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The Wiley Handbook of Violence and Aggression


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Table of Contents


Volume I: Definition, Conception, and Development

Contributors 000

Preface 000

Part I History, Definition, and Diagnostic Issues 1

1 Aggression and Violence: Definitions and Distinctions 3

Johnie J. Allen and Craig A. Anderson

2 Cultural

Norms and Definitions of Violence 000

Kirby Deater-Deckard and Jennifer E. Lansford

3 Legal

Definitions of Violence and Aggression 000

Cody N. Charette and Eric W. Hickey

4 The Development of Aggression From Early Childhood to Adulthood 000

Richard E. Tremblay, Sylvana M. Cote, Julie Salla, and Gregory Michel

5 Gender Differences in Violence and Aggression 000

Lee Copping

6 Online Misogyny Targeting Feminist Activism: Anita Sarkeesian and Gamergate 000

Melinda C. R. Burgess, Felicia Byars, Leila Sadeghi-Azar, and Karen E. Dill-Shackleford

7 Cross-Cultural Differences in Aggression 000

Douglas P. Fry

8 Violence in the Family 000

Donald G. Dutton, Katherine R. White, and Christie Tetreault

9 Mass Killing 000

Charles R. Butcher, Charles H. Anderton, and JurgenBrauer

10 Psychiatric Diagnosis and Violence: Description and Mechanisms 000

Mark R. Serper and Yosef Sokol

11 Psychopathy, Violence, and Aggression 000

Dennis E. Reidy and Megan C. Kearns

12 Introduction to Sexual Violence 000

Ibitola O. Asaolu and Mary P. Koss

13 Hate Crime 000

Phyllis B. Gerstenfeld

14 Violence and Moral Philosophy 000

Bob Brecher Part II Biology 000

15 The Evolution of Human Violence and Aggression: The Contribution of Peace Ethology 000

Peter Verbeek

16 Genetics of Aggression in Nonhuman Animals 000

Anna V. Kukekova

17 Psychophysiology of Violence and Aggression 000

Jonathan C. Waldron and Angela Scarpa

18 Neuroanatomy of Violence and Aggression 000

Yaling Yang

19 The Role of Neurotransmitters in Violence and Aggression 000

Klaus A. Miczek, Joseph F. DeBold, Kyle Gobrogge, Emily L. Newman, and Rosa M. M. de Almeida

20 Testosterone and Human Aggression 000

Justin M. Carre, Erika L. Ruddick, Benjamin J. P. Moreau, and Brian M. Bird

21 Animal Models of Aggression and Violence 000

Sietse F. de Boer and Jaap M. Koolhaas

22 Interplay Between Genetic and Environmental Influences on the Development of Aggressive-Antisocial Behavior During Childhood and Adolescence 000

Frank Vitaro, Mara Brendgen, and Richard E. Tremblay Part III Theoretical Accounts 000

23 Developmental Pathways to Aggression and Violence 000

Sheryl L. Olson and Ka I. Ip

24 Masculinities, Aggression, and Violence 000

Walter S. DeKeseredy

25 Protective Factors Against Crime and Violence in Adolescence 000

Friedrich Loesel and Doris Bender

26 Cognitive-Behavioral Factors and Anger in the Occurrence of Aggression and Violence 000

Raymond W. Novaco

27 The Developmental of Aggression and Violence Over the Life Span 000

Jeffrey D. Burke

28 Addressing Children's Disruptive Behavior Problems: A 30-Year Journey With Stop Now And Plan (SNAP) 000

Leena K. Augimeri, Debra Pepler, Margaret Walsh, and Michelle Kivlenieks

29 Does Alcohol Cause Violence and Aggression? 000

Whitney Brown and Kenneth E. Leonard

30 Do Drugs Cause Violence? 000

Kisha M. Radliff, Kathryn L. Zeanah, and Joe E. Wheaton

31 Does Poverty Cause Violence? 000

Vania Ceccato

32 Do Group Processes Cause Violence and Aggression? 000

Sabine Otten

33 Displaced Aggression is Alive and Well 000

William C. Pedersen, Jennifer Ellison, and Norman Miller

34 Media, Violence, Aggression, and Antisocial Behavior: Is the Link Causal? 000

Courtney Plante and Craig A. Anderson

35 Humor and Violence 000

Charles S. Gulas, Marc G. Weinberger, and Kunal Swani

36 Is the Link Between Games and Aggression More About the Player, Less About the Game? 000

Christopher J. Ferguson, Nicholas David Bowman, and Rachel Kowert

37 The General Aggression Model and Its Application to Violent Offender Assessment and Treatment 000

Flora Gilbert, Michael Daffern, and Craig A. Anderson

38 On Automatic As Well As Controlled Psychological Processes in Aggression, From the Cognitive Neoassociation Perspective 000

