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Handbook of Infant Mental Health, Third Edition

Widely regarded as the standard reference in the field, this handbook offers a comprehensive analysis of developmental, clinical, and social aspects of mental health from birth to the preschool years. Leading authorities explore models of development; biological, family, and sociocultural risk and protective factors; and frequently encountered disorders and disabilities. Evidence-based approaches to assessment and treatment are presented, with an emphasis on ways to support strong parent-child relationships. The volume reviews the well-documented benefits of early intervention and prevention and describes applications in mental health, primary care, childcare, and child welfare settings.
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Table of Contents

I. Development and Context1. The Scope of Infant Mental Health, Charles H. Zeanah, Jr., and Paula Doyle Zeanah2. The Psychology and Psychopathology of Pregnancy: Reorganization and Transformation, Arietta Slade, Lisa J. Cohen, Lois S. Sadler, and Maia Miller3. Neurobiology of Fetal and Infant Development: Implications for Infant Mental Health, Margaret Sheridan and Charles A. Nelson4. Neurobiology of Stress in Infancy, Anne Rifkin-Graboi, Jessica L. Borelli, and Michelle Bosquet Enlow5. Infant Social and Emotional Development: Emerging Competence in a Relational Context, Katherine L. Rosenblum, Carolyn J. Dayton, and Maria Muzik6. The Sociocultural Context of Infant Mental Health: Toward Contextually Congruent Interventions, Chandra Michiko Ghosh Ippen7. Applying Research Findings on Early Experience to Infant Mental Health, Thomas G. O'Connor and David B. ParfittII. Risk and Protective Factors8. Poverty and Infant and Toddler Development: Facing the Complex Challenges, Jane Knitzer and Deborah F. Perry9. Infants of Depressed Mothers: Vulnerabilities, Risk Factors, and Protective Factors for the Later Development of Psychopathology, Sherryl H. Goodman and Sarah R. Brand10. Parental Substance Abuse, Neil W. Boris11. Prematurity, Risk Factors, and Protective Factors, Carole Muller Nix and Francois Ansermet12. The Effects of Violent Experiences on Infants and Young Children, Daniel S. Schechter and Erica Willheim13. The Relational Context of Adolescent Motherhood, Sydney L. Hans and Matthew J. ThullenIII. Assessment14. Parent Reports and Infant-Toddler Mental Health Assessment, Alice S. Carter, Leandra Godoy, Susan E. Marakovitz, and Margaret J. Briggs-Gowan15. Clinical Use of Observational Procedures in Early Childhood Relationship Assessment, Devi Miron, Marva L. Lewis, and Charles H. Zeanah, Jr.16. Infant-Parent Relationship Assessment: Parents' Insightfulness Regarding Their Young Children's Internal Worlds, David Oppenheim and Nina Koren-KarieIV. Psychopathology17. Classification of Psychopathology in Early Childhood, Helen Link Egger and Adrian Angold18. Autism Spectrum Disorders, Themba Carr and Catherine Lord19. Communication Disorders, Jennifer Windsor, Joe Reichle, and Megan C. Mahowald20. Intellectual Disabilities, Robert M. Hodapp, Tricia A. Thornton-Wells, and Elisabeth M. Dykens21. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Michael S. Scheeringa22. Sleep Disorders, Judith Owens and Melissa M. Burnham23. Feeding Disorders, Failure to Thrive, and Obesity, Diane Benoit24. Characterizing Early Childhood Disruptive Behavior:Enhancing Developmental Sensitivity, Lauren S. Wakschlag and Barbara Danis25. Depression, Joan L. Luby26. Attachment Disorders, Charles H. Zeanah, Jr., and Anna T. SmykeV. Intervention27. Child-Parent Psychotherapy: A Developmental Approach to Mental Health Treatment in Infancy and Early Childhood, Alicia F. Lieberman and Patricia Van Horn 28. The Circle of Security, Bert Powell, Glen Cooper, Kent Hoffman, and Robert S. Marvin29. Principles of Family Therapy in Infancy, Nicolas Favez, France Frascarolo, Miri Keren, and Elisabeth Fivaz-Depeursinge30. The Mothers and Toddlers Program: An Attachment-Based Intervention for Mothers in Substance Abuse Treatment, Nancy Suchman, Cindy DeCoste, and Linda Mayes31. Foster Care in Early Childhood, Anna T. Smyke and Angela S. Breidenstine32. Psychopharmacology in Early Childhood: Does It Have a Role?, Mary Margaret GleasonVI. Applications of Infant Mental Health33. Training in Infant Mental Health, Sarah Hinshaw-Fuselier, Paula Doyle Zeanah, and Julie Larrieu34. Infant Mental Health in Primary Health Care, Paula Doyle Zeanah and Mary Margaret Gleason35. Mental Health Consultation: A Transactional Approach in Child Care, Kadija Johnston and Charles Brinamen 36. The Economics of Infant Mental Health, Geoffrey A. Nagle

About the Author

Charles H. Zeanah, Jr., MD, is the Mary K. Sellars-Polchow Chair in Psychiatry, Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, and Vice Chair for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology at Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans. He is also Executive Director of the Institute for Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health at Tulane. Dr. Zeanah has a longstanding interest in infant mental health, especially abuse and neglect in young children, attachment and its disorders, psychopathology, and infant-parent relationships. Throughout his career, his clinical and research focus has been on early experiences and their effects. He is the recipient of honors including the Irving Phillips Award for Prevention from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP), the Presidential Citation for Distinguished Research and Leadership in Infant Mental Health from the American Orthopsychiatric Association, the Sarah Haley Memorial Award for Clinical Excellence from the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, and the Blanche F. Ittelson Award for Research in Child Psychiatry from the American Psychiatric Association (APA). Dr. Zeanah is a Fellow of AACAP, a Distinguished Fellow of the APA, and a Board Member of Zero to Three.


"A well-referenced and remarkably accessible volume. It is a true gem for all clinicians and students whose work touches on early childhood and who want their practices to be guided by best evidence."--Peter Fonagy, PhD, FBA, Freud Memorial Professor of Psychoanalysis and Chair, Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology, University College London, UK "Once again, Zeanah has produced a first-rate handbook. Leaders in the field contribute their knowledge and expertise in easy-to-read, scholarly presentations. Keeping pace with the burgeoning field of infant mental health, this handbook is a 'must read' for all researchers and clinicians who wish to stay current."--Thomas F. Anders, MD, Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences (Emeritus), M.I.N.D. Institute, University of California, Davis "The definitive handbook on infant mental health. This work has become indispensable worldwide for practitioners and trainees in child psychiatry, psychology, pediatrics, and social work. The Handbook presents the best available knowledge and works toward consensus on key issues related to theory, research, assessment, psychopathology, and intervention."--Antoine Guedeney, MD, Head, Department of Child Psychiatry, Bichat-Claude Bernard Hospital, Paris, France

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