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Goetia of Dr Rudd

"The Goetia" is the most famous grimoire after the Key of Solomon. This volume contains a transcription of a hitherto unpublished manuscript of the Lemegeton which includes four whole grimoires: "Liber Malorum Spituum seu Goetia"; "Theurgia-Goetia"; "Ars Paulina" (Books 1 & 2); and, "Ars Almadel". This was owned by Dr Thomas Rudd, a practising scholar-magician of the early seventeenth century. There are many editions of the "Goetia", of which the most definitive is that of Joseph Peterson, but here we are interested in how the "Goetia" was actually used by practising magicians in the 16th and 17th century, before the knowledge of practical magic faded into obscurity. To evoke the 72 demons listed here without the ability to bind them would be foolhardy indeed. It was well known in times past that invocatio and ligatio, or binding, was a key part of evocation, but in the modern editions of the "Goetia" this key technique is expressed in just one word 'Shemhamaphorash', and its use is not explained. This volume explains how the 72 angels of the Shem ha-Mephorash are used to bind the spirits, and the correct procedure for safely invoking them using special seals incorporating the necessary controlling angel, whose name is also engraved on the breastplate and Brass Vessel.
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Table of Contents

Introduction; History and Origins -- Liber Malorum Spirituum seu Goetia; Theurgia-Goetia; The Pauline Art; The Art Almadel; The Notory Art or Ars Notoria; Ars Nova; The Lemegeton. Evocation Methods -- Physical Methods for Binding a Demon; Names of the 72 Demons; Names of the 72 Adversarial Angels; The Invocations; The Equipment of Evocation; The Ceremony or Procedure. The Manuscripts -- Content & Provenance; The 72 Spirits of the Goetia; The Conjurations; Of the Magical Circle; Of the Names of the Hours; The Consecrations and Benedictions; The Directory for the Seven Days of the Week. Theurgia-Goetia -- The Four Emperors; The Sixteen Dukes; The Eleven Wandering Princes; Conjurations. The Art Pauline -- Book 1 -Spirits of the 24 Hours of the Day & Night; Book 2 - Spirits of the Degrees of the Zodiac. The Art Almadel. Appendix 1: The Theurgia-Goetia in Sloane 3824; Appendix 2: Tables of Demons from the Lemegeton; Demons of the Goetia; Powers and Specialities of the Demons of the Goetia; Ranks of the Demons of the Goetia; Demons of the Goetia by Rank, Planet and Zodiacal Sign; Good and Evil Aerial Spirits (of the Compass) from Theurgia-Goetia; Good and Evil Aerial Spirits (Wandering Princes) from Theurgia-Goetia; Good and Evil Aerial Spirits (Emperors) from Theurgia-Goetia; Spirits of the 24 Hours from Ars Paulina (Part 1); Angels of the Degrees of the Zodiac from Ars Paulina (Part 2); Angels of the Altitudes (Chorus) from Ars Almadel; Appendix 3: Thomas Rudd's Synthesis of the 72 Demons and Dr John Dee's Tabula Sancta cum Tabulis Enochi; Appendix 4: Thomas Rudd's Description of 61 Demons; Appendix 5: Some of the Sources and Constituents of the Lemegeton; Appendix 6: Seals from Sibley's Goetia; Appendix 7: The 72 Shem ha-Mephorash Angels; Appendix 8: The Ecclesiastical Planetary Hours; Appendix 9: 'Ars Nova': An Explanation of Certain Names Used in the Figures of the Goetia; Appendix 10: Derivation of some of the Words of Conjuration; Appendix 11: Narrative of Dr Rudd, Sir John Heydon and a Spirit; Appendix 12: The Variant Forms of the Heptameron Style Circle; Appendix 13: Observations on Metals and Binding Times; Appendix 14: Equipment Diagrams from Sibley's Goetia; Appendix 15: The Form of Commanding Spirits Given in Scot; Bibliography; Index.

About the Author

David Rankine is an author who has been practising magick for 25 years, and is best known for his lively lectures and workshops. He has been involved with a wide variety of magickal groups and traditions, and draws on his extensive experience to convey the essence of magick in simple terms.


" probably couldn't ask for a clearer and more complete guide than Stephen Skinner & David Rankine's excelllent new edition." -- Mogg Morgan, Mandrake Speaks, 2007.

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