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The Temples of Light

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Foreword By Nicki Scully Preface: How This Material Came into Being Introduction: Journey of Renewal into the Open Heart How to Use This Book Invocation and Intention PART ONE Heart Expansion Ascension Spiral Become the Open Heart 1 Memphis--Empowerment -Written Exercise: Remembering -Spoken Exercise: Owning and Honoring Your Story Journey to Memphis 1: The Offering Journey to Memphis 2: Initiation to Awaken Your Direct access -Written Exercise: Scribing Your Journey 2 Sakkara--Sacred Symbology Journey to Sakkara 1: Ignite Your Birthright of Unlimited abundance -Breathing Exercise: Navel Breathing to Connect with Your Ka -Drawing Exercise: Drawing the Pyramid Texts Journey to Sakkara 2: Awaken Your Gift of Symbology -Written Exercise: Explore the Symbols of Your Life -Breathing Exercise: Integrate the Teachings of Sakkara 3 Abydos--Fully Engage into Life -Drawing Exercise: Tracing the Flower of Life -Physical Exercise: Third Eye and Pineal Gland Journey to Abydos 1: The Flower of Life Initiation -Physical Exercises: Warming Up the Spine in Preparation for Raising the Djed Journey to Abydos 2: Raising the Djed -Written Exercise: Recording Your Abydos Experience Short Form of the Abydos Journeys 4 The Sphinx--Infinity Download Journey to the Sphinx 1: Wisdom to Support Your Journey Journey to the Sphinx 2: Infinity Download -Written Exercise: Sacred Knowledge of Yourself 5 The Great Pyramid--Cosmic Oneness -Breathing Exercise: Breathe with the Pyramid The Great Pyramid Initiation: Oneness Wisdom 6 Philae--Divine Love Philae Sound Current Initiation: Pure Love Consciousness Journey to Philae: Awaken Your Brilliant System -Breathing Exercise: Working with Philae and Pure Love Consciousness 7 Kom Ombo--Neutral Energy Journey to Kom Ombo: Neutral energy Kom Ombo Initiation: A Daily Practice for Living from the Heart A Short Version of the Heart-Opening Practice PART TWO Inner Temple Ascension Spiral Manifest Your Essence 8 Dendera--Instinctual Bliss -An Imaginative Exercise: Disintegrating Fear Dendera Initiation: activate Instinctual Bliss -Written Exercise: Make a Joy List 9 Elephantine Island--Soul Evolution -Written Exercise: Your Top Five Repetitive Patterns Journey to elephantine Island: Soul evolution -Written Exercise: Create Your Preferred Experience 10 Karnak--Inner Resonance Journey to the Sacred Lake at Karnak: Signature Energy and Purpose -Written Exercise: Your Signature Energy and Purpose Journey to Karnak: Hunting Down the Vibratory Match 11 Abu Simbel--Divine Mind -Energetic Exercise: Working with the Sahu Journey to Abu Simbel: Awaken Your Sahu and the Divine Mind 12 Luxor Temple--Osiris Awakened -Written Exercise: Identifying Patterns of Sleepwalking -Written Exercise: Awakening Multidimensionality Luxor temple Initiation: awaken Your Multidimensionality -Breathing Exercise: Seal Your Luxor Initiation 13 St. Catherine's Star Gate--Rhythmic Peace St. Catherine's Star Gate Initiation: Choosing Peace 14 The Living Temple--Conscious Choice -A Choosing Exercise: Engaging Your Free Will Appendix: Temples of Light Benefits Glossary Resources: Additional Mystery School Products and Services Notes Further Reading Index How to Use the CD Included with This Book

About the Author

Danielle Rama Hoffman has been a healer and teacher of metaphysics and the healing arts since 1994. She studied with Nicki Scully for 12 years and is a member of the lineage of Thoth. She specialiSes in Egyptian Temple Mysteries and leads spiritual tours to Egypt's sacred sites.


