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Haptics: Perception, Devices and Scenarios


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Control and Technology.- Efficient Transport Protocol for Networked Haptics Applications.- Bilateral Control Architecture for Telerobotics Systems in Unknown Environments.- Discrimination of Concurrent Vibrotactile Stimuli.- A New Myohaptic Device to Assess Wrist Function in the Lab and in the Clinic - The Wristalyzer.- Autocalibrated Gravity Compensation for 3DoF Impedance Haptic Devices.- DC Motor Damping: A Strategy to Increase Passive Stiffness of Haptic Devices.- Robust Impedance Control of a Delayed Telemanipulator Considering Hysteresis Nonlinearity of the Piezo-actuated Slave Robot.- A Pragmatic Method for Stable Stiffness Reflection in Telesurgery.- Passive Bilateral Control of a Teleoperation System Considering Hysteresis Nonlinearity of Slave Robot.- Model and Modeless Friction Compensation: Application to a Defective Haptic Interface.- On-Line Interactive Dexterous Grasping.- User Identification Based on Handwritten Signatures with Haptic Information.- Transparency Analysis of Bilateral Controllers Based on the Methodology of State Convergence.- A Fuzzy Logic System for Evaluating Quality of Experience of Haptic-Based Applications.- An Interaction Model for the Quantification of Haptic Impressions.- A PHANTOM (R) Device with 6DOF Force Feedback and Sensing Capabilities.- An Approach to Contact Force Vector Determination and Its Implementation to Provide Intelligent Tactile Interaction with Environment.- Extending the Z-Width of a Haptic Device Using Acceleration Feedback.- GPU in Haptic Rendering of Deformable Objects.- Wave Variables and the 4 Channel Architecture for Haptic Teleoperation.- Studies of the Mechanical Impedance of the Index Finger in Multiple Dimensions.- Teleoperation of a Robot Using a Haptic Device with Different Kinematics.- Haptics Perception.- Overshoot Effect in Stiffness Perception Tasks during Hand Motion with Haptic Device.- Designing Large Sets of Haptic Icons with Rhythm.- Tactor Localization at the Wrist.- Shape Discrimination in Active Touch: Effects of Exploratory Direction and Their Exploitation.- Tactile Illusion Caused by Tangential Skin Strain and Analysis in Terms of Skin Deformation.- Intermanual Transfer of the Curvature Aftereffect in Static and Dynamic Touch.- Proposal of the Stretch Detection Hypothesis of the Meissner Corpuscle.- Kinaesthetic and Cutaneous Contributions to the Perception of Compressibility.- Analyzing Perceptual Representations of Complex, Parametrically-Defined Shapes Using MDS.- Haptic Search for Spheres and Cubes.- Impaired Haptic Size Perception Following Cortical Stroke: A Case Study.- Time-Shrinking and the Design of Tactons.- Differences in Fitts' Law Task Performance Based on Environment Scaling.- The Effect of Haptic Feedback on Basic Social Interaction within Shared Virtual Environments.- Investigating Visuo-tactile Recognition of Unfamiliar Moving Objects.- Exploratory Movement Parameters Vary with Stimulus Stiffness.- The Natural Truth: The Contribution of Vision and Touch in the Categorisation of "Naturalness".- Design Considerations for Lateral Skin Stretch and Perpendicular Indentation Displays to Be Used in Minimally Invasive Surgery.- Perceived Strength of Lateral Acceleration Display for Touchscreen Emulation of Mechanical Switch Transients.- Tactile Perceptual Dimensions: A Study with Light-Weight Wool Fabrics.- Thermoelectric Tactile Display Based on the Thermal Grill Illusion.- Adaptation to Force in the Haptic Rendering of Virtual Environments.- The Effects of Hand Motion on Haptic Perception of Force Direction.- Haptic Perception of Real and Virtual Curvature.- The Virtual Hand Illusion and Body Ownership.- Measurement and Influence of the Skin Moisture in Dexterous Manipulation.- Unimanual and Bimanual Weight Discrimination in a Desktop Setup.- Fusion of Vibrotactile Signals Used in a Tactile Display in Computer Aided Surgery.- Multi-finger Prehension Synergy: Exploration with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.- Working Memory for Visual and Haptic Targets: A Study Using the Interference Paradigm.- Differences between Operator Reactions on Positions of Visual Feedback of Haptic Stimuli, in a Crossed or Uncrossed Position of Laparoscopic Tools.- Haptics Devices.- MasterFinger: Multi-finger Haptic Interface for Collaborative Environments.- A Vibrotactile Device for Display of Virtual Ground Materials in Walking.- Basic Analysis of Stickiness Sensation for Tactile Displays.- Electromagnetic Actuation Based on MEMS Technology for Tactile Display.