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Reenchantment without Supernaturalism

The process philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead and Charles Hartshorne has made many distinctive contributions to the philosophy of religion. David Ray Griffin now offers the first full-scale philosophy of religion written from this perspective, discussing such topics as the relationship between science and religion, the validity of religious experience, the nature and existence of God, religious pluralism, creation and evolution, and the problem of evil. Griffin's clear and comprehensive book also serves as a valuable introduction to process philosophy itself.In his vigorous defense of a worldview that is fully naturalistic and fully religious, Griffin shows not only how this position reconciles naturalism with freedom, genuine religious experience, and even life after death, but also how its naturalistic theism "reenchants" the world in the sense of providing cosmic support for moral values.Highly original and sometimes controversial, Griffin's book develops its stance in conversation with influential proponents of other philosophical positions, including William P. Alston, Jurgen Habermas, John Hick, Colin McGinn, Alvin Plantinga, Hilary Putnam, Willard Quine, Ninian Smart, Jeffrey Stout, and Bernard Williams.
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"This is both a clear and accurate introduction to the metaphysical philosophy of A.N. Whitehead, using much of his self-devised technical language, and an examination of all the questions of philosophical theology from that viewpoint."-Theology, November/December 2001 "Griffin deserves high marks for elevating process thought onto a level of respectability, even among analytically oriented thinkers."-Ernest Wolf-Gazo, The American University, Egypt. Transcendent Philosophy, Vol. 2, No. 4, December 2001 "Occasionally, a book comes along that is definitive for its field of study, a book that marks a milestone in thought... Griffin has written just such a book-a book that, by all rights, should mark a watershed in the academic study of religion... Griffin makes about as strong a case as one can in a single volume for a genuine and viable alternative."-Jeffery D. Long, Elizabethtown College. The Journal of Religion, Vol. 82, Nos. 1 and 2 "Because of its novel formulations and its responses to questions in contemporary philosophy of religion, this book is recommended mainly to those who are process 'insiders.' Its novel formulations and responses to questions of scientific concern make this book a resource to scientists seeking answers that are both religiously and scientifically adequate. Due to the comprehensive presentation of process thought in Reenchantment Without Supernaturalism, this book is recommended to those who want to decide for themselves what they've previously only heard others praise or criticize."-Thomas Jay Oord, Ph.D., Eastern Nazarene College. Research News and Opportunities in Science and Theology, April 2002 "In this work, Griffin has provided a careful, thorough, and thoughtful account of what process philosophy of religion involves. Remarkably comprehensive, he uses this work to cover everything from human personhood and morality to evil and the concept of God. He is explicit in his understanding of what religion involves, and it is reassuring to see a philosopher of religion spending much time on what is often assumed rather than discussed... This is a mature work that offers an excellent and comprehensive philosophy of religion from the standpoint of process thought... Religion is revealed as the attempt to connect with reality, and it is this rather beautiful vision of the need for an engagement with the awesome world around us that remains long after the book has been finished."-Beverly Clack, Ars Disputandi, March 2002 "In this important work David Ray Griffin provides an admirably lucid exposition of the central theses of Process Philosophy, and argues for its superiority both over materialist naturalism and supernaturalist theism... Griffin's criticisms both of materialistic naturalism and of traditional supernaturalist theism are to be taken seriously."-Peter Forrest, University of New England, Australian Journal of Philosophy, 80:3, September 2002 "David Ray Griffin, at present the leading proponent of process theism, provides his readers with a full-scale process philosophy of religion. Writing from his own perspective, he discusses in a clear and knowledgeable manner all of the fundamental topics in the philosophy of religion while engaging in conversations with many leading analytic philosophers of religion. There is no other single volume that provides such a comprehensive analysis of process philosophy of religion."-Eugene Thomas Long, Professor of Philosophy, The University of South Carolina "In this comprehensive study, David Griffin gives us not only the most up-to-date process philosophy of religion, but also the most cogent statement of his own leading interpretation of process thought. He corrects supernaturalistic theism with a naturalistic version of theism, and refines reigning versions of naturalism with a Whiteheadian account. The result is a reenchanted worldview."-Nancy Frankenberry, Dartmouth College

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