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The Wildsidhe Chronicles

This is ongoing the story of three hundred ordinary kids who went to school one day and became victims of a magic spell. Kidnaped, along with fragments of their town, the kids found themselves in a world of dragons and darkcats, of dwarves and Courtesans. It was no fairy tale land, but a dangerous realm where magic ruled, a place known as the Wildsidhe. Far from home and alone, without electricity or running water, they must learn to survive against all odds. The iron and steel that crossed over with them is the only thing that can hurt the Wildsidhers. They must use it, along with their wits and courage, to fight back against those who wish them harm. The kids will never stop searching for a way home, but for now they are trapped. The Wildishe will never be the same again. In BOOK 2: DOUBLE CROSS-Back home, the FBI blocks off the town from the rest of the world. Asgar's curse will bring over the kids left behind on their 11th birthday. Tina & Bobby try to run, but it does them no good. Morna tries to trick Bobby into volunteering to sacrifice himself to the Shadows. Now only Tina can save him. "The Wildsidhe Chronicles is young adult fantasy fiction at it's best. Reminiscent of Harry Potter, these kids pack a punch!" -Edward McFadden, FANTASTIC STORIES
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