- Powerful Compact Tactile Display with Microhydraulic Actuators.- A Palm-Worn Haptic Display for Bimanual Operations in Virtual Environments.- Dynamic Conditions of Reflection-Type Tactile Sensor.- A New Cable-Actuated Haptic Interface Design.- Straw-Like User Interface (II): A New Method of Presenting Auditory Sensations for a More Natural Experience.- Extending Haptic Device Capability for 3D Virtual Grasping.- Non-contact Method for Producing Tactile Sensation Using Airborne Ultrasound.- Grounding Mobile Force Feedback in the Real World.- Large Workspace Haptic Devices for Human-Scale Interaction: A Survey.- Optimal Dimensional Synthesis of a Dual Purpose Haptic Exoskeleton.- FPGA-Based Control for the Wire-Saving of Five-Fingered Haptic Interface.- A Novel Tactile Device Considering Nail Function for Changing Capability of Tactile Perception.- 6DOF Whole-Hand Haptic Interaction System Based on Hybrid Grasping Approach.- Optimal Posture Control for a 7 DOF Haptic Device Based on Power Minimization.- Development of a Microscopic Three-Axis Tactile Sensor: Preliminary Examinations to Establish Sensing Algorithm by Using a Simulated Mockup.- Presentation of Force-Motion Relationship by Inertial Force Display.- Flexible Elastoresistive Tactile Sensor for Minimally Invasive Surgery.- NOBUNAGA: Multicylinder-Like Pulse Generator for Kinesthetic Illusion of Being Pulled Smoothly.- Haptics Rendering.- Using Vibration Patterns to Provide Impact Position Information in Haptic Manipulation of Virtual Objects.- On Suturing Simulation with Haptic Feedback.- Modulating Real Object Stiffness for Haptic Augmented Reality.- Alternative Display of Friction Represented by Tactile Stimulation without Tangential Force.- Haptic Interaction with Virtual Avatars.- DIBHR: Depth Image-Based Haptic Rendering.- A Physically Realistic Voxel-Based Method for Haptic Simulation of Bone Machining.- Haptic Feedback Based on Physically Based Modeling for Cellular Manipulation Systems.- Haptic Pottery Modeling Using Circular Sector Element Method.- Surface Contact Interaction with Dynamically Deformable Object Using Impulse-Based Approach.- Simultaneous Presentation of Tactile and Auditory Motion on the Abdomen to Realize the Experience of "Being Cut by a Sword".- A Flexible Method for Haptic Rendering of Isosurface from Volumetric Data.- Higher Precision in Volume Haptics through Subdivision of Proxy Movements.- Multibody Dynamics Model of a Human Hand for Haptics Interaction.- Benefits of Perceptually Transparent Vibration Rendering in Mobile Device.- Haptic Rendering of Actuated Mechanisms by Active Admittance Control.- Does Judgement of Haptic Virtual Texture Roughness Scale Monotonically with Lateral Force Modulation?.- Electrotactile Stimulation Based on Strain Energy Density of the Fingertip.- Simplified Hand Configuration for Object Manipulation.- Haptically-Aided Extrusion for Object Edition in CAD.- Multimodal and Telepresence.- Study on Computer Assistance for Telepresent Reaching Movements.- Effects of Varied Human Movement Control on Task Performance and Feeling of Telepresence.- Transparency Measurement of Telepresence Systems.- Force Feedback Virtual Painting on Real Objects: A Paradigm of Augmented Reality Haptics.- Gesture Recognition with Hidden Markov Models to Enable Multi-modal Haptic Feedback.- A Study on the Role of Force Feedback for Teleoperation of Industrial Overhead Crane.- Collaborative Identification of Haptic-Only Objects.- Learning-Based Thermal Rendering in Telepresence.- Spatiotemporal Visuotactile Interaction.- Effects of Co-location and Crossmodal Interaction between Haptic, Auditory and Visual Cues in Presence.- Motion Primitives of Dancing.- Haptics Applications.- Improving Perception and Understanding of Nanoscale Phenomena Using Haptics and Visual Analogy.- HAMLAT: A HAML-Based Authoring Tool for Haptic Application Development.- FlyTact: A Tactile Display Improves a Helicopter Pilot's Landing Performance in Degraded Visual Environments.- 6DOF Haptic Cooperative Virtual Prototyping over High Latency Networks.- Haptic Interaction with Soft Tissues Based on State-Space Approximation.- Bringing Haptics to Second Life for Visually Impaired People.- A Haptic Interface for Automobile Gearshift Design and Benchmark.- Developing the 'Ouch-o-Meter' to Teach Safe and Effective Use of Pressure for Palpation.- A Virtual Reality Simulator Based on Haptic Hard Constraints.- Telling Time by Vibration.- Development of a Tool-Centered Collision Model for Volumetric Resection in ENT Surgery Simulation.- ISO's Work on Guidance for Haptic and Tactile Interactions.- Magnetorheological Brake for Haptic Rendering.

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