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Obesity and Diabetes


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Block I: Epidemiology, inheritance, environment, and pathways


  • Introduction - Joel Faintuch j.faintuch @ hc.fm.usp.br  Hospital das Clinicas, Sao Paulo University Medical School Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Sonia Pou - Nutrition transition and obesity burden in Argentina   pousonia @ hotmail.com   Scientific and Technologic Center CONICET, Cordoba, Argentina
  • Alexei Volaco -Social and economic status: the link between obesity and diabetes  avolaco @ yahoo.com.br   PontificialCatholic University, Curitiba, PR, Brazil
  • Jean Claude Mbanya-  Cost of diabetes in Africa jcmbanya @ yahoo.co.uk   Faculty of Medicine and Biological Science, University of Yaounde, Cameroon
  • Marta Viana- White and brown adipose tissue  mviana @ ceu.es   School of Pharmacy, University CEU San Pablo, Madrid, Spain
  • Brooks Leitner – Leveraging brown adipose tissue for metabolic therapy   brooks.leitner @ yale.eduSchool of Medicine, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA
  • Antonello Lorenzini- Obesity and aging  Antonello.lorenzini @ unibo.it   School of Pharmacy, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Giuseppe . Iacomino - Micro RNAs in obesity and metabolic diseases  Giuseppe . Iacomino @ isa.cnr.it    Institute of Food Sciences, Rome, Italy
  • Nikhil.Dhurandar - From adipogenic adenoviruses to anti-diabetic drug  Nikhil.Dhurandar @ ttu.edu   Department of Nutritional Sciences, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, USA
  •  Ana Carolina Proença da Fonseca - Genetics and obesity   Ana.proenca @ ioc.fiocruz.br   Oswaldo Cruz Institute, Rio de Janeiro,RJ, Brazil  
  • Peter Congdon -  Urban environment and obesity  P.congdon @ qmul.ac.uk   School of Geography, Queen Mary University of London, London, UK  
  • Umesh Yadav - Adipose tissue inflammation  umeshyadav @ cug.ac.in   School of Life Sciences, Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, India  
  • Umesh Yadav- Cross talk between adipocytes, macrophages, and other imune cells  umeshyadav @ cug.ac.in   School of Life Sciences, Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, India
  • Alexandre Assuane-  Diabetes in figures   Alexandre Assuane @ hotmail.com   Medical Faculty of the FriedrichWilhelms University, Bonn, Germany
  •  Carlos Mandarim  - Pancreatic islets: cell biology and therapy for diabetes  mandarim @ uerj.br   Faculty of Medicine, State University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  •  Mahaneem  Mohamed  - Advanced glycation end products in obesity and comorbidities  mahaneem @ usm.my   School of Medical Sciences, University Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia
  •  Kalliopi Kotsa - The anti-incretin theory  kalmanthou @ yahoo.gr   MedicalSchool, AristotleUniversity, Thessaloniki, Greece

    Block II: Genomics,metabolomics and other omics
  •  David Meyre - Personalized treatment of Mendelian forms of obesity  meyred @     mcmaster.ca  McMaster University School of Medicine, Hamilton, ON, Canada
  •  Marcus Pezzolesi - Genetic basis of diabetic kidney disease  Marcus.pezzolesi @ hsc.utah.edu   University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  • Meenu Ghai - Epigenetics and early detection of diabetes  Meenu Ghai  Ghai @ ukzn.ac.za   School of Life Sciences, University of Kwazulu- Natal, Durban, South Africa
  •  Jacopo Troisi - Salivary and urinary metabolome in pediatric obesity and metabolic syndrome  troisi @ theoreosri.com   CEO, Theoreo SRL, Salerno, Italy
  •  Suchart Kothan -  Metabolome in obesity suchart.kothan @ cmu.ac.th  Chiang Mai University Faculty of Associated Medical Science, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  •  Benita Percival -  Metabolomics in diabetes   benita.c.percival @ dmu.ac.uk  Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
  •  Hemant_Kulkarni  - Lipidomics in type 2 diabetes  kulkarnius @ yahoo.com, M & H Research, San Antonio, TX, USA
  •  Francisco Javier Ruiz Ojeda  - Effects of sweeteners on gut microbiota   FJRojeda @ gmail.com  Institute for Diabetes and Obesity, Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen, Germany
  •  Prabhanshu Tripathi  - The microbiome in type 2 diabetes  prabhanshu @ thsti.res.in  Translational Health Science and Technology Institute, Faridabad, India                       
  •  Tatsuhiko Azegami-  Immunotherapeutic approach to obesity  t.azegami-1114 @ z2.keio.jp Keio University School of Medicine, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