Leonard Berkowitz

39 Social Learning Theory and the Development of Aggression 000

Jackson A. Goodnight, Sarah A. Wilhoit, and Angela Receveur

40 Frustration-Aggression Theory 000

Johannes Breuer and Malte Elson

41 Behavioral Explanations of Aggression and Violence 000

Michael M. Mueller and AjamuNkosi

42 Psychoanalytic Concepts of Violence and Aggression 000

Svenja Taubner, Sven Rabung, Anthony Bateman, and Peter Fonagy

43 Social-Psychological Explanations of Aggression and Violence 000

Barbara Krahe

44 Violence and Aggression in Socially Disorganized Neighborhoods 000

Renee Zahnow and Rebecca Wickes

45 Race and Gender Stereotypes and Violence and Aggression 000

Melinda C. R. Burgess

46 Forgetting Everything We Think We Know: High Self-Esteem and Violence 000

Joseph M. Boden

47 Strain Theory, Violence, and Aggression 000

Lee Ann Slocum and Robert Agnew

48 Theories of Political Violence 000

Ekkart Zimmermann Volume II: Assessment, Prevention and Treatment of Individuals Contributors 000

Preface 000

Part IV Assessment of Individuals 000

49 Principles and Foundations of Psychological Assessment 000

Jane E. Fisher, William O'Donohue, and Stephen N. Haynes

50 Dyadic Conceptualization, Measurement, and Analysis of Family Violence 000

Lindsey M. Rodriguez and Murray A. Straus

51 Assessment of Callous and Related Traits 000

Eva R. Kimonis and Natalie Goulter

52 Physiological Measurement and Assessment 000

Christopher J. Patrick and Sarah J. Brislin

53 Systematic Screening for Challenging Behaviors in Tiered Support Systems 000

Jeffrey Sprague and Kathleen Lynne Lane

54 Psychiatric Assessment of Violence 000

John S. Rozel, Abhishek Jain, Edward P. Mulvey, and Loren H. Roth

55 Psychoanalytic Assessment of Violence 000

Jessica Yakeley

56 Psychopathy and Violence 000

Colleen M. Lillard, Jennifer C. Johnson, and Michael J. Vitacco

57 Risk Assessment, Violence, and Aggression 000

Catherine S. Shaffer, Adam J. E. Blanchard, and Kevin S. Douglas

58 Violence in Individuals With Major Psychiatric Disorders: Its Prediction and Treatment in Light of Heterogeneous Pathways to Violence 000

Menahem I. Krakowski Part V Individual Interventions for Prevention 000

59 Preschool Life Skills: Toward Teaching Prosocial Skills and Preventing Aggression in Young Children 000

Kevin C. Luczynski and Tara A. Fahmie

60 Teaching Gun Safety Skills to Children 000

Raymond G.Miltenberger, Diego Valbuena, and Sindy Sanchez Part VI Individual Treatment: Therapies 000

61 Evidence- Based Practice and Children and Adolescents: What Works? What Works Best? 000

Tia Navelene Barnes, Kristen Merrill O'Brien, Michelle M. Cumming, Donna Spencer Pitts, and Stephen W. Smith

62 Evidence-Based Practice and Adults: What Works? What Works Best? 000

James McGuire

63 Applied Behavior Analysis and Treatment of Violence and Aggression 000

James K. Luiselli and Joseph N. Ricciardi

64 Anger Management 000

Graham Glancy, Stefan Treffers, and Michael Saini

65 Mindfulness and the Treatment of Aggression and Violence 000

Nirbhay N. Singh, Giulio E.Lancioni, and Alan S. W. Winton

66 Third Wave Therapies and the Treatment of Violence and Aggression 000

Amie Zarling and Ashley Taylor

67 Parent Training and the Treatment of Violence and Aggression 000

Linda Anne Valle and Jennifer W. Kaminski

68 Training Staff to Manage Violence and Aggression 000

Richard Whittington and Owen Price

69 Psychodynamic Treatment of Violence and Aggression: Empirical Evidence and New Approaches 000

Svenja Taubner, Peter Fonagy, Anthony Bateman, and Sven Rabung

70 Multisystemic Therapy for Violent and Aggressive Youths 000

Charles M. Borduin, Alex R. Dopp, Lauren B. Quetsch, and Benjamin D. Johnides

71 Pharmacological Management of Aggressive Behavior in Psychiatric Patients 000

Laurette E. Goedhard and Eibert R. Heerdink

72 Psychopharmacological Approaches to Aggression and Violence in Adults With Severe Mental Illness: What Works? What Works Best? 000

