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Safari Honeymoon


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Budget: A portion of $4,300.00 marketing and publicity budget Galleys: PDF galleys are available. National Advertising: Prominent, year-round advertising in The Comics Reporter, one of the most visited comics-focused websites. National Print/Online Media Campaign: We work tirelessly to market and promote our titles; we have a large media and opinion maker contact list, to which we send our press releases and select review copies. We also have a smaller selection of reviewers who receive hard copies of our titles. This has resulted in reviews, interviews and coverage in a variety of media outlets including Avoid the Future, Boing Boing, Comic Book Resources, The Comics Beat, The Comics Journal, The Comics Reporter, Laughing Squid, Newsarama, Paste Magazine, Publishers Weekly, Quill and Quire, Squidface and the Meddler, The New York Times, VICE Magazine, and many more. Online/Social Media Campaign: We have a strong presence on the internet with our recently redesigned website ( with over 2,000 unique visits per month), Facebook ( with over 2,700 likes), Twitter (@AnnieKoyama with over 5,300 followers), Flickr (, and Tumblr ( with over 1,000 followers) pages. Promotion on the Author's Website: Jesse Jacobs is represented on the web through his website (, and by his work in t-shirt and skateboard design. General Tour Info: Koyama Press and Jesse Jacobs will be launching Safari Honeymoon in May 2014 at the Toronto Comics Arts Festival (TCAF) a week long celebration of comics and graphic novels and their creators, which culminates in a two-day exhibition and vendor fair featuring hundreds of comics creators from around the world. Jacobs will be available to sign and draw in books throughout the show. Jacobs will also be traveling to Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE) in June 2014. CAKE is a weekend-long celebration of independent comics, inspired by Chicago?s rich legacy as home to many of underground and alternative comics? most talented artists ? past, present and future. Publicity and Promotion in Conjunction with the Author's Speaking Engagements: Koyama Press has a number of branded items including tote bags, notebooks, buttons, postcards, stickers, and activity books that accompany artists at shows and events. These include items utilizing the art from the book itself.

About the Author

Jesse Jacobs was born in Moncton, New Brunswick, and now draws comics and things from his home in London, Ontario. In 2009, his books Small Victories and Blue Winter were short listed at the Doug Wright Awards for Canadian Cartooning. He received the Gene Day Award for best Canadian Comic Book Self-Publisher of 2008. Even the Giants (AdHouse, 2011) marked his major publishing debut after several award-winning, self-published titles. He has worked on the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time, and his work has appeared in the acclaimed Latvian comics anthology s!, as well as the 2012 and 2013 editions of Best American Comics published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.


