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Pure Sweet Hell/Catch a Fallen Starlet

PURE SWEET HELLBishop worked for the FBI and it was his job to investigate the cocaine smugglers who were now operating from a coastal town in Spain. Disguised as a sailor on shore-leave--and with two small packets of cocaine to flush out the dealers--he found Brad, his contact, and everything was going just fine. Then he ran into a blonde American tourist, Banjo Kelly, who wouldn't leave him alone ... and a young pimp named Pablo, very helpful, very persistent, who introduced him to Pepita, a black-haired gypsy who only wanted to take him to bed.Then Brad turned up dead and everything hit the fan. Now the cops are after him, his packets have gone missing, he's being followed by a couple of local thugs, and it's become a challenge just to stay alive, much less track down the drug dealers. It's going to be a long night, a back alley and rooftop race from one bar (and bed) to the next. In fact, it's going to be hell--pure sweet hell.CATCH A FALLEN STARLETAlan Dufferin had been married to Clare, Hollywood's girl-next-door. He had been one of Hollywood's hottest scriptwriters. But that was before the accident--when Clare was still alive--before Dufferin dried out and moved to New York. But now Dufferin is back, talking to Clare's old agent, Bertha Tweedy, and being offered a deal from has-been star Barry Kevin to script his big comeback production of Cellini.That night Kevin turns up dead, beaten to death. And now a couple of heavies are coming around his sister's house, asking not-too-politely for a document that Dufferin doesn't have. Kevin's wife isn't any help, but her sister Gloria suddenly takes an interest. A strong, personal interest. Dufferin doesn't have what they want, but when a single page of a confession is mailed to him in Clare's handwriting, he knows he better find the rest of it fast, before someone else ends up dead--himself.
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"Malcolm Douglas' PURE SWEET HELL. . . achieves much tension in a tight narrative of one night of complex double-crosses in the cocaine traffic in a Spanish port." -Anthony Boucher, New York Times Book Review "Bishop gets beaten, sapped and shot at to outlast 'em all in this fast-moving yarn about the FBI. . . breaking up a Spanish town outlet for the international dope syndicate." -Daily News "Retro-crime fans will be clamoring for more." -Wes Lukowsky, Booklist

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