Leslie Citrome and Jan Volavka

73 The Fast Track Project: Effects on Violence and Aggression and Related Outcomes 000 Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group

74 Interventions Targeting Alcohol, Violence, and HIV: Current Evidence and Future Directions 000

Lori A. J. Scott-Sheldon, Theresa E. Senn, and Tyler S. Kaiser Part VII Individual Treatment: Special Populations 000

75 Treatment of Parent-Child Violence 000

Rebecca F. Wilson, Beverly L. Fortson, and Mark Chaffin

76 Interventions for Perpetration of Intimate Partner Violence 000

Carla Smith Stover and Melissa Barongi

77 Intervention for Violence and Aggression in Gay and Lesbian Relationships 000

Barbara A. Winstead, Robin J. Lewis, Michelle L. Kelley, Tyler B. Mason, Holly N. Fitzgerald, and Denise Calhoun

78 Treating Anger and Aggression in Veterans With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder 000

Leslie A. Morland, Karen Kloezeman, Abigail C. Angkaw, Allison R. Love, and Margaret-Anne Mackintosh

79 Anger and People Who Have Intellectual and Development Disabilities 000

Nigel Beail

80 Treatment of Anger and Aggression Following Acquired Brain Injury 000

Tessa Hart, Jesse R. Fann, Jo Ann Brockway, and Roland D. Maiuro Part VIII Individual Forensic Treatment 000

81 Evidence-Based Practice and Violent Offenders 000

Emma J. Palmer

82 Beyond Aggression Replacement Training: Cognitive-Behavioral Programs for Dutch (Sexually) Violent Forensic Psychiatric Inpatients 000

Ruud H. J. Hornsveld, Floris W. Kraaimaat, Almar J. Zwets, and Thijs Kanters

83 Forensic Case Formulation for Violence and Aggression 000

Caroline Logan

84 Youth in Forensic Services: Evidence-Based Treatment of Violence and Aggression 000

Delbert S. Elliott

85 Treatment of Violence and Aggression in Offenders With Developmental Disabilities 000

Peter E. Langdon and Glynis H. Murphy

86 Treatment of the Psychopathic Personality 000

Jacqueline Howe, Charity Wijetunga, Alicia Nijdam-Jones, and Barry Rosenfeld

87 Violence Reduction Treatment of Psychopathy 000

Stephen C. P. Wong, Keira C. Stockdale, and Mark E. Olver

88 Prevention of Recidivism and Violent and Aggressive Offenders 000

Devon L. L. Polaschek Volume III: Societal Interventions

Contributors 000

Preface 000

Part IX Violence and Families 000

89 Family Violence 000

Dan O'Leary, Katie Lee Salis, and Sarah Bannon

90 Prevention of Aggression and Violence in Families 000

Christopher M. Murphy, Julian Farzan-Kashani, Adam D. LaMotte, Haley Miles-McLean, and Ana Maldonado

91 Treatment of Batterers: What Works? 000

Nicholas A. Armenti, Susan Iyican, Johannah M. Sommer, and Julia C. Babcock

92 Promoting Resilience in Members of Violent Families 000

Kathryn H. Howell, Laura E. Schwartz, and Sarah E. Barnes

93 The Role of Police in Domestic Violence 000

Eric L. Nelson Part X School-Wide Interventions 000

94 Promoting Positive Youth Development and Preventing Violence and Aggression: Connecting Individual and Ecological Developmental Assets 000

Robey B. Champine

95 Prevention of Violence, Aggression, and Bullying in Schools 000

Ronald O. Pitner, Hadass Moore, Gordon Capp, Ron Avi Astor, and Rami Benbenishty

96 Promoting School-Wide Social Skills 000

George Sugai, Brandi Simonsen, Tamika La Salle, and Jennifer Freeman

97 School-Wide Interventions for Bullying: What Works? 000

Peter K. Smith

98 Early Intervention and Prevention of Aggressive and Violent Behavior Through School-Wide Systems of Positive Behavior Support 000

