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Learn German Words [Audio]

Using native voice overs to aid the German learning we have also broken the vocabulary down into relevant groups of words that can be learnt day by day. With the industry previously being dominated by Michel Thomas, Collins and Rosetta Stone now there is Learn German Words which provides a much more affordable and less risk route to study German. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There is a slim line booklet that comes with the Audio book - slim enough to arrive in your CD case, so it can easily fit into your jacket pocket, and you can learn German on your daily commute. The German language Audio book is designed to be a German learning tool capable of being audio only but supported by a German dictionary to ensure correct spellings and correct pronunciation.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapters include numbers, colours, days, months, adjectives, and verbs - the full list of chapters is listed on the website under CD content. So whether you are planning to learn German for a holiday, for business, for pleasure, or to help further your career, our German learning CD is intended to be the first step on the German language learning path, to help get you started. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Our intention is that it will teach you 1000 German language words as well as giving you nearly a hundred useful German phrases to string your newly learned words together. Vocabulary we believe is the fundamental building block to being able to understanding the German language, and therefore we focus on it directly. Looking at some German text and realising you recognise over 50% of the words, and that it suddenly starts to make more sense, means that learning German becomes more manageable and interesting.
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Table of Contents

Each Learn German Words Audio CD contains a Free 27 page booklet which shows you the words and phrases included in the CD's so you can read along whilst learning; 1. Conversation (69 words); 2. Numbers (63 words); 3. Relations (19 words); 4. Directions (18 words); 5. Rooms & buildings (63 words); 6. Transport (59 words); 7. Places (23 words); 8. Vegetables & Fruits (27 words); 9. Food & Drink (64 words); 10. Nouns (129 words); 11. Clothing (24 words); 12. Sports (26 words); 13. Emergencies (52 words); 14. Time (54 words); 15. Colours (12 words); 16. Countries & Continents (21 words); 17. Restaurant (43 words); 18. In the Kitchen (16 words); 19. In the Bathroom (12 words); 20. Adjectives (139 words); 21. Verbs (55 words); 22. Animals (14 words); 23. Phrases (84 phrases).

About the Author

Having sold over 80,000 Audio Books alone in the UK along with a successful range of downloads and mobile apps we are now an established provider of language products. Lounge Lizard Languages Ltd was formed in 2007 to deliver a user-friendly product to the German language learning market in how to learn German, to satisfy an existing demand for German language learning. It has been estimated by the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education that over 25% of the UK population - some 15 million people - state a desire to learn a language with German taking up a large majority of that number, yet only 500,000 or so are currently studying to this end. The study also revealed that 90% of us want our children to study and speak a second language with again the German language being one of the most preferred , as we clearly all have a realisation of the value in being able to do this in an increasingly International world. Despite already large numbers this desire to learn the German language is ever growing with cities becoming more multi cultural and travel becoming easier the there has never been such a need and desire for new German learners to the German language. We appreciate that potential German learners consider themselves increasingly time poor, and we have therefore developed our German learning CD to utilise the vast amounts of time we spend commuting to work or other similar times which could be more successfully utilised. The accompanying German booklet is intended to be small and slim line, to fit neatly into a jacket pocket or unobtrusively into a handbag. And it doesn't just have to be you learning German - brushing up on your old skills whilst teaching the kids on the morning school run should help them in getting ahead. The UK contains one of the lowest numbers of second language speakers in Europe (and many that are have immigrated). Most other countries have at least half their populations able to speak a foreign language with the German language being particularly prominent. Indeed, of all the developed nations, only America fairs worse than the UK in percentage terms for foreign language speakers. We hope we can change this, to keep Britain's competitive edge. Whether it be for conducting foreign business, holidaying abroad or simply because it would be useful, speaking the German language is an inherent desire in millions of us, yet for some reason, we never find the motivation to begin. Lounge Lizard hopes to bridge that gap to starting, helping to lead you on to greater things. The Lounge Lizard company was started for this very reason of helping to teach foreign language to improve our social skills both at home and abroad along with enhancing our other transferable skills to give us a cutting edge in the business world. Through our German learning tool we feel we have now created something to assist those who want to learn the German language, giving you the best chance yet to first becoming German learners and setting you well on your way to speaking the German language. There are plenty of reasons that could be fitted in here, but regardless of what motivates the millions of you out there, the end game is the same - to learn the German language. With so much going on in our everyday lives, trying to find the time to fit learning the German language in can be a challenge, so we have made it as easy as possible for you to get started. We don't advocate learning German language every day, as this is both impractical and unlikely. Falling behind on a regime is disheartening, and often stalls the whole German learning process. Our German learning CD's are intended to help overcome this. This German learning Audio book is designed so you can work at your own pace, and subsequently learn more of the German language when you are ready. Whatever the reason for being a German learner this tool is designed for flexible, easy learning and with you in mind. The Lounge Lizards believe smaller milestones are more helpful - which is why we have grouped German language words into chapters. Spending a week commuting to work listening to the numbers, and subsequently being able to count to twenty is oddly satisfying or even listening to the German language audio book en route to Germany then being able to ask for a drink can be rewarding. A thirst for German language and further words then creeps up on you, and with a thousand words, there begins a confidence in the realisation that you could be understood by natives abroad, leading you on to even greater achievements using the German language. With the whole German language Audio book being the basics and essentials for those starting to learn German, the chapters begin with conversational German language words. The flexibility of the this German learning tool allows you to focus on one area more urgently - for example food & drink.

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