". . . even if you do not believe in the rituals described in this well-written book, you can still gain tremendous insight into the lives of those who made up one of the greatest cultures in the history of mankind. If you like history, if you are interested in the way people lived thousands of years ago, if you want to know more about a civilization that was the envy and admiration of the nations of that day, then The Temples of Light will be an interesting and great read for you. * Steven Clark Bradley, author Patriot Acts, Nimrod Rising, StillBorn!, and Probable Cause, Dec 2009 * "As I followed along this path she [Hoffman] laid out, I could feel an internal truth unfolding. Your soul will cling to the words tightly, feeling that it has at last found the path for which it has searched an eternity. . . . This book is not one you can read through once and set aside. It is meant to be experienced one chapter at a time, allowing the power of the words to seep deep within." * Joyce-Anthony blog, Dec 2009 * "Danielle Rama Hoffman provides us with the keys to our sacred becoming. She enables the traveler in body and in spirit to move beautifully and lovingly deep within to see with our own spiritual eye the powerful unfurling of the lotus that is the open heart of the Divine." * Normandi Ellis, author of Awakening Osiris and Dreams of Isis * "Whether or not you have had the opportunity to travel to Egypt, this book provides an opportunity for everyone to experience the personal transformation and initiation available within the temples of the Nile. Danielle takes us on a journey through time and provides clear, easy-to-follow explanations of Egyptian symbols, bringing them to life so that we can awaken our own master within." * Ani Williams, harpist, sound therapist, recording artist, and composer of Homage to Hathor * "The Temples of Light activates the Sekhem (life force) of the ancient Egyptian rites of passage. Feel it--you're going to love it!" * Emil Shaker, Egyptologist, Luxor, Egypt * "Danielle Rama Hoffman brings us a new way to connect with the power of the ancient mysteries of Egypt. Her initiations are rites of passage into the inner workings of the Egyptian temple teachings and will bring you healing and transformation." * Nicki Scully, author of Alchemical Healing and coauthor of Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt and The Anubi * "The Temples of Light is one of the most profound books of experiential integration that I've ever encountered. Embrace it, live it, and The Temples of Light will shift your life. A journey with this book is about embracing living energy." * Rev. Marj Britt, senior minister, Unity of Tustin, California * "Danielle Rama Hoffman has brilliantly brought forth a beautiful initiatory process that assists humanity in reconnecting to a sacred forgotten truth. These powerful processes of healing open the doors to the Temples of Light within and move the energies of love and wisdom into our hearts as we connect to our divine selves and remember who we really are." * Linda Star Wolf, author of Shamanic Breathwork, coauthor of Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt and The Anub * "Danielle Rama Hoffman's The Temples of Light reveals the great spiritual sanctuaries of Egypt were built to honor and embody the transpersonal forces of the Universe. A great read from a modern mystic!" * Hank Wesselman, Ph.D., anthropologist and author of The Spiritwalker Trilogy, The Journey to the Sac * "The Temples of Light opens the Egyptian temple portals for anyone on our planet, and you don't even have to travel to Egypt! By taking these journeys, you can align your heart with the wisdom keys of the temples, and then the wisdom of the temples awakens within." * Barbara Hand Clow, author of The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind * "The Temples of Light is a good read; inspiring, and thoughtfully written. Danielle Rama Hoffman makes you want to climb the ladders of light." * Lynn Andrews, author of the internationally bestselling Medicine Woman series * "A rich selection of full-color plates of images taken during the author's journeys, showing physical temples and remains at thirteen sacred sites in the area are included, in order to complete the experience." * Awareness Magazine, October 2011 * "Ms. Hoffman has produced a valuable instrument for the hermetic novice and seasoned adept to experience the Egyptian Mystery Schools and further their quest for Gnosis." * Robert Brett Sherry, Behutet Magazine, issue #46, September 2010 * " . . . numerous dreamy meditations that even at first glance seem likely to transport the reader through space and time." * Whole Life Times, Apr/May 2010 * ". . . embark on your personal journey to deeper spiritual and cosmic awareness. Along the way, as you learn more about the power of the message contained in the ancient Egyptian ideas, your interest in the subject matter will also grow. . . . This book is a valuable beginning on your own personal journey to spiritual awareness." * Diana Rajchel, Blog Business World, Feb 2010 * "I took many of these journeys with Danielle right here in Seattle and they were powerful and enlightening." * Alchemical Healing Arts, Dec 09 * "Many years of study and inner work have gone into the production of this book and we're fortunate to have it shared with us." * Krysta Gibson, New Spirit Journal, Vol. 5, No. 9, Jan 2010 * "This is a must read for anyone who wants to grow personally and spiritually and for anyone who is interested in the life-changing and heart opening power of a sacred pilgrimage to Egypt." * Friedemann Schaub, reviewer, Dec 2009 * "This was very interesting reading and I feel I learned a lot of knowledge on ancient Egypt and the exercises were totally great! I must add that although I am somewhat of a skeptic, some of the exercises I did from the book put me in a peaceful position and I plan on doing them again! A well-written and easy to follow book!" * Jen's Book Talk, jensbooktalk blog, Dec 2009 *

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