Barbara S. Mitchell, Allison L. Bruhn, Sara C. McDaniel, and Timothy J. Lewis,

99 Cyberbullying in Schools 000

Robin M. Kowalski and Megan E. Morgan

100 Predicting and Reducing Aggression and Violence Toward Teachers: Extent of the Problem and Why It Matters 000

Susan D. McMahon, Andrew Martinez, Linda A. Reddy, Dorothy L. Espelage, and Eric M. Anderman Part XI Gang Violence 000

101 Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Pathways to Gang Violence 000

Dena C. Carson and Finn-Aage Esbensen

102 Gang Violence in Latin America 000

Lucia Dammert

103 Strategies for Preventing Gang Violence: A Century of Evolving Programming and Research 000

Samantha M. Henderson and M. Murat Ozer

104 Youth Activism as Violence Prevention 000

Roberto R. Aspholm and Mark A. Mattaini Part XII Residential Settings 000

105 Physical Abuse of People With Intellectual and Other Developmental Disabilities in Residential Care 000

Emily M. Lund, Christian V. Sabey, Katie B. Thomas, and Lauren M. Bouchard

106 Violence and Aggression Against Older Adults: What Works? What Works Best? 000

David Burnes, Rebecca Zhao, and Karl Pillemer Part XIII Bullying at Work 000

107 Bullying at Work: Personal Relationships and Undermined Social Support-A Creative Writing Case Study 000

Margaret H.Vickers

108 Prevalence and Risk Factors For Workplace Bullying 000

Annie Hogh, Eva Gemzoe Mikkelsen, and Paul Maurice Conway

109 Prevention of Bullying at Work 000

Andrea Chambers and Peter D. Donnelly Part XIV Sports and Violence 000

110 Violence in Football (Soccer): Overview, Prevalence and Risk Factors 000

Joel Rookwood and Ramon Spaaij

111 Prevention of Football Hooliganism: A Review of the Evidence 000

Panu Poutvaara and Mikael Priks

112 Hotspotting and Football Violence: Current Statistics and Implications for Prevention 000

Justin Kurland, Shane D. Johnson, and Nick Tilley Part XV Youth Facililites 000

113 Youth Facilities and Violence: An Overview 000

Offer Egozy and Alexandra Cox

114 Promoting Positive Youth Development in Community-Wide Efforts as an Approach to Preventing and Reducing Violence 000

Allison B. Dymnicki, David M. Osher, and Marc Zimmerman

115 Creating and Sustaining Safe Environments in Juvenile Corrections 000

Peter E. Leone, Susan Lockwood, and Joseph C. Gagnon

116 What Works in Residential Programs for Aggressive and Violent Youth? 000

Geert Jan Stams and Peer van der Helm

117 Reforming Youth Facilities 000

Barry A. Krisberg Part XVI The Police 000

118 Evidence-Based Policing: Does it Reduce Violence? 000

Cody W. Telep

119 Police Violence: The Case of Indigenous Australians 000

Chris Cunneen

120 Reducing Violence and Aggression in Police Officers 000

Christopher J. Harris Part XVII Societal and National Interventions 000

121 Does Modifying Media Reduce Aggression and Violence? Implementation Science and Community-Wide Media Interventions 000

Heidi Brummert Lennings and Robert P. Franks

122 Involving Community in Sexual Violence Prevention: Engaging Bystanders 000

Victoria Banyard, Katie M. Edwards, and Wendi L. Siebold

123 Mobilizing Canada to Promote Healthy Relationships and Prevent Bullying Among Children and Youth 000

Debra Pepler, Wendy M. Craig, Joanne Cummings, Kelly Petrunka, and Stacey Garwood

124 The KiVa Antibullying Program: Lessons Learned and Future Directions 000

Sanna Herkama, Silja Saarento, and Christina Salmivalli

125 Coping With Bullying, and Promoting Well-Being and Positive Peer Relations 000

Phillip T. Slee, Grace Skrzypiec, Carmel Cefai, and Francis Fabri

Index 000

About the Author

Peter Sturmey is Professor of Psychology at Queens College and the Graduate Center, City College of New York and a visiting professor at The Department of Dentistry, University College London.

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