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Learning React


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1 Introducing React Old-School Multipage Design New-School Single-Page Apps Meet React Automatic UI State Management Lightning-Fast DOM Manipulation APIs to Create Truly Composable UIs Visuals Defined Entirely in JavaScript Just the V in an MVC Architecture 2 Building Your First React App Dealing with JSX Getting Your React On Displaying Your Name It's All Still Familiar Changing the Destination Styling It Up! 3 Components in React Quick Review of Functions Changing How We Deal with UI Meet the React Component Creating a Hello, World! Component Specifying Properties First Part: Updating the Component Definition Second Part: Modifying the Component Call Dealing with Children 4 Styling in React Displaying Some Vowels Styling React Content Using CSS Understand the Generated HTML Just Style It Already! Styling Content the React Way Creating a Style Object Actually Styling Our Content Making the Background Color Customizable 5 Creating Complex Components From Visuals to Components Identifying the Major Visual Elements Identifying the Components Creating the Components The Card Component The Square Component The Label Component Passing Properties, Again! Why Component Composability Rocks 6 Transferring Properties Problem Overview Detailed Look at the Problem Meet the Spread Operator A Better Way to Transfer Properties 7 Meet JSX...Again! What Happens with JSX? JSX Quirks to Remember Evaluating Expressions Returning Multiple Elements You Can't Specify CSS Inline Comments Capitalization, HTML Elements, and Components Your JSX Can Be Anywhere 8 Dealing with State in React Using State Our Starting Point Getting Our Counter On Setting the Initial State Value Starting Our Timer and Setting State Rendering the State Change Optional: The Full Code 9 Going from Data to UI in React The Example Your JSX Can Be Anywhere, Part II Dealing with Arrays 10 Events in React Listening and Reacting to Events Starting Point Making the Button Click Do Something Event Properties Meet Synthetic Events Doing Stuff with Event Properties More Eventing Shenanigans You Can't Directly Listen to Events on Components Listening to Regular DOM Events The Meaning of this Inside the Event Handler React...Why? Why? Browser Compatibility Improved Performance 11 The Component Lifecycle Meet the Lifecycle Methods See the Lifecycle Methods in Action The Initial Rendering Phase Getting the Default Props Getting the Default State componentWillMount render componentDidMount The Updating Phase Dealing with State Changes shouldComponentUpdate componentWillUpdate render componentDidUpdate Dealing with Prop Changes The Unmounting Phase 12 Accessing DOM Elements in React The Colorizer Example Meet Refs Using Portals 13 Setting Up Your React Dev Environment Easily Meet Create React Making Sense of What Happened Creating Our HelloWorld App Creating a Production Build 14 Working with External Data in React Web Request 101 It's React Time! Getting Started Getting the IP Address Kicking the Visuals Up a Notch 15 Building an Awesome Todo List App in React Getting Started Creating the Initial UI Building the Rest of the App Adding Items Displaying the Items Styling our App Removing Items Animation! Animation! Animation! 16 Creating a Sliding Menu in React How the Sliding Menu Works Setting Up the Sliding Menu Getting Started Showing and Hiding the Menu Creating the Button Creating the Menu 17 Avoiding Unnecessary Renders in React About the render Method Optimizing render Calls Getting an Example Going Seeing the render Calls Overriding a Component Update Using PureComponent 18 Creating a Single-Page App in React Using React Router The Example Getting Started Building Our Single-Page App Displaying the Initial Frame Creating Our Content Pages Using React Router It's the Little Things Fixing Our Routing Adding Some CSS Highlighting the Active Link 19 Introduction to Redux What Is Redux? Building a Simple App Using Redux It's Redux Time Lights! Camera! Action! Our Reducer Store Stuff 20 Using Redux with React Managing React State with Redux How Redux and React Overlap Getting Started Building the App

About the Author

Kirupa Chinnathambi has spent most of his life trying to teach others to love web development as much as he does. In 1999, before blogging was even a word, he started posting tutorials on kirupa.com. In the years since then, he has written hundreds of articles, penned a few books (none as good as this one, of course!), and recorded a bunch of videos you can find on YouTube. When he isn't writing or talking about web development, he spends his waking hours helping make the web more awesome as a Program Manager at Microsoft. In his nonwaking hours, he is probably sleeping-or writing about himself in the third person. You can find him on Twitter (twitter.com/kirupa), Facebook (facebook.com/kirupa), or email (kirupa@kirupa.com). Feel free to contact him anytime.


