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Quantum Mechanics

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PREFACES INTRODUCTION The Photoelectric Effect The Compton Effect Line Spectra and Atomic Structure De Broglie Waves Wave-Particle Duality The Rest of This Book THE ONE-DIMENSIONAL SCHROEDINGER EQUATIONS The Time-Dependent Schroedinger Equation The Time-Independent Schroedinger Equation Boundary Conditions The Infinite Square Well The Finite Square Well Quantum Mechanical Tunneling The Harmonic Oscillator THE THREE-DIMENSIONAL SCHROEDINGER EQUATIONS The Wave Equations Separation in Cartesian Coordinates Separation in Spherical Polar Coordinates The Hydrogenic Atom THE BASIC POSTULATES OF QUANTUM MECHANICS The Wavefunction The Dynamical Variables Probability Distributions Commutation Relations The Uncertainty Principle The Time Dependence of the Wavefunction Degeneracy The Harmonic Oscillator Again The Measurement of Momentum by Compton Scattering ANGULAR MOMENTUM I The Angular Momentum Operators The Angular Momentum Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions The Experimental Measurement of Angular Momentum General Solution to the Angular Momentum Eigenvalue Problem ANGULAR MOMENTUM II Matrix Representations Pauli Spin Matrices Spin and the Quantum Theory of Measurement Dirac Notation Spin-Orbit Coupling and the Zeeman Effect A More General Treatment of the Coupling of Angular Momenta TIME-INDEPENDENT PERTURBATION THEORY AND THE VARIATIONAL PRINCIPLE Perturbation Theory for Non-Degenerate Energy Levels Perturbation Theory for Degenerate Levels The Variational Principle TIME DEPENDENCE Time-Independent Hamiltonians The Sudden Approximation Time-Dependent Perturbation Theory Selection Rules The Ehrenfest Theorem The Ammonia Maser SCATTERING Scattering in One Dimension Scattering in Three Dimensions The Born Approximation Partial Wave Analysis MANY-PARTICLE SYSTEMS General Considerations Isolated Systems Non-Interacting Particles Indistinguishable Particles Many-Particle Systems The Helium Atom Scattering of Identical Particles RELATIVITY AND QUANTUM MECHANICS Basic Results in Special Relativity The Dirac Equation Antiparticles Other Wave Equations Quantum Field Theory and the Spin-Statistics Theorem QUANTUM INFORMATION Quantum Cryptography Entanglement Cloning and Teleportation Quantum Computing THE CONCEPTUAL PROBLEMS OF QUANTUM MECHANICS The Conceptual Problems Hidden-Variable Theories Non-Locality The Quantum Measurement Problem The Ontological Problem Problems appear at the end of each chapter.

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Birmingham University, UK

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