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PART I. JUSTIFIED TRUE BELIEF Introduction The Gettier Problem 1: A J Ayer: Knowing as Having the Right to be Sure 2: Edmund L. Gettier: Is Justified True Belief Knowledge? 3: Richard Feldman: An Alleged Defect in Gettier Counter-Examples Responses to Gettier 4: Alvin I Goldman: A Causal Theory of Knowing 5: Keith Lehrer, Thomas D Paxson, Jr.: Knowledge: Undefeated Justified True Belief 6: Fred I Dretske: Conclusive Reasons PART II. EXTERNALISM AND INTERNALISM Introduction Externalism 7: David M Armstrong: The 'Thermometer' View of Knowledge 8: Alvin I Goldman: Discrimination and Perceptual Knowledge 9: Fred I Dretske: Precis of 'Knowledge and the Flow of Information' Internalism 10: Roderick M Chisholm: The Indispensability of Internal Justification 11: Laurence BonJour: The Elements of Coherentism 12: Keith Lehrer: The Coherence Theory of Knowledge Criticisms and Compromises 13: Richard Foley: What's Wrong with Reliabilism? 14: Laurence BonJour: Externalist Theories of Empirical Knowledge 15: Kent Bach: A Rationale for Reliabilism 16: William P Alston: An Internalist Externalism PART III. FOUNDATIONS AND NORMS Introduction Foundations 17: H H Price: The Given 18: Roderick M Chisholm: The Directly Evident 19: Wilfrid Sellars: Does Empirical Knowledge have a Foundation? Normativity 20: W V Quine: Naturalized Epistemology 21: Jaegwon Kim: What is Naturalized Epistemology? PART IV. SKEPTICISM Introduction Motivations 22: Barry Stroud: Understanding Human Knowledge in General 23: Peter Unger: A defence of Skepticism Relevant Alternatives 24: J L Austin: Other Minds 25: Robert Nozick: . Knowledge and Scepticism 26: David Lewis: Elusive Knowledge Semantic Approaches 27: Hilary Putnam: Brains in a Vat 28: Fred I Dretske: The Epistemology of Belief 29: Donald Davidson: A Coherence Theory of Truth and Knowledge PART V. SOURCES OF KNOWLEDGE Introduction Perception 30: H P Grice: The Causal Theory of Perception 31: Peter F Strawson: Perception and its Objects Introspection 32: Tyler Burge: Individualism and Self-Knowledge 33: Paul A. Boghossian: Content and Self-Knowledge 34: Sven Bernecker: Externalism and the Attitudinal Component of Self-Knowledge Memory and Testimony 35: C B Martin and Max Deutscher: Remembering 36: C A J Coady: Testimony and Observation Induction 37: Bertrand Russell: On Induction 38: Hans Reichenback: The Pragmatic Justification of Induction 39: Nelson Goodman: The New Riddle of Induction A Priori Knowledge 40: Saul A Kripke: A Priori Knowledge, Necessity, and Contingency 41: Philip Kitcher: A Priori Knowledge Index

About the Author

Fred Dretske is Bella and Eloise Knapp Professor in the Humanities, Emeritus, Stanford University and Senior Research Scholar, Duke University. Sven Bernecker is Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Munich

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