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My Samsung Galaxy S5 for Seniors


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Getting Started 3
About the Galaxy S5 4
The Hardware 4
The Android Operating System and TouchWiz 8
The Touchscreen 9
The Interface 10
Charging the Battery 11
Adjusting the Volume 12
Using a Headset or Headphones 14
Connect a Wired Headset or Headphones 14
Chapter 2 Understanding the Galaxy S5 Interface 17
The Home Screen 17
The Status or Notification Bar 18
Main Area 20
Extended Home Screen 21
Set the Home Screen Mode 24
Primary and Other App Shortcuts 26
Using the Icons 27
Recent Apps Key 27
Home Key 28
Back Key 29
Interacting with the Touchscreen 30
Using Your Fingers 30
Rotating the Screen 33
Entering Text 34
Use the Keyboard: Tapping 35
Use Voice Input 39
Editing Text 41
Searching for Items on the Phone 43
Use S Finder 43
Search in Settings 45
Chapter 3 Running the Setup Wizard 47
Run the Setup Wizard 48
Darkening and Restoring the Display 53
Restore a Dark Display 54
Set the Screen Timeout Interval 54
Chapter 4 Using the Phone 57
Making a Call 57
Manual Dialing 58
Call from a Contact Record 62
Calling from the Call Logs 63
Dialing a Number in a Text or Email Message 66
Setting Up Voicemail 68
Bluetooth Headset 69
Pair the Headset with the Phone 70
Use the Headset for Calls 71
Emergency Calling 72
Call 911 73
Emergency Calling Tips 74
Other Outgoing Call Options 74
Speed Dialing 74
Temporarily Blocking Your Caller ID Information 77
Three-Way Calling 78
Receiving Calls 80
Respond to an Incoming Call 80
Call Waiting 83
Call Forwarding 84
In-Call Options 84
Checking Voicemail 87
Enabling Mute, Vibrate, or Airplane Mode 89
Mute and Vibrate 90
Airplane Mode 91
Configuring Call Settings 92
Chapter 5 Using the Keys and Gestures 99
The Keys 99
Keyboard Letters and Symbols 100
Other Buttons and Keys 101
Using Motions and Gestures 102
Enabling Motions and Gestures 103
Enabling Air View 104
One-Handed Operation 105
Chapter 6 Managing Contacts 109
The Contacts Interface 110
Creating a Contact Record 111
Adding a Photo to a Contact Record 117
Viewing Contacts 119
Editing Contact Records 121
Edit Contacts 121
Set Defaults for a Contact 122
Link and Unlink Contacts 123
Mark Contacts as Favorites 124
Delete Contacts 126
Working with Contact Groups 127
Create a Group 127
Change a Group's Membership 129
Email or Text a Group 130
Delete a Group 132
Backing Up/Restoring and Exporting/Importing Contact Records 133
Importing Contact Data from Other Sources into Google Contacts 133
Setting Display Options 135
Chapter 7 Setting Up Accounts 139
Gmail and Your Phone 139
Create a Gmail Account 140
Register Your Gmail Account 141
Creating Another Email Account 145
Creating a Samsung Account 147
Creating a Dropbox Account 150
Chapter 8 Connecting to a Network 155
Automatic Network Detection 155
Enabling and Disabling Wi-Fi 157
Manually Set a Connection Method 158
Connect to a New Wi-Fi Network 159
Using Bluetooth 162
Wireless Printing 165
Install the Print Services Software (First Time Only) 166
Chapter 9 Using Voice Services 171
Using S Voice 171
Commanding the Phone 173
Commanding Apps: Calendar 176
Configure S Voice 177
Using Google/Voice Search 180
Configuring Google/Voice Search 183
Chapter 10 System Functions and Tools 187
Setting the Date and Time 187
Changing the Volume 190
Enabling Mute, Vibrate, and Ringtones 191
Mute Your Phone 191
Control Vibration 193
Choose Ringtones and Vibrations 194
Enabling Airplane Mode 201
Changing the Default Language 202
Using the Calculator 203
Using the Calendar 204
Getting Help 208
Checking on Data Usage 209
Changing Display Characteristics 212
Backing Up Using the Cloud 214
Back Up in Batches 214
Back Up Specific Apps 215
Chapter 11 Using the Calendar 217
Adding Calendar Accounts 217
Working in Calendar 219
Creating Events and Tasks 219
View the Calendar 227
Manage Events and Tasks 234
Responding to Reminders 235
Setting Calendar Preferences 238
Chapter 12 Communicating with Others 243
Sending Email 243
Compose and Send Email with the Gmail App 244
Save a Draft in the Gmail App 247
Use the Email App 248
Reading Email with Gmail 249
Reply to Email 251
About Text and Multimedia Messaging 252
Composing a Text Message (SMS) 253
Composing a Multimedia Message (MMS) 261
Managing Conversations 265
Responding to a New Message Notification 265
Continue a Conversation 266
Reviewing a Conversation 268
Delete Conversations 269
Delete Messages 270
Other Options for Individual Messages 270
Search for Messages 272
Other Messaging Apps and Alternatives 273
Text Chat 273
Audio and Video Chat 275
Staying Connected with Social Media 276
Watch a YouTube Video 276
Chapter 13 Customizing Your Screen 281
Setting the Wallpaper 282
Adding, Removing, and Rearranging Home Screen Pages 285
Add a Home Screen Page 286
Remove a Home Screen Page 287
Rearrange Home Screen Pages 288
Adding Shortcuts and Widgets 289
Add Shortcuts 289
Add Widgets 290
Creating Folders 292
Repositioning and Removing Home Screen Items 293
Chapter 14 Securing Your Cell Phone 297
Locking the Screen 297
Change the Screen Locking Method 298
