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Structural Analysis in SI Units


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1Types of Structures andLoads 31.1 Introduction 31.2 Classification of Structures 41.3 Loads 91.4 Structural Design 28Problems 29Chapter Review 332Analysis of Statically DeterminateStructures 352.1 Idealized Structure 352.2 Load Path 482.3 Principle of Superposition 492.4 Equations of Equilibrium 502.5 Determinacy and Stability 512.6 Application of the Equations ofEquilibrium 58Fundamental Problems 68Problems 70Project Problem 79Chapter Review 803Analysis of StaticallyDeterminate Trusses 833.1 Common Types of Trusses 833.2 Classification of Coplanar Trusses 893.3 The Method of Joints 963.4 Zero-Force Members 1003.5 The Method of Sections 1023.6 Compound Trusses 1083.7 Complex Trusses 1123.8 Space Trusses 116Fundamental Problems 123Problems 125Project Problem 135Chapter Review 1364Internal Loadings Developedin Structural Members 1394.1 Internal Loadings at aSpecified Point 1394.2 Shear and Moment Functions 1454.3 Shear and Moment Diagramsfor a Beam 1504.4 Shear and Moment Diagramsfor a Frame 1604.5 Moment Diagrams Constructed by theMethod of Superposition 165Fundamental Problems 170Problems 174Project Problem 184Chapter Review 1855Cables and Arches 1875.1 Cables 1875.2 Cable Subjected toConcentrated Loads 1885.3 Cable Subjected to a UniformDistributed Load 1905.4 Arches 1965.5 Three-Hinged Arch 197Problems 203Chapter Review 2096Influence Lines for StaticallyDeterminate Structures 2116.1 Influence Lines 2116.2 Influence Lines for Beams 2196.3 Qualitative Influence Lines 2226.4 Influence Lines for Floor Girders 2306.5 Influence Lines for Trusses 2346.6 Maximum Influence at a Point due to aSeries of Concentrated Loads 2386.7 Absolute Maximum Shear andMoment 248Fundamental Problems 253Problems 254Project Problem 265Chapter Review 2667Approximate Analysis of StaticallyIndeterminate Structures 2697.1 Use of Approximate Methods 2697.2 Trusses 2707.3 Vertical Loads on Building Frames 2747.4 Portal Frames and Trusses 2777.5 Lateral Loads on Building Frames:Portal Method 2827.6 Lateral Loads on Building Frames:Cantilever Method 288Problems 294Project Problem 301Chapter Review 3028Deflections 3058.1 Deflection Diagrams and theElastic Curve 3058.2 Elastic-Beam Theory 3118.3 The Double Integration Method 3138.4 Moment-Area Theorems 3208.5 Conjugate-Beam Method 330Fundamental Problems 338Problems 342Chapter Review 3469Deflections Using EnergyMethods 3499.1 external Work and Strain energy 3499.2 Principle of Work and energy 3539.3 Principle of Virtual Work 3549.4 Method of Virtual Work: Trusses 3569.5 Castiglianos Theorem 3639.6 Castiglianos Theorem for Trusses 3649.7 Method of Virtual Work:Beams and Frames 3709.8 Virtual Strain energy Causedby Axial Load, Shear, Torsion,and Temperature 3819.9 Castiglianos Theorem for Beamsand Frames 387Fundamental Problems 393Problems 395Chapter Review 40210Analysis of StaticallyIndeterminate Structuresby the Force Method 40510.1 Statically Indeterminate Structures 40510.2 Force Method of Analysis:General Procedure 40810.3 Maxwells Theorem of ReciprocalDisplacements; Bettis Law 41210.4 Force Method of Analysis: Beams 41310.5 Force Method of Analysis: Frames 42210.6 Force Method of Analysis: Trusses 42610.7 Composite Structures 42910.8 Additional Remarks on the ForceMethod of Analysis 43210.9 Symmetric Structures 43310.10 Influence Lines for StaticallyIndeterminate Beams 43510.11 Qualitative Influence Linesfor Frames 439Fundamental Problems 446Problems 447Chapter Review 45811Displacement Method of Analysis:Slope-Deflection Equations 46111.1 Displacement Method of Analysis:General Procedures 46111.2 Slope-Deflection equations 46311.3 Analysis of Beams 46911.4 Analysis of Frames: No Sidesway 47711.5 Analysis of Frames: Sidesway 482Problems 490Project Problem 495Chapter Review 49512Displacement Method of Analysis:Moment Distribution 49712.1 General Principles and Definitions 49712.2 Moment Distribution for Beams 50112.3 Stiffness-Factor Modifications 51012.4 Moment Distribution for Frames:No Sidesway 51612.5 Moment Distribution for Frames:Sidesway 518Problems 526Chapter Review 53113Beams and Frames HavingNonprismatic Members 53313.1 Loading Properties of NonprismaticMembers 53313.2 Moment Distribution for StructuresHaving Nonprismatic Members 53813.3 Slope-Deflection equationsfor Nonprismatic Members 544Problems 546Chapter Review 54714Truss Analysis Using theStiffness Method 54914.1 Fundamentals of the StiffnessMethod 54914.2 Member Stiffness Matrix 55214.3 Displacement and ForceTransformation Matrices 55314.4 Member Global Stiffness Matrix 55614.5 Truss Stiffness Matrix 55714.6 Application of the Stiffness Method forTruss Analysis 56214.7 Nodal Coordinates 57014.8 Trusses Having Thermal Changes andFabrication errors 57414.9 Space-Truss Analysis 580Problems 582Chapter Review 58315Beam Analysis Using theStiffness Method 58515.1 Preliminary Remarks 58515.2 Beam-Member Stiffness Matrix 58715.3 Beam-Structure Stiffness Matrix 58915.4 Application of the Stiffness Method forBeam Analysis 589Problems 60216Plane Frame Analysis Using theStiffness Method 60516.1 Frame-Member Stiffness Matrix 60516.2 Displacement and ForceTransformation Matrices 60716.3 Frame-Member Global StiffnessMatrix 60916.4 Application of the Stiffness Methodfor Frame Analysis 610Problems 61917Structural Modeling andComputer Analysis 62317.1 General Structural Modeling 62317.2 Modeling a Structure and itsMembers 62517.3 General Application of a StructuralAnalysis Computer Program 630Computer Problems 635Problems 636Project Problems 637AppendicesA. Matrix Algebra for StructuralAnalysis 640Fundamental Solutions 654Answers to Selected Problems 680Index 693

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