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Simulation of Semiconductor Processes and Devices 1998


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TCAD in SRC.- TCAD in Selete.- Integration of Lithography and Etch Simulations.- Integrated Three-Dimensional Topography Simulation and Its Application to Dual-Damascene Processing.- Efficient Algorithms for Three-Dimensional Etching and Deposition Simulation.- Development of a Gas-Phase Chemistry Model for Numerical Prediction of MOVPE of GaN in Industrial Scale Reactors.- Modeling of Flow and Heat Transfer in a Vertical Reactor for the MOCVD of Zirconium-Based Coatings.- Design Optimization of RF Power MOSFET's Using Large Signal Analysis Device Simulation of Matching Networks.- Modeling of Temperature Dependence of Floating Pad Structure's RF Properties.- A Comprehensive Model of a VLSI Spiral Inductor Derived from the First Principles.- Simulation of SiGe Epitaxial Growth for RF-Bipolar Transistors.- Extension of Spherical Harmonic Method to RF Transient Regime.- Multiscale Modeling of the Implantation and Annealing of Silicon Devices.- Dynamics of Arsenic Dose Loss at the SiO2 Interface during TED.- Damage Accumulation by Arsenic Ion Implantation and Its Impact on Transient Enhanced Diffusion of As and B.- A Simple Continuum Model for Simulation of Boron Interstitial Clusters Based on Atomistic Calculations.- Electromagnetic Simulation for the Modeling of Interconnects.- Layout-Based 3D Solid Modeling of IC Structures and Interconnects Including Electrical Parameter Extraction.- Exponential Expansion for Rapid and Accurate Extraction of Interconnect Capacitance.- Rigorous Capacitance Simulation of DRAM Cells.- A Hybrid Technique for TCAD Modeling and Optimization.- A Qualitative Study on Optimized MOSFET Doping Profiles.- Modeling Process and Transistor Variation for Circuit Performance Analysis.- Statistical Modeling Based on Extensive TCAD Simulations: Proposed Methodology for Extraction of Fast/Slow Models and Statistical Models..- Parallel and Distributed TCAD Simulations Using Dynamic Load Balance.- Device Simulator Calibration for Quartermicron CMOS Devices.- Automatic Mesh Refinement for 3D Numerical Simulation of Thermal Diffusion in Silicon.- A Common Mesh Implementation for Both Static and Moving Boundary Process Simulations.- A Dopant-Dependent Band Gap Narrowing Model: Application for Bipolar Device Simulation.- Improved Modelling of Bandgap-Narrowing Effects in Silicon p+/n+ Junctions.- Simulation of Electron Mobility in Ultrathin Fully Depleted Single Gate SOI MOSFETs.- Simplified Simulator for Neutron-Induced Soft Errors Based on Modified BGR Model.- Quantum Effects in the Simulation of Conventional Devices.- Efficient Quantum Correction Model for Multi-Dimensional CMOS Simulations.- The Role of Quantization Effects in Inversion Hole Layers of Tunnel MOS Structures on n-Si Substrates.- Multi-Dimensional Quantum Effect Simulation Using a Density-Gradient Model and Script-Level Programming Techniques.- Microsystems CAD: from FEM to System Simulation.- Methods for Model Generation and Parameter Extraction for MEMS.- A Heterogeneous Environment for Computational Prototyping and Simulation Based Design of MEMS Devices.- Bias-Dependent Low-Frequency Noise Model for Low Phase Noise InP HEMT based MMIC Oscillator Design.- 3D Modeling of Sputter Process with Monte Carlo Method.- Effects of Scaling and Lattice Heating on n-MOSFET Performance via Electrothermal Monte Carlo Simulation.- Efficient Modeling of Spatially Varying Degeneracy in Monte Carlo Particle Simulation of Highly Doped Submicron HEMT.- Monte Carlo Modelling of Spin Relaxation in a III-V Two Dimensional Electron Channel.- Combining the Scattering Matrix and Spherical Harmonic Methods for Semiconductor Modeling.- Discretization of the Brillouin Zone by an Octree/Delaunay Method with Application to Full-Band Monte Carlo Transport Simulation.- A Hybrid Approach for Building 2D and 3D Conforming Delaunay Meshes Suitable for Process and Device Simulation.