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Eagerly anticipated by millions of programmers, Java SE 8 is the most important Java update in many years. The addition of lambda expressions (closures) and streams represents the biggest change to Java programming since the introduction of generics and annotations. Now, with Java SE 8 for the Really Impatient, internationally renowned Java author Cay S. Horstmann concisely introduces Java 8's most valuable new features (plus a few Java 7 innovations that haven't gotten the attention they deserve). If you're an experienced Java programmer, Horstmann's practical insights and sample code will help you quickly take advantage of these and other Java language and platform improvements. This indispensable guide includes * Coverage of using lambda expressions (closures) to write computation "snippets" that can be passed to utility functions * The brand-new streams API that makes Java collections far more flexible and efficient * Major updates to concurrent programming that make use of lambda expressions (filter/map/reduce) and that provide dramatic performance improvements for shared counters and hash tables * A full chapter with advice on how you can put lambda expressions to work in your own programs * Coverage of the long-awaited introduction of a well-designed date/time/calendar library (JSR 310) * A concise introduction to JavaFX, which is positioned to replace Swing GUIs, and to the Nashorn Javascript engine * A thorough discussion of many small library changes that make Java programming more productive and enjoyable This is the first title to cover all of these highly anticipated improvements and is invaluable for anyone who wants to write tomorrow's most robust, efficient, and secure Java code.
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Table of Contents

Preface xiiiAbout the Author xv Chapter 1: Lambda Expressions 11.1 Why Lambdas? 21.2 The Syntax of Lambda Expressions 41.3 Functional Interfaces 61.4 Method References 81.5 Constructor References 91.6 Variable Scope 101.7 Default Methods 141.8 Static Methods in Interfaces 16Exercises 18 Chapter 2: The Stream API 212.1 From Iteration to Stream Operations 222.2 Stream Creation 242.3 The filter, map, and flatMap Methods 252.4 Extracting Substreams and Combining Streams 262.5 Stateful Transformations 272.6 Simple Reductions 282.7 The Optional Type 292.8 Reduction Operations 312.9 Collecting Results 332.10 Collecting into Maps 342.11 Grouping and Partitioning 362.12 Primitive Type Streams 392.13 Parallel Streams 402.14 Functional Interfaces 42Exercises 44 Chapter 3: Programming with Lambdas 473.1 Deferred Execution 483.2 Parameters of Lambda Expressions 493.3 Choosing a Functional Interface 503.4 Returning Functions 533.5 Composition 543.6 Laziness 563.7 Parallelizing Operations 573.8 Dealing with Exceptions 583.9 Lambdas and Generics 613.10 Monadic Operations 63Exercises 64 Chapter 4: JavaFX 694.1 A Brief History of Java GUI Programming 704.2 Hello, JavaFX! 714.3 Event Handling 724.4 JavaFX Properties 734.5 Bindings 754.6 Layout 804.7 FXML 864.8 CSS 904.9 Animations and Special Effects 914.10 Fancy Controls 94Exercises 97 Chapter 5: The New Date and Time API 1015.1 The Time Line 1025.2 Local Dates 1045.3 Date Adjusters 1075.4 Local Time 1085.5 Zoned Time 1095.6 Formatting and Parsing 1125.7 Interoperating with Legacy Code 115Exercises 116 Chapter 6: Concurrency Enhancements 1196.1 Atomic Values 1206.2 ConcurrentHashMap Improvements 1236.3 Parallel Array Operations 1286.4 Completable Futures 130Exercises 134 Chapter 7: The Nashorn Javascript Engine 1377.1 Running Nashorn from the Command Line 1387.2 Running Nashorn from Java 1397.3 Invoking Methods 1407.4 Constructing Objects 1417.5 Strings 1427.6 Numbers 1437.7 Working with Arrays 1447.8 Lists and Maps 1457.9 Lambdas 1467.10 Extending Java Classes and Implementing Java Interfaces 1467.11 Exceptions 1487.12 Shell Scripting 1487.13 Nashorn and JavaFX 152Exercises 154 Chapter 8: Miscellaneous Goodies 1578.1 Strings 1588.2 Number Classes 1588.3 New Mathematical Functions 1598.4 Collections 1608.5 Working with Files 1638.6 Annotations 1678.7 Miscellaneous Minor Changes 171Exercises 174 Chapter 9: Java 7 Features That You May Have Missed 1799.1 Exception Handling Changes 1809.2 Working with Files 1839.3 Implementing the equals, hashCode, and compareTo Methods 1889.4 Security Requirements 1909.5 Miscellaneous Changes 193Exercises 196 Index 199

About the Author

Cay S. Horstmann is the author of Scala for the Impatient (Addison-Wesley, 2012), is principal author of Core Java (TM), Volumes I and II, Ninth Edition (Prentice Hall, 2013), and has written a dozen other books for professional programmers and computer science students. He is a professor of computer science at San Jose State University and is a Java Champion.

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