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Stone Medicine

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Author's Note Preface To the Professional Chinese Medical Practitioner To the Layperson Why Stones? The Law of Signatures Acknowledgments PART I A Primer of Classical Chinese Medicine 1. The Basics The Vocabulary The Pathogenic Factors--Wind, Cold, Damp, and Heat The Anatomy The Modern Challenges to Health--Staying Healthy 2. The Big Picture A Philosophical View Prerequisites of Life How to Work with Evolution 3. Paradigms of Chinese Medicine Qi--Energetic Medicine The Humours of Chinese Medicine The Energetic Anatomical Terrains--Wei Qi, Ying Qi, and Yuan Qi 4. The Numbers 24 Yin and Yang--"The One Begets the Two" The Trinities--"The Two Beget the Three" The Four Principles of Yin and Yang The Four Transformations of Yin and Yang The Five Elements--Phases of Transformation The Six Divisions or Stages The Seven Stars The Bagua--The Eight Trigrams The Nine Palaces 5. Zang-Fu--The Internal Organs The Level of Survival--Lung/Large Intestine and Stomach/Spleen The Level of Interaction--Heart/Small Intestine and Urinary Bladder/Kidney The Level of Differentiation--Pericardium/Triple Heater and Gall Bladder/Liver 6. The Souls of the Organs The Spirit/"Big" Shen and the Soul/Ling The Obstacles to Freedom A Path to Freedom 7. The Curious Organs Brain Bones Marrow Vessels Uterus Gall Bladder 8. The Emotions and Temperaments Defensive/Wei Qi--Mood Nourishing/Ying Qi--Emotion Source/Yuan Qi--Temperament 9. The Channel Systems The Meridian System--Highways and Byways of Life The Process of Latency--Hiding Our Pathology The Healing Crisis The Points--Landmarks along the Way Living a Long and Healthy Life Part II Introduction to the Materia Medica 10. The Criteria for Stone Selection--Choosing the "Right" Stone Color and Light Chemical Composition The Five Qis--The Nature, or Yang Aspect, of the Stone The Five Tastes--The Yin Aspect of the Stone Affinities Hardness Crystal Structure and Sacred Geometry Stone Groups Level of Formation--Earth's Energetic Dynamics 11. Methods of Application--Entering the Stone Gate Determining a Strategy Developing a Formula Formula Examples Topical Application Internal Application Intentional Application Duration of Treatment 12. Cleaning, Cleansing, and Recharging Cleaning/San (to Dissipate, Discharge) Cleansing/Qing (to Clear) Recharging the Stone PART III The Materia Medica Notes on Using the Materia Medica 13. Quartz Crystals Clear Quartz Crystal Blue Quartz * Green Quartz * Lithium Quartz * Purple Quartz/Amethyst * Chevron Amethyst * Rose Quartz * Rutilated Quartz * Smoky Quartz * Tangerine Quartz * Titanium Quartz * Tourmalinated Quartz* White/Milky Quartz * Yellow Quartz/Citrine * Yellow and Purple Quartz/Ametrine * Herkimer Diamond 14. Transformative Stones Agate Blue Lace Agate * Dendritic Agate * Fire Agate * Green Agate/Moss Agate * Mookaite Jasper * Ocean Agate-Jasper/ Orbicular Quartz * Picasso Stone/Marble Agate-Jasper * Pink or Red Agate * Rhyolite/Leopardskin/Rainforest Agate-Jasper * Tiger Eye * Blue Tiger Eye * Hawk Eye * Pietersite * Red Tiger Eye * Tree Agate-Jasper * Zebra/Dalmation Agate-Jasper Jasper Bloodstone/Heliotrope * Brown Jasper * Green Jasper * Red Jasper/Silex * Sandy Jasper * Yellow Jasper Flint/Strike Flint Chalcedony Blue Chalcedony * Green Chalcedony * Pink Chalcedony * Red Chalcedony/Carnelian * White Chalcedony Onyx Jade/Jadeite Black/Grayish Jade * Green Jade * Lavender Jade * White Jade * Yellow Jade Nephrite Jade 15. Defensive/Wei Qi Stones Amazonite Amber (Fossilized) Angelite Apophyllite Aragonite Barite Biotite Calcite Black Calcite * Blue Calcite * Emerald Calcite * Green Calcite * Honey Calcite * Icelandic Spar/Optical Calcite * Mangano/Pink Calcite * Orange/Yellow Calcite * Red Calcite * White Calcite Celestite/Celestine Danburite Fluorite Blue Fluorite * Brown Fluorite * Clear Fluorite * Green Fluorite * Purple Fluorite * Yellow Fluorite Gypsum Alabaster * Desert Rose (Gypsum) * Selenite Jet (Lignite) Marcasite Nodules/Boji Stones/Moqui Balls Obsidian Apache Tears * Black Obsidian * Gold Sheen Obsidian * Mahogany Obsidian * Rainbow Obsidian * Silver Sheen Obsidian * Snowflake Obsidian Petrified Wood Scolecite Septarian Nodules/Dragon's Egg Stalactite/Stalagmite Stilbite Talc Tourmaline Black Tourmaline/Schorl * Blue Tourmaline/Indicolite * Brown Tourmaline/Dravite/Uvite * Green Tourmaline/Verdilite * Red or Pink Tourmaline/Rubellite * Watermelon Tourmaline * Yellow Tourmaline 16. Nourishing/Ying Qi Stones Aventurine Blue Aventurine * Brown Aventurine * Green Aventurine * Orange/Peach Aventurine * Red Aventurine Azurite Azurite-Malachite Bronzite Cavansite Chalcopyrite Charoite Chiastolite Chrysoberyl/Cat's Eye (Cymophane) Chrysocolla Dioptase Dolomite Dumortierite Garnet Black Garnet/Melanite * Green Garnet--Tsavorite, Uvarovite, Demantoid * Red Garnet--Almandine, Pyrope(and Grossular) * Yellow, Brown, Orange Garnet--Hessonite, Spessartine, Topazolite Hematite Goethite Hemimorphite Hiddenite (Green Spodumene) Howlite Iolite/Water Sapphire Kunzite (Pink Spodumene) Kyanite Lapis Lazuli Magnesite Magnetite/Lodestone Malachite Peridot/Olivine Prehnite Pyrite/Fool's Gold Rhodochrosite Rhodonite Seraphinite Serpentine Sodalite Staurolite Turquoise Variscite Zincite Zoisite 17. Source/Yuan Qi Stones Alexandrite Apatite Beryl Blue Beryl/Aquamarine * Clear Beryl/Goshenite * Green Beryl/Emerald * Pink Beryl/Morganite * Red Beryl/Bixbite * Yellow or Golden Beryl/Heliodor Chrysoprase Coral Diamond Diopside Epidote Labradorite Larimar/Pectolite Lepidolite Meteorite (Iron) Moonstone Muscovite/Fuchsite Opal Blue-Green Andean Opal * Fire Opal * Pink Andean Opal * Rainbow/Precious/Boulder Opal Pearl Ruby Sapphire Pink/Red Sapphire * Yellow Sapphire Spinel Sugilite Sunstone Tanzanite Tektite Moldavite Topaz (Golden or Imperial) Blue Topaz * Clear Topaz * Pink Topaz Unakite Zircon 18. Alchemica l Stones Antimony Stibnite Cinnabar Orpiment Realgar Sulfur Appendix 1. Charts of Therapeutic Qualities and Actions Appendix 2. Loca tions for Acupuncture Points Commonly Used in Stone Medicine Appendix 3. Glossary of Terms References Index

