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Teaching That Changes Lives; 10 Mindset Tools for Igniting the Love of Learning

Since writing her international bestseller Change Your Questions, Change Your Life, Marilee Adams has increasingly been responding to speaking and consulting requests from educators. Drawing on what she has learned from these experiences she presents the ultimate guide for teachers looking to change the lives of their students while significantly improving their own lives in the process. Adams weaves a compelling story of one teacher's lasting impact on a student to demonstrate how educators can practice and pass on what she calls the Learner Mindset-consistently asking the kind of open-minded, creative, positive questions that encourage curiosity and growth. She contrasts this with the Judger mindset--negative, close-minded, and limiting-that we all too easily succumb to, particularly under pressure-and, as she shows, teachers today are under enormous pressure. Complete with a field-ready workbook that brings Adams' tools for cultivating a Learner mindset directly into the classroom, this book will help teachers become more resilient and better able to nurture a lifelong love of learning in even their most hard-to-reach students.
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Marilee Adams, PhD, is president of the Inquiry Institute, a consulting, coaching, and educational organization. She is an advisor to Learning Forward New Jersey and an adjunct professor at American University in the Key Executive Leadership Program, School of Public Affairs.


"Marilee's work has changed the life of my campus." --Verna Fitzsimmons, PhD, CEO and Dean, Kansas State University, Salina "If every K-12 teacher in America read this book, it could make an incredible difference for them and their students too." --Jim L. Roussin, MALS, coauthor of Implementing Change Through Learning and Guiding Professional Learning Communities "Enhances teacher effectiveness by providing educators with a deep, powerful, yet simple set of tools for improving communication and teaching and, most importantly, enhancing student learning." --Harvey Silver, EdD, President, Silver Strong & Associates, LLC, and cofounder and President, Thoughtful Education Press "There is wisdom in this book. I recommend it to any teacher, student, administrator, or professional developer seeking to reclaim meaning in our field of practice." --Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs, President and CEO, Curriculum 21 "Presents a living portrait of students' and teachers' mindset growth and learning... can indeed revolutionize the educational process." --John Barell, Professor Emeritus, Montclair State University, and author of Did You Ever Wonder? and Developing More Curious Minds "Thought-provoking and engaging--a real winner. I am recommending it to our teachers and to parents as well." --Nancy Starmer, Head of School, George School, offering the International Baccalaureate Degree Program "Marilee Adams is an engaging writer. Using the medium of storytelling, she clearly explains the importance of developing a Learner mindset and the necessity for educators to create inquiry-based learning environments infused with curiosity, creativity, and caring. Any educator, in higher education and K-12 is sure to benefit from reading this valuable and practical book." --Patrick Blessinger, founder and Executive Director, International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association "Offers a methodology for compassion...honors the power of the question and provides a gentle guide to a better kind of leadership. Great message. Very readable with tools and ideas that are easy to hold on to." --Peter Block, bestselling author of Stewardship and Community "Dr. Adams has created a fundamental framework that's sure to lead educators, administrators, and students toward increased collaboration, problem solving, and greater success. This book is a must-read for anyone who cares about education and cares about the future. That means just about all of us." --Naomi Drew, educational consultant and author of No Kidding about Bullying "Every teacher can find himself or herself in this story. We all have days when self-doubt or frustration threatens to overtake our passion and commitment for teaching. Teaching That Changes Lives reveals the power of every teacher's mindset to create a classroom climate that opens children's minds, helping every student become engaged with and love deep learning. This is a must-read for everyone who touches the curious minds of children--a message that has powerful implications for changing schools and changing lives." --Victoria Duff, President, Learning Forward New Jersey, and Senior Consultant, Center for Results, Learning Forward "What a joy it was to read your book! You are sharing numerous underlying messages about hope, the power of asking positive questions, the