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This book offers a powerful program to free yourself from manipulators - and regain control of your life. Millions of people, both men and women, can become involved in relationships with manipulators - people who control through emotional manipulation, insults, and mind games. These 'toxic' relationships erode self-esteem and make life miserable for the victim. Whether the manipulator is a relative, a spouse or romantic partner, a boss, coworker, or subordinate, or even a trusted friend or advisor, Dr. Harriet B. Braiker, bestselling author of "The Disease to Please", shows you how to break this damaging cycle for good. "Who's Pulling Your Strings?" will help you end a current destructive relationship, understand how it occurred - and prevent you from ever getting involved in a manipulative relationship again. Using revealing self-assessment quizzes, action plans, and how-to exercises, Dr. Braiker empowers you to: recognize the signs of a manipulative relationship; spot manipulators and their typical ways of operating; assess your own vulnerability to manipulation; identify the seven main 'Head Games' manipulators play; utilize effective resistance tactics against manipulator's efforts; transform yourself from a 'soft' to a 'hardened' target; extricate yourself from manipulative relationships that do not change; protect yourself from falling prey to manipulators' control in the future; and, stop others from pulling your strings once and for all. With insight, compassionate advice, and self-affirming strategies, Dr. Braiker helps you end any manipulative relationship and regain control of your life - starting right now.
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Dr. Harriet B. Braiker wrote three successful, general-audience psychology books dealing primarily with women's issues, including the New York Times bestseller The Disease to Please.


Braiker, a clinical psychologist, talk-show regular, and best-selling author (The Disease To Please), succeeds at showing readers how to break free from manipulation, albeit without an inventive spin. Pointing out that everyone is subject to manipulation but that some people are more susceptible than others, she helps readers recognize manipulation and assess and reduce their own vulnerability and teaches resistance tactics to use when faced with manipulation. Her thesis is best stated this way: "The only effective way to change a manipulator is to make her tactics ineffective by changing yourself." Questionnaires and lists make the reading interactive, if not colorful. This book is an excellent companion to Helene Brenner's I Know I'm in Here Somewhere, which also speaks to "people pleasers." While Braiker does little to distinguish her book from similar self-help titles, this is still user-friendly and serves its purpose well. For large general and pop psych collections.-David Leonhardt, Chesterville, Ont. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

"She helps readers recognize manipulation, and assess and reduce their own vulnerability, and teaches resistance tactics to use when faced with manipulation."

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