About the Author

Leslie J. Franks, LMT, has practiced Asian bodywork since 1990. In 1995, she began studying Classical Chinese Medicine with Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen, an 88th generation Taoist priest from the ancient lineage of the Jade Purity School. She is also a Chen style Taiji instructor, certified by Master Wang Haijun, 12th generation Chen Taijiquan. She lives in Belchertown, Massachusetts.


"Beautifully written and well-organized with a deep understanding of Dr. Jeffrey Yuen's teachings. Leslie Franks has produced an inspirational work about healing with gems and minerals that is not only for the practitioner of Chinese medicine but is also accessible to the layperson." * Sheila George, M.D., Former academic dean for the acupuncture program at the Swedish Institute and b * "This is a comprehensive manual for using crystals, gems and stones to address physical, emotional and spiritual health conditions. In addition to herbalism and acupuncture, Chinese medicine has rich traditions of using stones as medicine, passed from generation to generation for thousands of years. A thorough primer on Traditional Chinese Medicine that is backed by modern scientific research is included. " *, May 2016 * "In addition to herbalism and acupuncture, Chinese Medicine has a rich tradition of using stones as medicine, passed from generation to generation for thousands of years. In this comprehensive guide and extensive Materia Medica, Leslie J. Franks presents the Stone Medicine teachings of Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen, an 88th generation Taoist priest from the ancient lineage of the Jade Purity School, which dates to the Han dynasty, 206 BCE. Detailing the therapeutic properties of 200 gems, stones, minerals, and crystals, Franks begins with an extensive look at 15 different forms of quartz, followed by chapters on transformative stones, protective stones, nourishing stones, source energy stones, and alchemical stones.... this book explains how stones access our deepest layers, vibrating ever so slowly, to initiate deep lasting change." * The Edge, March 2016 * "My heart is singing knowing that Jeffrey Yuen's work is being offered to the world through Leslie's book, Stone Medicine. I am equally delighted that she has included her own research and experience. I am one of many people who have sat in Jeffrey's classes feeling fortunate beyond belief to be in his presence, letting it in to transform me. I'm grateful that Leslie has documented the details of his remarkable teachings and is sharing them with the world!" * Barbra Esher, L.Ac., Dipl. ABT & Ac. (NCCAOM) * "Based on the teachings of Jeffrey Yuen, this labor of love, study, and experience is finally coming out. I am so looking forward to using classical Chinese stone medicine for healing and transformation in my own life and in those of my patients." * Christopher Dye, M.S., L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM) *

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