importance of knowing one's students, learning styles, making mistakes and learning from them, and more. This exciting book will undoubtedly have a far-reaching and generative influence on teachers and students at all levels." --Jenny Edwards, PhD, Professor, School of Educational Leadership and Change, Fielding Graduate University "Marilee's work has changed the life of my campus." --Verna Fitzsimmons, PhD, CEO, Kansas State University Salina, and Dean, College of Technology and Aviation "Best education book ever! Leverage the power of choice to ignite a passion for learning and change lives. Not only will you energize yourself as you read Marilee's dynamic book, you will finally have the tools to enrich the lives of your students as you challenge them to claim their greatness." --Vicki Halsey, PhD, Vice President, The Ken Blanchard Companies, and author of Brilliance by Design "We have seen over and again that our mindsets impact all aspects of our work, forming the very foundation of trust, growth, and collaboration essential for achieving a positive staff culture, strong school culture, and, ultimately, academic success with our scholars. This book gives individuals at all school levels the tools necessary for building positive Learner mindsets...provides the 'missing link' in how to have a strong staff culture." --Camilla Lopez, Principal, and Kevin Lohela, Academic Dean, Achievement First Crown Heights Elementary School "This beautiful narrative, evoking the struggles and victories of real people and real situations, awakens our hopes and aspirations for igniting the love of learning, not just for our students but within the very heart of our own useful for youth workers, camp counselors, and parents as it is for classroom teachers." --John McAuley, President and CEO, The Leadership Studio at Muskoka Woods, Canada "This book is a beautiful and compelling illustration of the power of positive psychology and resilience theory in education!" --Caroline Adams Miller, master of applied positive psychology and bestselling coauthor of Creating Your Best Life "This is truly an inspiring story of learning and change. I love that change and learning did not happen just to students but to teachers as well...illustrates the impact of emotional intelligence in action...The transformative process embedded in the storyline is deeply beneficial and enlightening." --Kenneth Rhee, PhD, Associate Professor and Director, Executive Leadership and Organizational Change Program, Northern Kentucky University "If every teacher in America read this book, I believe it would have an incredible impact on student learning. Dr. Adams helps the reader identify and manage two powerful mindsets that live behind all our actions--the Judger and the Learner. If you are looking for a clear path for improving the learning of your students through your professional learning communities, this book will be indispensable for making that happen!" --James L. Roussin, coauthor of Guiding Professional Learning Communities and Implementing Change through Learning "Teaching That Changes Lives kick-starts the learning journey for teachers, students, and school communities. Appreciative Inquiry in education is a perfect fit with the insightful questions and choices presented in this highly readable, usable book. Dr. Adams has made a major contribution to the strengths-focused education community." --Marge Schiller, PhD, Founder, Positive Change Core, and coauthor of Appreciative Leaders "An uplifting book with meaningful, appreciative strategies for teachers committed to making a positive difference in their students' lives...a genuine contribution to teachers and learners in any setting." --Jacqueline M. Stavros, DM, Professor, Lawrence Technological University, and coauthor of The Appreciative Inquiry Handbook "Teaching That Changes Lives reminds us that at the heart of all good education are inquiry and a Learner mindset. This engaging and thoughtful book is filled with examples and simple, practical tools for creating a climate of learning where we can challenge our assumptions and change the questions we ask ourselves to build the education system of the future." --Kathy Telban, MEd, CPT, SPHR, Director of Curriculum and Assessment, Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland, Ohio "Teaching That Changes Lives wisely reminds us that authentic teaching requires that we must model the behavior we teach or we cannot hope to influence the behavior--or the future--of our students." --Robert M. Tobias, JD, Director, Key Executive Leadership Programs, American University "This book re-ignites the raison d'etre for teaching--to change lives. Marilee gives teachers powerful and simple methods for getting on track for what real teaching and real learning are all about." --Dr. Henry Toi, founder and CEO, Nurture Craft Education Group, Singapore, and Publisher, Brain Capital Magazine

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