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Institutes of the Christian Religion

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Table of Contents

Table of ContentsPreface to the Hendrickson Edition... xiIntroduction to the Original Editionof the Henry Beveridge Translation (1845) ... xviiOriginal Translator's Preface (1581)... xxPrefatory Address by John Calvin to Francis I, King of France (1636)... xxiiiEpistle to the Reader (Calvin, 1539)... xxxviiSubject of the Present Work (Calvin, 1545) ... xxxviiiEpistle to the Reader (Calvin, 1559) ... xxxixMethod and Arrangement, or Subject of the Whole Work ... xliBook FirstArgument ... 3Chapter 1 The Knowledge of God and of Ourselves Mutually Connected.Nature of the Connection... 4Chapter 2 What It Is to Know God-Tendency of This Knowledge ... 7Chapter 3 The Knowledge of God Naturally Implanted in the Human Mind ... 9Chapter 4 The Knowledge of God Stifled or Corrupted, Ignorantly or Maliciously ... 12Chapter 5 The Knowledge of God Conspicuous in the Creation, and ContinualGovernment of the World ... 15Chapter 6 The Need of Scripture, as a Guide and Teacher, in Coming to Godas a Creator ... 26Chapter 7 The Testimony of the Spirit Necessary to Give Full Authority to Scripture.The Impiety of Pretending That the Credibility of Scripture Depends onthe Judgment of the Church... 30Chapter 8 The Credibility of Scripture Sufficiently Proved, Insofar as NaturalReason Admits... 35Chapter 9 All the Principles of Piety Subverted by Fanatics, Who SubstituteRevelations for Scripture ... 43Chapter 10 In Scripture, the True God Opposed, Exclusively, to All the Gods of theHeathen ... 46Chapter 11 Impiety of Attributing a Visible Form to God. The Setting Up of Idols aDefection from the True God ... 49Chapter 12 God Distinguished from Idols, That He May Be the Exclusive Objectof Worship ... 61561685 Minion 10/12 CalvinDRAFT as of October 31, 2007Chapter 13 The Unity of the Divine Essence in Three Persons Taught, in Scripture,from the Foundation of the World ... 64Chapter 14 In the Creation of the World, and All Things in It, the True GodDistinguished by Certain Marks from Fictitious Gods ... 89Chapter 15 State in Which Man Was Created. The Faculties of the Soul-the Imageof God-Free Will-Original Righteousness ... 103Chapter 16 The World, Created by God, Still Cherished and Protected by Him.Each and All of Its Parts Governed by His Providence ... 113Chapter 17 Use to Be Made of the Doctrine of Providence ... 122Chapter 18 The Instrumentality of the Wicked Employed by God, While HeContinues Free from Every Taint ... 135Book SecondArgument ... 145Chapter 1 Through the Fall and Revolt of Adam, the Whole Human Race MadeAccursed and Degenerate. Of Original Sin ... 146Chapter 2 Man Now Deprived of Freedom of Will, and Miserably Enslaved... 155Chapter 3 Everything Proceeding from the Corrupt Nature of Man Damnable ... 176Chapter 4 How God Works in the Hearts of Men ... 190Chapter 5 The Arguments Usually Alleged in Support of Free Will Refuted ... 196Chapter 6 Redemption for Man Lost to Be Sought in Christ ... 212Chapter 7 The Law Given, Not to Retain a People for Itself, but to Keep Alivethe Hope of Salvation in Christ Until His Advent ... 217Chapter 8 Exposition of the Moral Law ... 229Chapter 9 Christ, Though Known to the Jews under the Law, Yet Only Manifestedunder the Gospel ... 268Chapter 10 The Resemblance Between the Old Testament and the New... 272Chapter 11 The Difference Between the Two Testaments ... 287Chapter 12 Christ, to Perform the Office of Mediator, Behooved to Become Man ... 297Chapter 13 Christ Clothed with the True Substance of Human Nature ... 304Chapter 14 How Two Natures Constitute the Person of the Mediator ... 309Chapter 15 Three Things Briefly to Be Regarded in Christ-i.e., His Offices ofProphet, King, and Priest ... 317Chapter 16 How Christ Performed the Office of Redeemer in Procuring OurSalvation. The Death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Christ ... 323Chapter 17 Christ Rightly and Properly Said to Have Merited Grace and Salvationfor Us ... 339Hendrickson Publishers First page proofs 561685DRAFT as of October 31, 2007vi Institutes of the Christian ReligionBook ThirdArgument ... 347Chapter 1 The Benefits of Christ Made Available to Us by the Secret Operationof the Spirit ... 348Chapter 2 Of Faith. The Definition of It. Its Peculiar Properties ... 352Chapter 3 Regeneration by Faith. Of Repentance ... 384Chapter 4 Penitence, as Explained in the Sophistical Jargon of the Schoolmen,Widely Different from the Purity Required by the Gospel. Of Confessionand Satisfaction ... 