"Jacobs marries the majesty of nature with otherworldly magic" -- Jonathan Rotzstain, Visual Arts News "Worms, infections, and tongue-replacing parasites abound in this graphic novel--and, once you've read it, in your subconscious as well." -- Tobias Carroll, Paste "Jesse Jacobs creates beautiful art and his comics have a fantasy dreamlike aspect that is at once charming and horrifying." -- Bryan Munn, Sequential "The back-to-the-land arch doesn't quite capture how sublimely strange Jacobs' world is, but it gets to the message all the same: it's the alienation from the land that makes the place horrible." -- David Berry, National Post "Every page of this book could be torn out and framed. Seriously." -- Nadxi Nieto, Electric Literature "'s the art that elevates it into exceptional territory; appropriately lush, splendidly intricate sequences -- each page gorgeously psychedelic with much to pore over." -- Zainab Akhtar, Comics & Cola "Jacobs' book is not only a weird and whimsical visual treat, but an example of equally strong storytelling that holds its own, elevating it way above your typical 'art comic.'" -- Whit Taylor "Part jungle adventure, part "psychedelic sojourn", part biblical allegory, part gender study, part contemporary commentary, Safari Honeymoon is much more than the sum of its parts; it becomes its own thing by being unlike almost anything else." -- Daniel Elkin, Your Chicken Enemy "Like the characters, the reader is pulled deeper and deeper into the terrain as Jacobs reveals more of this land's hidden secrets. This makes for an especially enchanting read, even during the moments of grotesque horror." -- Oliver Sava, A.V. Club "A demented exploration of unfamiliar wilderness, Jacobs' absurdist horror story deftly comments on and sends up invasive species and Western explorers alike." -- Jeff VanderMeer, Electric Lit "Presenting nature as a pitiless arena for survival of the fittest isn't the most original of scenarios, but Jacobs' presentation is wonderfully fresh and drolly humorous -- a genuinely personal vision ... [he] is a cartoonist gifted with tremendous imagination and one-of-a-kind visual acumen." -- Rob Kirby, The Comics Journal "The work of an ingenious and fertile imagination this is a book where visual execution is unashamedly at the forefront of narrative drive in immersing the reader in a most intricately constructed realm of weirdness." -- Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier "Safari Honeymoon is Summer 2014's sleeper hit of acid." -- Greg Mannix, End of the Universe "When reading Jesse Jacobs' Safari Honeymoon the primary feeling is one of total immersion. It's not just a graphic novel about a newlywed couple taking their honeymoon in a strange, dangerous environment, it's a sensory experience that engulfs the reader in an intricately detailed biosystem of horrific parasites, alien foliage, and geometric spirits." -- Oliver Sava, A.V. Club "In a recent interview, Jacobs said that if he weren't a cartoonist he would probably have been a farmer. With Safari Honeymoon it seems that Jacobs has managed to be both at once, albeit a farmer in which the reader is the field to be planted." -- Jared Gardner, Ohio State University Professor of English and Film, Public Books "Prime strange amusement." -- Ray Olson, Booklist "In a recent interview, Jacobs said that if he weren't a cartoonist he would probably have been a farmer. With Safari Honeymoon it seems that Jacobs has managed to be both at once, albeit a farmer in which the reader is the field to be planted." -- Jared Gardner, Public Books "What at first seems like a familiar story trope -- an older, rich lout and nubile, young wife go on safari led by a macho, knowledgeable guide -- becomes under Jacobs' hands something altogether strange, haunting, unexpected and altogether extraordinary." -- Chris Mautner, Comic Book Resources "Pixelated robots, ropey organisms, swirling creatures of the cosmos, and even a bundle of intergalactic puppies feature in Jesse's work, and we really cannot get enough of the meteoric illustrations." -- Madeleine Morley, It's Nice That "Safari Honeymoon, Jacobs's new book, is narrower in scope [than By This Shall You Know Him], but in many ways even stranger and more impressive." -- Gabriel Winslow-Yost, The New York Review of Books "Jacobs makes some of the most intricate, most fascinating, and oddest stories in comics today." -- Publishers Weekly "The central motif here is parasitic transformation -- one species crawling into another and overtaking its body -- and, by its end, the book has shifted from an eccentric satire to a vision of union with monstrous nature." -- Douglas Wolk, The New York Times "That the London, Ontario cartoonist cut his teeth working on TV's Adventure Time makes sense, given the almost stop-motion quality of his critters throughout. But the artist's concern with the squishy, tactile processes of mutation, infection, and evolution goes beyond what animation captures of life, and gestures instead toward the natural world in all its bewildering complexity." -- Sean Rogers, The Globe and Mail "Jesse Jacobs' last graphic novel--By This You Shall Know Him--is probably one of my top 5 favorite comics of the past half decade, making his latest--Safari Honeymoon--one of the books I've been most anticipating this year. His comics are weird, smart, beautifully designed and always surprising." -- Rich Barrett, mental_floss "Part jungle adventure, part "psychedelic sojourn", part biblical allegory, part gender study, part contemporary commentary, Safari Honeymoon is much more than the sum of its parts; it becomes its own thing by being unlike almost anything else." -- Daniel Elkin, Comics Bulletin "Safari Honeymoon, as an exemplar of the next generation of comics storytelling, takes the medium to a different place, a place that may be best analogous to poetry." -- Jason Sacks, Comics Bulletin "An exciting work for anyone interested in comics form and the medium's possibilities, it rewards multiple readings and close analysis...for me, it's one of the best graphic novels to come along in years. I couldn't recommend it more enthusiastically." -- Ken Parille, The Comics Journal "My favourite of Jesse Jacobs' books, and another treasured addition to my Koyama Press shelf." -- Camilla Barboza, Orbital Comics "It's not a matter of whether you'll get it or not; Jacobs has once again put together beautiful work that's worthwhile, and so unique that it will have you talking for quite some time. Seriously, you won't find anything else like it out this year." -- Ollie Ottoman, Ground Control Magazine "The best thing about my reading of Safari Honeymoon is how frequently I was surprised. For instance, the relationship between the couple is portrayed sweetly rather than cynically; they seem a pair of mismatched souls working through elements common to all of our engagements with others that rarely get explored: choice, inexplicable desire, awe, gratitude, grace. I'll buy that ticket anytime it's offered." -- Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Reporter "Jesse Jacobs' work here accentuates everything that comics are great at, and serves as a perfect example of what the comics medium can really achieve that no other medium can in quite the same way." -- John Seven, Damnopedia "Jacobs subverts jungle fantasy tropes by presenting just how precarious life is in the wild without the virtue of a total technological advantage and details that the only way out is to understand how the dominant species manages to adapt." -- Rob Clough, High-Low "The writer and artist, Jesse Jacobs, has a history of the delightfully weird through his work on the cartoon Adventure Time, so didn't we expect him to toy with our perceptions of reality? And if there hadn't been strange creatures, comics would have felt left out." -- Hannah Means-Shannon, Bleeding Cool Praise for By This Shall You Know Him "An art comics creation myth, cosmic, disturbing, and beautifully rendered in ice-blue and contrasting purples, with a style that welds the lovely to the grotesque...By This Shall You Know Him is (further) proof that fantasy in comics need not be hollow, generic, or ingratiating. It can be troubling instead. An inspired comic!" -- Author and academic, Charles Hatfield (Alternative Comics, and Hand of Fire: The Comics Art of Jack Kirby University Press of Mississippi, 2005 and 2012) "I went in expecting a psychedelic vision quest, and I came out having experienced a stunning new creation myth. Intricate, upsetting, and fun." -- Jeremy Tinder, Boing Boing

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