Encrypt the Phone 299
Use Your Fingerprint 301
Security 303
Protecting and Locating a Lost Phone 304
SIM Card Lock 306
Security Update Service 307
Using Blocking Mode and Private Mode 309
Turn On Blocking Mode 309
Turn On Private Mode 311
Setting Up Safety Assistance 312
Create an Emergency Contacts List 312
Turn On Emergency Mode 314
Turn On Geo News 314
Send Help Messages 315
Chapter 15 Browsing the Web 319
Launching Internet 320
Configuring the Browser 322
Visiting Web Pages 324
Type the Address 324
Following a Link 325
Visit a Bookmarked, Recent, or Saved Page 326
Search for a Site or Page 329
Using the History List 330
Viewing Pages 330
Portrait or Landscape View 331
Magnification (Zoom) 332
Reader View 333
Refreshing the Page 334
Working with Windows 334
Page Navigation 335
Incognito Browsing 336
Working with Bookmarks 337
Create a Bookmark from the Current Page 337
Create a Bookmark from the History List 339
Edit Bookmarks 340
Using Bookmark Folders 341
Delete Bookmarks 344
More Menu Commands 345
Google Chrome Essentials 347
Chapter 16 Adding, Removing, and Using Apps 353
Using the Google Apps 353
Add an App with the Play Store 354
Get eBooks with Play Books 357
Have Fun with Play Games 358
Purchase Movies and TV Shows 360
Play Music 362
Using the Amazon Apps 365
Using the Appstore 366
Use 367
Read with the Kindle App 369
Using Amazon Music 371
Managing Your Apps 373
Chapter 17 Connecting with Family and Friends on Facebook 379
Why Use Facebook? 379
Installing the Facebook App 380
The Home Page 383
The Toolbar 384
Completing Your Profile 385
Finding Friends 386
Add Friends 386
Unfriend a Person 388
Block a Friend 388
Reading Your News Feed 390
Updating Your Status Updates, Photos, and Videos 391
Creating a Facebook Group 393
Chapter 18 Shooting, Editing, and Sharing Photos 397
Shooting Photos 397
Shoot Self-Portraits with the Front Camera 398
Shoot Photos with the Rear Camera 400
Changing the Camera Settings 402
Configure and Use the Shortcuts 402
Using the Settings Palette 404
Selecting a Shooting Mode 408
Reviewing Photos 412
Using Gallery to View and Edit Photos 413
View and Edit Photos 414
Image-Editing with Photo Studio 424
Running a Slideshow 430
Posting a Picture on Facebook 432
View Pictures on Facebook 432
Post Pictures to Facebook 433
Chapter 19 Travel and Driving Applications 437
Using the GPS 437
Enabling/Disabling GPS 438
Getting Directions from Google Maps 439
Voice Search: Direct to Navigation 440
Launch Google Maps 441
Set a Trip within Google Maps 442
Configuring Location (GPS) Settings 446
Chapter 20 Searching for People, Places, and Things 449
Using Google Search 449
Perform a Text-Based Search 450
Perform a Voice Search 451
Specifying Your Search 451
Search Techniques 453
Alternative Google Searches 454
Using Free Search Sites 460
Check Public Records 462
Chapter 21 Watching and Creating Videos 467
Streaming Video to the Phone 467
Streaming with a Dedicated App 468
Streaming from Web Pages 469
Playing Videos with the Video App 470
Using the Video Menus 475
Recording Videos with the Phone 477
Participating in Video Chats 483
Chapter 22 Getting the News 485
Using the Play Newsstand 485
Navigate the Play Newsstand 487
Explore the Play Newsstand 488
Subscribe to News 490
Bookmark an Article 492
Chapter 23 Weather 497
Setting Up Localized Weather Reports 498
Receiving Severe Weather Alerts 502
Using Weather Maps 504
Chapter 24 Monitoring Your Health 507
Using S Health 507
Set Up S Health 508
Use the Pedometer 512
Use the Exercise Record 513
Use the Heart Rate Monitor 515
Setting Up Your Music 518
Index 521

About the Author

Elna Tymes has been writing books and manuals about computers and software since the late 1960s; she's probably written enough to fill a small storage shed. She and her writing partner, Charles Prael, have written a large number of books about Windows and Apple products, as well as telecommunications and networking software. Elna has been a consultant with a variety of large and small Silicon Valley companies since before the term "Silicon Valley" came into use. She is working on a PhD and is very active in senior policy-making in Santa Clara County, CA.

Customer Questions & Answers
Thank you for your time. Could you please inform me if this phone provides itself as a hotspot facility? For example, connecting a computer to the internet through the mobile phone. Also, is there a warranty for this mobile phone? :-) Thank you for your consideration. - Customer question on 22/12/2018
Hi, Thanks for your enquiry. We do apologise, our suppliers do not have stock of this item. If you would like us to notify you when it becomes available again please click the 'email me' link (which is the blue button on the top right of the product page). We can confirm this listing is for a book. Kind Regards, Catherine
Hi can this phone be used in new zealand? - Customer question on 21/02/2019
Hi, Thank you for your enquiry. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. We have referred this to our Regulatory and Compliance team for review. Kind regards, Catherine
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