Amazon Reviews of the First Edition This is the best book to get up and running with React.JS I found this book to be an amazing introductory text to learning React. Leveraging creativity interspersed with a bit of humor, the author took complex topics and made it more easily understood. Even when the difficulty ramped up, Kirupa made the dry and mundane almost non-existent. I can't recall once wishing for the book to end. That's tough to do - definitely more art than science. If you're looking for a solid, working understanding of getting up & running with React - this is the book. (January 20, 2017) Great book from start to finish I rarely review books. I don't even remember the last time I reviewed a book. I may have never reviewed a book in my life. In any event, I felt obligated to review this book because it was so well written. I've ready many programming books on many languages and this one is the only one to keep my attention all the way to the end. Every chapter builds upon the previous one. It starts out elementary and then works its way through more complex ideas. I understand JavaScript but this book explained to me how React works. The author is a born teacher and I appreciate his efforts! Thank you. (June 8, 2017) Absolutely amazing Absolutely blown away with how good of a book this is. I've been trying different tutorials, along with a couple of paid video courses. The video courses were fairly good, but they started off with complex projects and built them from the ground up. While it was cool to see how a complex app is actually built with React, there is no replacement for how Kirupa has figured out how to explain everything so simply. One difference here is that he starts with the very minimal things you need to know, explains those, and then expands to something a little more complex in the next chapter. This, combined with some humor, is just perfect. I've read a lot of IT and development books over the years, and I think this may be the best one I've read. I'm only around halfway done with the book, but wow, again, I'm blown away. I don't generally write reviews much, but I had to on this one. You're a natural teacher man, and thank you for this one! Seriously, thank you. If I could give this one more than 5 stars, I absolutely would. (February 17, 2017) Well Written I cannot comment enough on the readability of this text. Seasoned and rookie web developers should have no problem understanding the subject matter. (March 21, 2017) Makes sense of difficult concepts, and is a fun, easy read This is actually the only tech book I have ever read cover-to-cover. The author is a natural teacher. I tried a different react book and a bunch of online tutorials, and the concepts just didn't "click" for me. But after reading this, I understand it alot better. If you're starting at square one with react, this is square one. Side note: it's also very nicely designed. Shouldn't matter that much for a tech book, but then again we ARE talking about the view layer here! (January 21, 2017) Absolutely love this book Absolutely love this book! I have read other books and I've even taken a video course on React and this is the first time the author actually clearly explains the benefits of React. The other texts assumed the reader knows and jumps right in. I am a big reader and this is by far the best information on learning React that I've found. (January 25, 2018) Great examples, code, and explanations Spectacular job of keeping things simple by only focusing on one point at a time, choosing great examples, and using readable code with well-crafted, simple explanations. Many authors try to achieve this the lazy way- by omitting large amounts of code and relying on the reader to download it and understand it on her own. By contrast, the Learning React author included all of the code in the book and was not afraid to repeat code when it reinforced his point. (May 8, 2018) Excellent primer for React The author does a great job of introducing one concept at a time and then ties it all together. The overall tone of the book makes it easy to read cover to cover in one sitting. (January 31, 2017) Great book for beginners Great book so far. I'm about 25% in and it's already paid off in my React class. Love the friendly writing style, the easy-to-understand code snippets, and the well written explanations. Great job.(January 26, 2018) Skip the command line and learn how to build React apps first I'm learning React (after learning many other languages over the years). This is the single best book I've read to get started with a new language! The author has a terrific sense of humor and a logical progression from front to back. What had been the bane of my existence for React - dealing with setup of Node.js using the command line interface and the many issues I had getting done - he eliminated and put toward the end of the book. I actually got to enjoy going through the book, and try it all out before dealing with the command line. Talk about getting off to a good start! I still have a lot to learn, but I feel confident that I can learn what I need to know. (March 23, 2018) A really great way to learn the fundamentals of ReactJS A really great way to learn the fundamentals of ReactJS. This books really breaks it down barney style and teaches you how to write react with JSX; which is the easiest way to learn the JS library. Buy this book if you are willing to learn the JS library. (September 14, 2017)

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