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The Ultimate French Review and Practice, 4th Edition


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Table of Contents

I Verbs-Basic Forms and Uses
1 Present Tense

The Present Tense of Regular -er, -ir, and -re Verbs
Spelling Changes in the Present Tense of Regular -er Verbs
First-Conjugation (-er) Verbs with Mute e as the Stem Vowel
First-Conjugation (-er) Verbs with e as the Stem Vowel
Uses of the Present Tense
Pour parler un francais authentique | Speak Real French The Prefix re-
2 Present Tense of Irregular Verbs
Common Irregular Verbs
Expressions with avoir, etre, faire, and prendre
Irregular Verbs Resembling Regular Verbs
Other Irregular Verbs
Verbal Constructions
Pour parler un francais authentique | Speak Real French The Verb System in Spoken French
3 Negative Sentences
Basic Negative Structures
Other Negative Structures
Ne... que
Pour parler un francais authentique | Speak Real French Further Uses of ne... que only
4 Interrogative Sentences
Question Formation
5 Imperative
6 Passe Compose

Passe Compose with avoir
Passe Compose with etre
Special Cases
Agreement of the Past Participle
7 Imperfect; Imperfect Versus Passe Compose
The Imperfect Tense
Uses of the Imperfect Tense: The Imperfect Contrasted with the Passe Compose
Other Uses of the Imperfect Tense
Special Meanings of Certain Verbs
Pour parler un francais authentique | Speak Real French The Imperfect Tense
8 Reflexive Verbs
Conjugation and Use of Reflexive Verbs
The Infinitive of Reflexive Verbs
The Passe Compose of Reflexive Verbs
Reciprocal Reflexive Verbs
The Imperative of Reflexive Verbs
Other Reflexive Constructions and Reflexive Verbs
9 Future and Conditional; Conditional Sentences (1)
The Future Tense
Use of the Future After quand and Other Conjunctions
The Conditional
Conditional Sentences (1)
Pour parler un francais authentique | Speak Real French Pronunciation of the Future and Conditional
10 Pluperfect, Future Perfect, and Past Conditional; Conditional Sentences (2)
The Pluperfect (Le plus-que-parfait)
The Future Perfect (Le futur anterieur)
The Conditional Perfect (Le conditionnel passe)
Conditional Sentences (2)
11 Passe Simple
Formation and Use of the Passe Simple
The Passe Simple of Irregular Verbs
12 Present Participles; Uses of the Infinitive
The Present Participle
Uses of the Infinitive
Verb + a + Infinitive
Verb + de + Infinitive
Verb + Object + de + Infinitive
Adjective or Noun + Preposition + Infinitive
Faire + Infinitive
II Nouns and Their Modifiers; Pronouns
13 Nouns: Gender, Number, and Articles; Uses of Articles

Gender and Number of Nouns; Definite and Indefinite Articles
Plural Nouns
Determining the Gender of Nouns
Determining the Gender of Nouns (Continued)
C'est Versus il/elle est
The Partitive
Expressions of Quantity
Uses of Articles
14 Stressed Pronouns; Subject-Verb Agreement
Stressed Pronouns-Forms and Usage
Subject-Verb Agreement with Stressed Pronouns and Other Special Cases
15 Possessive and Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns
Possession and Possessive Adjectives
Possessive Pronouns
Demonstrative Adjectives
Demonstrative Pronouns
16 Interrogative Adjectives and Pronouns, and Other Question Words
Interrogative Adjectives
Interrogative Pronoun lequel
Interrogative Pronouns who, whom, what, and Other Question Words
17 Adjectives, Comparatives, and Superlatives
Gender of Adjectives
Plural of Adjectives
Position of Adjectives
Comparison of Adjectives, Adverbs, Nouns, and Verbs
Superlative of Adjectives, Adverbs, and Nouns
Pour parler un francais authentique | Speak Real French Adjectives
18 Object Pronouns
Direct Object Pronouns
Indirect Object Pronouns
Pronoun y
Pronoun en
Double Object Pronouns
Restrictions on the Use of Object Pronouns
Object Pronouns in Affirmative Commands
III Other Elements of the Sentence
19 Numbers; Time; Dates

Cardinal Numbers to 99
Cardinal Numbers 100 and Above
Ordinal Numbers
Telling Time
Days, Dates, and Years
20 Adverbs
Adverbs of Manner
Adverbs of Time
Adverbs of Place
Adverbial Phrases
21 Negatives and Indefinites
Negative Words
Indefinite Words and Expressions
Indefinite Words and Expressions (Continued)
Idioms and Expressions with Negative and Indefinite Words
22 Prepositions; Prepositions with Geographical Names
The Preposition a
The Preposition de
The Prepositions avec and sans
The Prepositions en and dans
Sur, sous, and Related Prepositions
Entre, pour, and par
Other Prepositions
Prepositions with Geographical Names
IV Verbs in Two-Clause Sentences
23 Relative Clauses

The Relative Pronouns qui and que
Preposition + qui and lequel
Other Relatives
Relatives Without Antecedents
24 The Present Subjunctive
Moods of Verbs
Forms of the Present Subjunctive
Uses of the Subjunctive: Imposition of Will, Necessity, Getting Someone to Do Something
Uses of the Subjunctive: Emotion and Opinion
Uses of the Subjunctive: Negation of Fact and Opinion
Uses of the Subjunctive: Special Cases
Pour parler un francais authentique | Speak Real French The Present Subjunctive
25 The Past Subjunctive; Literary Subjunctives
Forms and Use of the Past Subjunctive
Forms and Use of the Imperfect Subjunctive
Forms and Use of the Pluperfect Subjunctive
26 The Subjunctive (Continued)
The Subjunctive After Certain Conjunctions
The Subjunctive in Relative Clauses
The Subjunctive After Superlatives
The Subjunctive in Certain Types of Indefinite Clauses
V Idiomatic Usage
27 The Passive Voice and Substitutes for the Passive

The Passive Voice (La voix passive)
Substitutes for the Passive Voice
28 Important Idioms and Proverbs
Idioms with avoir and etre
Idioms with faire
Idioms with prendre
Idioms with mettre
Idioms with voir
Idioms with dire
Expressions with Other Common Verbs
Idioms from Rural Life: The Farm, Cats, Dogs, and Cabbages
Idioms Relating to Time, Weather, the Life Cycle, and Eating
Other Idioms
VI Review
29 Review Exercises

Verb Charts
Written Conventions
Answer Key
McGraw-Hill's Language Lab app:
Flashcards: 190 sets
Diagnostic and Review Tests: 50 questions each
Practice Exercises: 190 quizzes
Audio: 13 modules for listening comprehension and speaking practice

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