerations, compost tea recipes, community success stories. Chapter 7 - Phyto Remediation - introduction to phyto-remediation, what it is, when it works, how to do it, site considerations, list of hyper accumulator plants, community success stories. Chapter 8 - Myco Remediation - introduction to myco-remediation, what it is, when it works, how to do it, site considerations, list of hyper accumulator, filtration, and medicinal mushrooms, community success stories.Chapter 9 - Surface and Groundwater - restoring rivers, lakes, streams, and the hydrologic cycleChapter 10- Getting Down and Dirty - Contaminated Site Prep 101, Getting started (site questions, considerations, materials needed, precautions, timeframe, social capital and grassroots organizing) Chapter 11- From Brownfield to Food Forest - reclaiming and regenerating toxic and sterile places to fertile and healthy spaces. Lead in Soils (urban agriculture) and how to remediate. Community Success Stories.Chapter 12- Oil Spills: Anatomy of an environmental disaster - What happens in an oil spill, river vs ocean vs land, and how does industry and government respond. How to organize a grassroots response to an oil spill using myco and bio remediation, making your own booms, taking care of yourself and other earth repair responders (physical and emotional health + dealing with trauma), healing wildlife, community success stories, etc. Chapter 13- Building the infrastructure and training to be able to respond to environmental disasters in your community (what you need to start setting up now, getting folks trained in, and creating linkages/building bridges with key players) Chapter 14- Prevention is the best medicine - Resistance is Fertile! What we can't clean up and when we've got to stand up (the projects that cannot go ahead!) , Community Organizing 101 , Direct Action 101, Community success stories. Chapter 15- Conclusion - As we Heal the Earth, We Heal Ourselves - final inspiration for the way forward towards healing, regeneration and right relation. AppendixGlossary of termsGood Websites, Books, and Training Opportunities for Earth First RespondersEarth Repair Check List(s)

Promotional Information

Co-op available Features pitched to Orion, On Earth Excerpts pitched to UTNE, Mother Jones, Permaculture Activist MagazineAdvertising in Mother Jones, Mother Earth News Promotion through author's extensive network of list serve contactsPromotion through environmental organization Toxic Actions Centre, Indigenous Environmental Network, Ruckus, Centre for Health and Environmental Justice Geographically targeted to most affected areas, for example Louisiana, Detroit, PennsylvaniaPromotion on the author's website TBAPromotion to conferences such as Bioneers, Village Building Convergence, National Community Gardening ConferencePromotion on New Society Publishers Facebook page with book announcement and contest, promotion on Twitter @NewSocietyPub Simultaneous ebook release and marketing

About the Author

Leila Darwish is a community organizer and permaculturalist with a BSc in Environmental Conservation Sciences. Most of her grassroots organizing has centered on environmental justice issues in communities struggling with either the threat of or the enduring legacy of toxic contamination of their land and drinking water. Her focus on grassroots bioremediation stems from a deep commitment to justice and the passionate desire to empower people by providing them with simple, practical, transformative, and accessible tools for regenerative earth repair.


The real and imagined consequences of contaminated soil and water have been some of the greatest impediments to restoration of urban wastelands for food production. Leila Darwish combines the experience of the pioneer activists and innovators with the expertise and knowledge of remediation professionals to create an empowering guide for the large numbers of citizens looking for guidance on this issue. Earth Repair includes enough technical detail and explanation to get most readers up to speed on the subject. The case studies provide empowering examples of how low cost remediation techniques that reflect permaculture design principles can be used to enhance community resilience and advance social justice. In the energy descent future, many more people will be growing food on contaminated land; out of necessity! Earth Repair offers the hope that this can be done without fear of further eroding health and well being. --David Holmgren, co-originator of permaculture and author, Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability Earth Repair, what a brilliant and useful book! Leila Darwish & New Society have brought forth a book for people who will not wait around to heal the world. With a broad and deep view of the historical dynamics of thoughtless upheaval and waste, Earth Repair provides thorough, local-action strategies that communities, with or without resources, can undertake to remediate their damaged landscapes. In accessible language, this book explains how to deal with a serious local issue while also shining light on where to go to deal with the source! --Mark Lakeman, cofounder, The City Repair Project, communitecture, and the Planet Repair Institute Earth Repair is a fantastic introduction to grassroots bioremediation -- an indispensible guide for citizen scientists, permaculturists, and ecological justice activists wanting to proactively address the legacy of environmental pollution which we've inherited from our industrial civilization. Within is a highly accessible toolkit of techniques and skills usable by the average person, empowering them to safely destroy or immobilize common contaminants by partnering with familiar biological allies such as microbes, worms, fungi, and plants. As we transition into a sustainable society, this book will be a key text, critical for informing communities in the process of de-toxifying our planet. --Scott Kellogg, educational director of the Radix Ecological Sustainability Center and author,Toolbox for Sustainable City Living -- A Do-It-Ourselves Guide. We are an odd, almost unique, creature that soils its own nest. As we've become more industrially and technologically muscular, our soiling has penetrated into the heart of Earth's systems, where we now pile our filth upon genetics, delicate geochemical balances, and climate. We have destabilized nature, and we won't find a way out the same way we came in. Darwish's good news is that nature WANTS to heal, and even knows how. We just have to use the tools she gives us. --Albert Bates, author, The Post-Petroleum Survival Guide and Biochar: Carbon Farming and Climate Change

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