    Block III: Associated  disorders and obesity paradoxes
  •  Uzma Zargham - Metabolic syndrome Uzma.Zargham @ gmail.com Lahore Medical and Dental College, Lahore, Pakistan
  •  Pawel Matusik - Metabolic syndrome diagnosis in children pmatusik73 @ gmail.com  Medical University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland
  •  Yusuf Yilmaz - Non alcoholic fatty liver disease  drYusufYilmaz @ gmail.com   Marmara University School of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey
  •  Veisel Tahan  - Non alcoholic fatty pancreas disease tahanv @ health.missouri.edu  School of Medicine, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, USA
  •  Nitin Kapoor - Normal weight obesity  nitin.kapoor @ cmcvellore.ac.in  ChristianMedical College, Vellore, India
  •  Phil Chilibeck-  Polycystic ovary and sarcopenic obesity  phil.chilibeck @ usask.ca    College of Kinesiology, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
  •  Jennifer Panganiban - Pediatric obesity  panganibaj @ email.chop.edu  Children`s Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA
  •  Erika di Zazzo  -  Links between obesity and cancer erika.dizazzo @ unimol.it  Faculty of Medicine, University of Molise, Campobasso, Italy
  •  Paula Moreira - Obesity, diabetes, and cognitive impairment  venta @ ci.uc.pt Faculty of Medicine, University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal
  •  Antonio Teixeira - Pathways linking obesity to neuropsychiatric disorders  Antonio.l.teixeira @ uth.tmc.edu  Faculty of Medicine, University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, TX, USA
  •  Vijay Kumar Chattu  - Sleep and obesity  vijay.chattu @ mail.utoronto.ca   Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  •  Marijana Tadic-  Heart failure and the obesity paradox  marijana_tadic @ hotmail.com   School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia
  •  Samanta Rahul  - Cardiomyopathy and obesity paradox  rahuldocuk @ yahoo.co.uk   Department of Cardiology, The Canberra Hospital, Canberra, Australia
  •  Christopher Kellner-  Obesity paradox: intracerebral hemorrhage  Christopher.kellner @ gmail.com   Department of Neurosurgery, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY, USA
  •  Radica Alicic - Inflammatory mechanisms and diabetic kidney disease  radica.alicic @ providence.org   University of Washington School of Medicine, Spokane, WA, USA
  •  Finn Diderichsen -  Diabetes and depression in Brazil  fidi @ sund.ku.dk    University of Copenhagen School of Medicine, Copenhagen, Denmark
  •  Dong Li  - Contribution of hyperglycemia and unhealthy diet to cardiovascular mortality  dong.li2 @ emory.edu School of Medicine, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA
  •  Samuel Seidu- Gestational diabetes  sis11 @ le.ac.uk College of Life Sciences, University of Leicester, UK
  •  Megan Jones - Advances in gestational diabetes mjobgyn @ gmail.com   HighRisk PregnancyCenter, Las Vegas, NV, USA
  •  Chih Hao Chen Ku - Vascular complications of diabetes  chenku2409 @ gmail.com  Clinica Los Yoses, San Jose, Costa Rica

