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The Indigo Child Survival Guide

What is an Indigo Child? There really isn't one definitive answer. In simple terms it is a person with a warrior spirit, always questioning and challenging the ways of the world and has a strong sense of a higher purpose. The name Indigo Child is the gateway that leads you to more answers. The Indigo Child is what I like to call the "system-busters" of our society. They share a collective mission of taking down old, outdated, negative, fear-based, ego-dominated structures and lower conscious related systems to make room for creating a world of peace, harmony, and love for humanity and for future generations to come. The purpose of this book is to help those seeking guidance. Here are some questions to which the Indigo Children answer YES. 1. Do you sometimes feel a lot wiser beyond your years? 2. Do you feel alone or isolated in your beliefs? 3. Do you have trouble conforming to the ways of society? 4. Are you a seeker of truth? 5. Do you feel out of place in today's society? If you read them and you answered YES to at least one of them, then this book might be the answer you've been searching for. Find yourself in a different world, one that understands you and that you understand. And while you're at it don't forget to LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH.
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About the Author

Baker Jacinto is a full-time 28-year-old Blogger at http: // - a well-known spirituality blog that inspires and empowers individuals to living the life of their dreams from the inside-out. He has written four self-published books in the areas of spirituality and self-help. His life mission is to inspire and make a difference in the world by being of service to humanity in the most authentic manner possible. Growing up, Baker felt that he had to hide his talents because they were not fully developed yet. At the same time, he also felt that the kind of philosophies and ideas that he had adopted in his life were ahead of its time. It was hard to express this to his friends because a lot of them were into the party scene. He, however, felt a lot more spiritual inside. Growing up he could easily feel and sense the energies of people and environments around him. To escape the city life of Los Angeles, California, Baker moved to a more peaceful city in Arizona by himself. Baker has the calling to influence the world in a positive way. The topics that he writes about include abundance, awareness, inspiration, passion, success, vibration, energy, and poetry. He is not only an expert on the Law of Attraction, but also a poet of life. He has since moved from Arizona back to California to teach about the shift in consciousness that is currently happening on our planet. Baker passionately writes about the shift in consciousness that will bring about a spiritual revolution on our planet in the near future. His emphasis is on applying the law of attraction with the new positive energy that is emerging on this planet to inspire and empower indigo children to realize their dreams. Baker believes that on an energetic level on this planet we currently are living in exciting times, and that when each person shines their true light from within, they begin to live an authentic life far beyond their wildest dreams.

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