- Improving the Quality of Delaunay Triangulations for the Control Volume Discretization Method.- Three-Dimensional Adaptive Mesh Relaxation.- Grid Adaptation for Device Simulation According to the Dissipation Rate.- Single Electron Memory Device Simulations.- TCAD Oriented Simulation of Single-Electron Transistors at Device Level.- Quantum Electron-Phonon Interaction for Transport in Open Nanostructures.- Origin of Drain-Current Oscillation in Ultra-Thin-SOI n-MOSFET.- Scattering Theory of Carrier Transport in Semiconductor Devices.- Statistically Reliable 'Atomistic' Simulation of Sub 100nm MOSFETs.- On the Modeling of CV Data for State-of-the-Art CMOS Technologies: Do We Need to Include Fast Interface States ?.- New Hot-Carrier Degradation Mechanism for MOSFET Devices Using Two-Type Interface-State Model.- Influence of the Ge Concentration on the Threshold Voltage and Subthreshold Slope of Nanoscale Vertical Si/SiGe pMOSFETs.- Anisotropic Ballistic In-Plane Transport of Electrons in Strained Si.- Simulation of Be Diffusion in the Base Layer of InGaAs/InP Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors.- Hydrodynamic Mixed-Mode Simulation.- Simulation of Dynamic Ionization Effects in 6H-SiC Devices.- Coupled 3D Process and Device Simulation of Advanced MOSFETs.- Analysis of the Asymmetric Breakdown Characteristics of Trench Isolation Structure by Using TCAD.- Characterisation of the Corner Effect by Composed 2D Device Simulations.- A Physics Based Resistance Model of the Overlap Regions in LDD-MOSFETs.- A Physically-Based Compact Model for LDMOS Transistors.- Simulation of Carrier Transport and Hot Phonon Effects in Quantum Well Laser Diodes.- Numerical Simulation of Infrared Laser Probing Techniques.- Quasi 3-D Simulation of Quantum Well DFB Lasers.- Simulation of AVC Measurements.- Statistical Circuit Modeling.- A New Compact Model for the Analysis of the Anomalies in I-V Characteristics of Schottky Diodes.- Investigation of Non-Punch-Through IGBTs with Different Trench Designs.- Elimination of Non-Simultaneous Triggering Effects in Finger-type ESD Protection Tansistors Using Heterojunction Buried Layer.- Influence of the S/D Architecture on the VT of Deep Submicron MOSFETs.- A Physically-Based Electron Mobility Model for Silicon Device Simulation.- Modeling Hole Surface- and Bulk-Mobility in the Frame of a Spherical-Harmonics Solution of the BTE..- Hydrodynamic Model for Hot Carriers in Silicon Based on the Maximum Entropy Formalism.- Minimizing Bitline Coupling Noise in DRAM with Capacitor-Equiplanar-to-Bitline (CEB) Cell Structure.- The Modeling of Electromigration: A New Challenge for TCAD?.- Correlation of Finite Element Stress Simulations with Electromigration-Induced Fractures in Tungsten Plug Structures.- Accurate Layout-Based Interconnect Analysis.- Continuous Field Analysis of Distributed Parasitic Effects Caused by Interconnects in High Power Semiconductor Modules.- Molecular Dynamics Analysis of Grain-Boundary Grooving in Thin Film Interconnects for ULSIs.- Industrial Demands on Process and Device Simulation.- Point Defect Parameter Extraction through Their Reaction with Dislocation Loops.- Recombination of Point Defects via Extended Defects and Its Influence on Dopant Diffusion.- A Systematic and Physically Based Method of Extracting a Unified Parameter Set for a Point-Defect Diffusion Model.- Two-Dimensional Simulation of Ferroelectric Nonvolatile Memory Cells.- Influence of the Poly Gate Depletion Effect on Programming EEPROM Cells.- Simulation Based Development of EEPROM Devices within a 0.35 m Process.- Modeling the Trapping and De-Trapping of Phosphorus at the Si to SiO2 Interface.- Derived Boundary Conditions for Viscous Thermal Oxidation Equations in Pressure Potential Form.- Modeling and Simulation of Oxygen Precipitation in CZ Silicon.- Predictive Soft Error Rate Evaluation System.- Modeling of Particle-Irradiated Devices.- 3-D Simulation of an Enhanced Field-Funneling Effect on the Collection of Alpha-Particle-Generated Carriers in p- on p+ Epitaxial Substrates.- Author Index.

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