    Block IV: General therapy and prevention
  •  Clipper Young - What we know and what we don´t about non nutritive sweeteners Clipper.young @ tu.edu  Touro University California College of Osteopathic Medicine, Vallejo, CA, USA
  •  Shilpa Tejpal  - Personalized molecular feedback for weight loss  tejpalshilpa @ gmail.com   University of Warwick School of Medicine, Coventry, UK
  • Suzanne Cuda – Pediatric obesity algorithm  Suzanne.cuda @ bcm.edu Baylor College of Medicine, San Antonio, TX, USA
  • Antonello Nicolini - Therapeutic options in obesity hypoventilation syndrome  Antonellonicolini @ gmail.com  Ospedale di Sestri Levante, Genova, Italy
  •  Sarah.Cuschieri - Type 2 diabetes: an unresolved disease  Sarah.Cuschieri @ um.edu.mt   University of Malta School of Medicine, Valletta,  Malta
  •  Greet Van den Berghe - Glucose control in the ICU  greet.vandenberghe @ kukeuven.be   University of Leuven School of Medicine, Leuven, Belgium

    Block V: Innovative endoscopic , cell therapy, and other interventions
  •  Vitor Brunaldi - Endoscopic interventions  School of Medicine, University of Sao Paulo, Ribeirao Preto, SP, Brazil
  •  Clifford Weiss  - Arterial embolization cweiss @ jhmi.edu  Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, USA
  •  Niranchan Paskaranandavadivel  Gastric pacing in gastroparesis  Npas004 @ aucklanduni.ac.nz  Auckland Bioengineering Institute, University of Auckland, New Zealand
  •  Bluma L Faintuch - Pancreatic beta cell imaging  blfaintuch @ Hotmail.com Institute Of energetic and Nuclear Research IPEN/CNEN, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil
  •  Monica Finessi - Cancer staging with 18F FDG PET/CT in hyperglycemic patients  monica.finessi @ unito.it Doctoral School in Life and Health Sciences, University of Torino, Torino, Italy
  •  Jonathan Lakey - Stem cells for diabetes  jrtlakey @ gmail.com  University of California School of Medicine, Irvine, CA, USA
  •  Mahua Choudhury-  Promises of nanotherapeutics in diabetes drmc @ tamu.edu   Graduate Faculty Nutrition and Food Science, Texas A & M University, College Station, TX, USA

  • Block VI: Pharmacological therapy and cost containment
  •  Gopal Khatic  - Pharmacotherapy of diabetes  gopal_niper @ rediffmail.com   School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Lovely ProfessionalUniversity, Phagwara, Punjab, India
  •  Andrei Sposito -   GLP-1 analogs for diabetes  andreisposito @ gmail.com   Faculty of Medical Sciences, State University of Campinas, Campinas, SP, Brazil
  •  Lorena Alarcon-Casas Wright - Insulin and Type 1 diabetes  lorenaac @ uw.edu   University of Washington School of Medicine , Seattle, WA, USA
  •  Esma Isenovic  -Drug delivery systems for diabetes treatment  isenovic @ yahoo.com   Institute Vinca, University of Belgrade, Serbia
  •  Michael Chan – Treatment of diabetes and heart failure  chanmcy @ gmail.com School of Medicine, University of Alberta, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  •  Ravi Kant - Cardiovascular impact of newer diabetes medications  kant.ravi.md @ gmail.com   Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, USA
  •  Deependra Singh - Pathogenesis, molecular targets, and treatment of diabetic woundsDeependraiop @ gmail.com   Institute of Pharmacy, RaviShankarShukla University, Raipur, India
  •  Zoltan Taybani- Simplifying complex insulin regimens  taybanizoltan  @ gmail.com   Bekes CountyCentral Hospital, Bekescsaba, Hungary
  •  Ramon Sanguino Galvan Economic benefits of diabetes day hospital  sanguino @ unex.es  School of Economics, University of Extremadura, Badajoz, Spain

