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Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams

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In SIMPLE STEPS TO IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS, Steve Scott provides inspiring steps for achieving success in every area of life. Whether your dreams are to start a business, lose weight, or build better relationships, they can all be within reach if you learn to use the same strategies and techniques that have been successfully used by the world's dreammakers for centuries. Scott helps readers define their most important goals, pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses and use their newly aquired insights to make the 'impossible' real. The keys are in the 'Power Secrets', a set of specific strategies and techniques that enabled Steve Scott to fulfill his impossible dreams. These techniques, brought to life in dozens of interactive quizzes and real-life examples, show readers how to break down common obstacles and awaken the inner passion that fuels the productivity, persuasiveness, and persistence that lead to the realisation of one's dreams.
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Table of Contents

ContentsForeword by Gary SmalleyPART IYou've Got the Power...But You're Stuck on the Launching Pad!1. "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes"Dream Conversion can make dreams come true in any area of your life.2. If My Dreams Came True, Anyone's Can!How did a corporate failure become a multimillionaire? A nonmusician direct a symphony? An ignorant, insensitive husband achieve a happy marriage?3. What Prevents Most Women and Men from Achieving Their Dreams?You're like a rocket stuck on the launching pad and your dreams seem as unreachable as the moon.PART IICutting the Six Chains4. Chain #1: Your Programming for Mediocrity!You've been programmed for mediocrity from your youth.Power Secret #1: Reprogramming Your On-Board Computer5. Chain #2: Your Fear of FailureConscious or subconscious fear of failure short-circuits your ability to achieve your dreams in every area of your life.Power Secret #2: Overcoming Fear of Failure6. Chain #3: Your Avoidance of CriticismYour conscious or subconscious efforts to avoid criticism subvert and suffocate your creative thinking and sabotage your launch before you even attempt to achieve your dreams.Power Secret #3: Turning Criticism from Foe to Friend7. Chain #4: Your Lack of Clear and Precise VisionIf you don't have a clear picture of your destination and a precise map to get there, you won't even begin the trip.Power Secret #4: Gaining a clear and Precise Vision8. Chain #5: Your Lack of Know-HowYou can't fly your rocket to the moon if you don't know how to fly! Discover a flight plan that gives you everything you need to know to achieve your dreams.Power Secret #5: Overcoming Your Lack of Know-How9. Chain #6: Your Lack of ResourcesYou can't launch your rocket all by yourself. Failure to recruit the right outside resources makes getting off the ground totally impossible.Power Secret #6: Overcoming Your Lack of ResourcesPART IIIIgniting Your Seven Booster Engines10. Engine #1: "Henry Ford Productivity" -- An Awesome Habit Anyone Can AcquireHenry Ford did not invent the automobile, he did something far more ingenious!Power Secret #7: Achieving Infinitely More in a Fraction of the Time11. Engine #2: "Babe Ruth Power" -- A Tremendous Strength Anyone Can GainTurn your hits into home runs.Power Secret #8: Dreaming and Achieving Impossible Dreams12. Engine #3: "Steven Spielberg Partnering" -- A Multiplying Skill That Anyone Can DevelopRemove the limits of your limited resources and multiply your potential -- infinitely!Power Secret #9: Recruiting the Partners and Mentors of Your Dreams13. Engine #4: "Helen Keller Positiveness" -- Speeding Up Your Happiness and Success!Take control of the factor that determines your happiness and impacts the lives of everyone you meet.Power Secret #10: Igniting the Engine of Positiveness14. Engine #5: "Earthquake Persuasiveness" -- A Learnable Art Anyone Can MasterThe single key that unlocks more doors to your dreams than any other.Power Secret #11: Effectively and Persuasively Communicating15. Engine #6: "Pit Bull Persistence" -- An Easy Discipline Anyone Can LearnThe secret of winning 90 percent of the time.Power Secret #12: Acquiring the Discipline of Winning Most of the Time16. Engine #7: "Laser-Accurate Priority Planning" -- A Dream-Achieving Routine Anyone Can AdoptThe key to achieving more, in less time with less stress.Power Secret #13: Taking Control of Your Life, One Minute at a TimePART IVBlasting Off! Destination -- Your Impossible Dream17. The Fuel For All Seven Engines: "Oprah Winfrey Passion" -- A Life-Changing Choice Anyone Can MakePassion fuels all seven engines.Power Secret #14: Acquiring the Fuel of Passion18. Igniting Your EnginesAll the power of your seven booster engines is meaningless if you don't ignite them. A single switch hidden in your heart can instantly ignite each engine!Power Secret #15: Flipping the Switch

About the Author

Steven K. Scott is the cofounder of the American Telecast Corporation and its group of consumer-goods companies. He has also coauthored two bestselling books with relationships expert Dr. Gary Smalley. Scott's previous book, A Millionaire's Notebook, was published in 1996 by Simon & Schuster.


Henry Marsh four-time Olympian, author of The Breakthrough Factor If you are "stuck" in a job, career, or relationship that's not everything you want it to be, Steve Scott gives you more "Breakthrough Techniques" in each chapter than most people discover in an entire lifetime. Sandie Tillotson cofounder and Vice President, Nu Skin International In our business, we provide the opportunity for helping make people's impossible dreams come true. In his book, Steve Scott now gives the perfect tool, a step-by-step guide for turning even the most impossible dreams into reality. If you read this book it will forever change your outlook. If you live this book, it will forever change your life. Christie Brinkley In his book, Steve Scott gives us the specific strategies and techniques that we need to learn and use to achieve our most valued dreams. He not only shows us how to make our most impossible dreams possible, he shows us how to make them probable! Cheryl Ladd I need another copy immediately! It was such important information I sent my first copy to my best friend before I finished it. It's EXTRAORDINARY! Connie Sellecca and John Tesh What a tragedy that most adults give up on their dreams early in life. Steve Scott's new book inspires us to dream bigger dreams than ever. Hyrum W. Smith Chairman of the Board, The Franklin Covey Company In the pages of his new book, Steve Scott has captured a very simple but powerful formula for translating one's dreams into reality. The reason this book has so much credibility for me is that I have seen him implement these principles to tremendous success -- professionally, with his family, and in all aspects of his life. This is a must-read book. Ken Blanchard coauthor of The One Minute Manager Living your dreams will make your life worth living. In his book, Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams, Steven Scott shows you HOW! Kathie Lee Gifford Steve Scott writes about what he knows about. His own personal secrets for success are thankfully no longer a secret. Stedman Graham author of You Can Make It Happen Steven Scott provides a practical guide to help you focus on your own success plan, fine-tune your vision of your own possibilities -- and achieve your dreams. Stephen R. Covey author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Steve Scott effectively brings a superb blend of experience, example, and encouragement to his latest book....His insight on criticism alone is worth the read.

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