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Mechanical Experiments and Workshop Practice

The book is meant for first year BE/B.Tech. students and addresses the course curriculum in Mechanical Experiments and Workshop Practice.The book explains the theory and methodology of performing experiments in mechanics strength of materials and materials science. The concepts and principles of various common mechanical machinery, such as the bicycle, motorcycle, lift, escalator, hovercraft, aircraft, helicopter, jet engine and rocket are explained. Similarly the constructional details and principles of commonly used household appliances, such as the air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, ceiling fan, tubelight and iron box are included.
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Table of Contents

1. Tensile Test; 2. Compression Test; 3. Bending Strength Test; 4. Ultimate Shear Strength; 5. Brinell Hardness Test; 6. Rockwell Hardness Test; 7. Impact Test; 8. Belt and Pulley Experiment; 9. Determination of Moment of Inertia of Flywheel; 10. Experiment on Trusses; 11. Inclined Plane; 12. Fatigue Testing; 13. Torsion of Rod; 14. Deflection of Beam; 15. Worm and Worm Wheel for Load Lifting; 16. Screw Jack; 17. Verification of the Law of Triangle of Forces; 18. Verification of the Law of Parallelogram of Forces; 19. Spring Testing; 20. Creep Test; 21. Column Buckling Test; 22. Gear Train; 23. Four-Bar Chain; 24. Single Slider Crank Chain; 25. Four-Stroke IC Engine; 26. Two-Stroke IC Engine; 27. Fiat Petrol Engine; 28. Lancashire Boiler; 29. Babcock & Wilcox Boiler; 30. Locomotive Boiler; 31. Simple Steam Engine; 32. Compound Steam Engine; 33. Steam Turbine; 34. Vapour Compression Refrigeration System; 35. Window Air-conditioner; 36. Desert Cooler; 37. Centrifugal Pump; 38. Pelton Wheel / Turbine; 39. Francis Turbine; 40. Kaplan Turbine; 41. Ship's Propeller; 42. Pyrometers; 43. Diamond Polishing Machine; 44. Metallurgical Microscope; 45. Heat Treatment; 46. Bicycle; 47. Motorcycle; 48. Zip Fastener; 49. Lift (Elevator); 50. Escalator; 51. Aircraft; 52. Rocket; 53. Hovercraft; 54. Helicopter; 55. Washing Machine; 56. Shock Absorber; 57. Clutch; 58. Brake; 59. Concrete Mixer; 60. Gyroscope; 61. Conveyer; 62. Carpentry; 63. Simple Planing by Jack Plane; 64. Half Lap Corner Joint in Carpentry; 65. Mortice and Tenon Joint in Carpentry; 66. Middle Lap Joint in Carpentry; 67. Cross Lap Joint in Carpentry; 68. Dovetail Joint in Carpentry; 69. Wood Turning Lathe; 70. Band Saw, Circular Saw and Surfacer; 71. Benchwork and Fitting; 72. Square Joint in Fitting; 73. Male and Female V-Shape Joint in Fitting; 74. Dovetail Joint in Fitting; 75. Drilling and Tapping; 76. Blacksmithy; 77. Forging a Square Rod from a Round Rod; 78. Nail Making by Forging; 79. Making a Hook by Forging; 80. Gas Welding; 81. Gas Welding Practice: Butt Joint; 82. Arc Welding; 83. Butt Joint by Arc Welding; 84. Double V - Butt Joint by Arc Welding; 85. Lap Joint by Arc Welding; 86. T-Fillet Joint by Arc Welding; 87. Corner or L-Joint by Arc Welding; 88. Resistance Welding; 89. Sheet Metal Work; 90. Cylindrical Container by Sheet Metal Work; 91. Making a Tray by Sheet Metal Work; 92. Cone Making by Sheet Metal Work; 93. Tools and Operations of Foundry; 94. Pattern Making for Foundry; 95. Moulding Sand for Foundry; 96. Mould Cavity Making from a Gear Pattern; 97. Lathe Machine; 98. Turning, Facing and Chamfering by Lathe; 99. Taper Turning on Lathe; 100. Thread Cutting on Lathe; 101. Painting; 102. Plumbing; 103. Threaded Fasteners; 104. Fluorescent Tube; 105. Ceiling Fan; 106. Automatic Iron Box; 107. Valves and Cocks to Control Fluids; 108. Fire Extinguishers; 109. Cement, Concrete and Masonry; 110. Electric Earthling; 111. Viva Questions and Answers; 112. Objective Type Questions and Answers Index.

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