    Block VII: Bariatric and metabolic surgery
  •  Jaime Ruiz-Tovar Polo - Bariatric and metabolic operations jruiztovar @ gmail.com  School of Medicine, University Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid , Spain
  •  Faidon Magkos -One anastomosis gastric bypass in the treatment of obesity  fma @ nexs.ku.dk   University of Copenhagen School of Science, Copenhagen, Denmark
  •  Candice Silverman - Robotic bariatric surgery  drcsilverman @ gmail.com   JohnFlynn Hospital, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
  •  Shanu Kothari  - Role of obesity and bariatric surgery in knee and hip  osteoarthritis  snkothar @ gundersenhealth.org  Gundersen Health System, LaCrosse Campus, Lacrosse, WI, USA
  •  Ricardo Cohen - Metabolic deterioration and revisional bariatric and metabolic surgery  Ricardo.cohen @ haoc.com.br    Hospital Oswaldo Cruz, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil
  •  Capecomorin Pitchumoni  -Malnutrition in obesity before and after bariatric surgery pitchumoni @ hotmail.com  Saint Peters University Hospital, Somerset, NJ, USA

    Block VIII: Apps, drugs , artificial intelligence, and public health interventions
  •  Fabrizio Ferretti - Beverage and energy dense food taxation  fabrizio.ferretti @ unimore.it   Department of Communication and Economy, University of Modena, Reggio Emilia, Italy
  •  Lynnette Nathalie Lyzwinski  - Mobile health interventions for obesity  lynnettenathalie @ icloud.com  Department of Public health and Primary Care, Strangeways Research Laboratory, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK
  •   Ioannis Kavakiotis - Machine learning and data mining in obesity  ikavakiotis @ gmail.com   Hellenic Pasteur Institute, Athens, Greece
  •  Thomas Marshall  - Machine learning and obesity prevention in adolescents thomasemarshall @ gmail.com   Business Department, Auburn University, Auburn, AL, USA
  •  Arthur Bertachi - Machine learning in type 1 diabetes  abertachi @ utfpr.edu.br   School of Engineering, Federal Technologic University of Parana, Ponta grossa, PR, Brazil
  •  Aleksey Velikorodny  - Machine learning in diabetes complications   asvelikorodny @ gmail.com Department of Genetics, Citology and Bioengineering, Voronezh State University, Russian Federation
  •  Maushmi Kumar - Drug pipeline for obesity therapy  maushmiskumar @ gmail.com   Shobhaben Pratapbhal Patel School of Pharmacy and Technology Management, Mumbai, India
  •  Juliana Gonçalves - Melanocortin 4 receptor agonists in obesity  juliana.goncalves @ tum.de   Institute of Pathology, Technical University Munich, Germany

    Block IX: Obesity devices and supplemental material
  •  Joel Faintuch - Medical devices for obesity management j.faintuch @ hc.fm.usp.br  Hospital das Clinicas, Sao Paulo University Medical School Sao Paulo, Brazil
  •  Joel Faintuch – Glossary  j.faintuch @ hc.fm.usp.br  Hospital das Clinicas, Sao Paulo University Medical School Sao Paulo, Brazil
  •  Joel Faintuch – Useful internet sites j.faintuch @ hc.fm.usp.br  Hospital das Clinicas, Sao Paulo University Medical School Sao Paulo, Brazil

    About the Author

    Joel Faintuch is a gastrointestinal surgeon, and former international guest fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He is an honorary fellow of three foreign surgical societies, and has served as a Visiting Professor at the University of Maastricht. His interests include nutrition, metabolism, obesity, and bariatric surgery. He pioneered parenteral and enteral nutrition in Brazil and South America, and was a founding member of various medical societies. In recent years, his focus has been on the link between the microbiome and metabolome, and precision medicine. Joel Faintuch is the author of over 250 articles in peer-reviewed journals, along with 10 books, three theses, over 200 book chapters and other publications.

    Salomao Faintuch is a radiologist, and Clinical Director of Vascular and Interventional Radiology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School. He has authored more than 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals, along with 7 society guidelines and standards of practice. He is a Radiological Society of North America Research Scholar, has participated in eight national society committees, and is member of the editorial boards of three international journals.

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