403Chapter 5 Of the Modes of Supplementing Satisfaction, i.e., Indulgences andPurgatory ... 434Chapter 6 The Life of a Christian Man. Scriptural Arguments Exhorting to It ... 444Chapter 7 A Summary of the Christian Life. Of Self-Denial ... 448Chapter 8 Of Bearing the Cross-One Branch of Self-Denial ... 457Chapter 9 Of Meditating on the Future Life ... 464Chapter 10 How to Use the Present Life, and the Comforts of It ... 469Chapter 11 Of Justification by Faith. Both the Name and the Reality Defined ... 473Chapter 12 Necessity of Contemplating the Judgment Seat of God, in Order to BeSeriously Convinced of the Doctrine of Gratuitous Justification ... 492Chapter 13 Two Things to Be Observed in Gratuitous Justification ... 498Chapter 14 The Beginning of Justification. In What Sense Progressive ... 502Chapter 15 The Boasted Merit of Works Subversive Both of the Glory of God, inBestowing Righteousness, and of the Certainty of Salvation... 516Chapter 16 Refutation of the Calumnies by Which It Is Attempted to Throw Odiumon This Doctrine ... 522Chapter 17 The Promises of the Law and the Gospel Reconciled ... 526Chapter 18 The Righteousness of Works Improperly Inferred from Rewards ... 539Chapter 19 Of Christian Liberty ... 548Chapter 20 Of Prayer-A Perpetual Exercise of Faith. The Daily Benefits Derivedfrom It ... 559Chapter 21 Of the Eternal Election, by Which God Has Predestinated Some toSalvation, and Others to Destruction ... 606Chapter 22 This Doctrine Confirmed by Proofs from Scripture ... 614Chapter 23 Refutation of the Calumnies by Which This Doctrine Is AlwaysUnjustly Assailed ... 624Chapter 24 Election Confirmed by the Calling of God. The Reprobate Bring UponThemselves the Righteous Destruction to Which They Are Doomed ... 636Chapter 25 Of the Last Resurrection ... 652561685 Minion 10/12 CalvinDRAFT as of October 31, 2007Table of Contents viiBook FourthArgument ... 669Chapter 1 Of the True Church. Duty of Cultivating Unity with Her, as the Motherof All the Godly... 670Chapter 2 Comparison between the False Church and the True ... 690Chapter 3 Of the Teachers and Ministers of the Church. Their Election and Office ... 699Chapter 4 Of the State of the Primitive Church and the Mode of Government inUse before the Papacy ... 709Chapter 5 The Ancient Form of Government Utterly Corrupted by the Tyrannyof the Papacy ... 719Chapter 6 Of the Primacy of the Romish See... 731Chapter 7 Of the Beginning and Rise of the Romish Papacy, till It Attained aHeight by Which the Liberty of the Church Was Destroyed, and AllTrue Rule Overthrown... 741Chapter 8 Of the Power of the Church in Articles of Faith. The Unbridled Licenseof the Papal Church in Destroying Purity of Doctrine ... 760Chapter 9 Of Councils and Their Authority ... 770Chapter 10 Of the Power of Making Laws. The Cruelty of the Pope and HisAdherents, in This Respect, in Tyrannically Oppressing andDestroying Souls ... 779Chapter 11 Of the Jurisdiction of the Church, and the Abuses of It, as Exemplifiedin the Papacy ... 799Chapter 12 Of the Discipline of the Church, and Its Principal Use in Censures andExcommunication ... 811Chapter 13 Of Vows. The Miserable Entanglements Caused by Vowing Rashly... 827Chapter 14 Of the Sacraments ... 842Chapter 15 Of Baptism ... 858Chapter 16 Paedobaptism, Its Accordance with the Institution of Christ, and theNature of the Sign ... 871Chapter 17 Of the Lord's Supper, and the Benefits Conferred by It ... 893Chapter 18 Of the Popish Mass. How It Not Only Profanes, but Annihilates theLord's Supper ... 933Chapter 19 Of the Five Sacraments, Falsely So Called. Their Spuriousness Proved,and Their True Character Explained ... 946Chapter 20 Of Civil Government ... 968One Hundred AphorismsContaining within a Narrow Compass, the Substance and Order of theFour Books of the Institutes of the Christian Religion ... 989Hendrickson Publishers First page proofs 561685DRAFT as of October 31, 2007viii Institutes of the Christian ReligionIndexesHebrew and Greek Word Index ... 1004About the Authors & Works Cited in Institutes ... 1005Authors & Works Cited Index ... 1011General Index ... 1021Scripture Index ... 1046

About the Author

John Calvin (1509-1564) was a French Protestant theologian during the Protestant Reformation and was a central developer of the system of Christian theology called Calvinism or Reformed Theology. In Geneva he rejected the authority of the Pope, established a new scheme of civic and church governance, and created a central hub from which Reformed theology was propagated. He is renowned for his teachings and writings.

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