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Working with Chakras for Belief Change


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Table of Contents


PART ONE -- Development of Healing InSight: My Personal Journey

1. My Awakening

2. Let the Healing Begin

3. Honouring the Calling: Qigong

PART TWO -- Understanding the Mind-Body-Spirit as a Unified Whole

4. Structures of the Mind-Body-Spirit

5. Understanding the Whole Self through the Chakra System

6. Understanding Belief Change Energetically

PART THREE -- The Healing InSight Self-Help System

7. Developing the Necessary Tools

8. The Simple Belief Realignment Method

9. The Advanced Belief Realignment Method

10. The Manifestation Process

11. The Life Issue Process

12. The Healing InSight System Beliefs


Appendix A: Five Healing InSight Case Studies

Appendix B: Healing InSight Method Q & A

Appendix C: Healing InSight Worksheets

Appendix D: Qigong Practices



About the Author

About the Author

Nikki Gresham-Record is one of the UK’s leading spiritual healers as well as a chartered counseling psychologist and teacher of reiki and qigong. She developed her Healing InSight method for belief change by drawing on her professional background and her interest in vibrational-emotional healing and the power of belief. Nikki works with a broad client base as well as facilitates workshops. She lives with her family in West Sussex, UK.


“This superbly clear, compassionate, fired-up, wise guide is a complete system in a book. The integration key that makes sure you actually receive the adjustments uses classical qigong movements to embody the change. Genius!”
*Clara Apollo, director of New Forest Elemental Qigong and Conscious Living Events and founding membe*

“This book is simply marvelous. It is the epitome of the perfect read in terms of a healing modality and can be accessed straight away. Thoroughly researched information, inspirational lessons, healing tools, channeled guidance, and the whole truths about the author’s own spiritual journey and how she healed herself are all part of the rich tapestry that will have you intrigued on every page. Nikki gives you a complete sense of understanding why she was divinely inspired to create this healing system that empowers people to heal themselves. The depth of her knowledge and experiences, plus her high intuitive nature, will have you captivated. A must-read, this book is life-changing.”
*DENISE DEVLIN, author of The Untold Story: Peter and Jesus–The Gap Years*

“Nikki Gresham-Record draws from her own personal healing journey from incurable lupus to full recovery and her extensive experience working with clients as a psychologist, counselor, empath, and intuitive healer to help the reader understand the steps needed for healing to occur. The Healing InSight method utilizes great sources of wisdom, giving us a way to identify the limiting beliefs that prevent healing. It encourages us to face our fears and to listen to our body’s pain as a cry for help that when heard will lead us to wholeness. Readers will be encouraged to take responsibility for the creation of health, happiness, and healing in their own lives and will be left with the feeling that they are powerful creators of their own reality.”
*RICHARD ELLIS, author of Reiki and the Seven Chakras and The Heart of Reiki*

“You are holding in your hand a skillfully crafted masterpiece. Nikki is a mistress of top-level energy work, with years of research and successful practical application. Here, she asks you to pay attention to the finer details of your life: what are you putting up with that you know is not really you? Using specific techniques to uncover unconscious blocks, this Healing InSight method asks what disturbance you would like to shift and where it feels locked at a chakra level. Nikki shows you how you can move past this for good.
“This superbly clear, compassionate, fired-up, wise guide is a complete system and has links to a range of supporting material. You are not on your own. The integration key that makes sure you actually receive the adjustments uses classical qigong movements to embody the change. Genius! This component is often overlooked in not-so-successful talk-based therapies. Change is hugely possible, and necessary, when you harmonize body, mind, and soul. Your gifts then have a clear channel to manifest through for you and to influence the field of energy that links each and every one of us.”
*CLARA APOLLO, director of New Forest Elemental Qigong and Conscious Living Events*

“Occasionally a book comes along from someone who can offer hands-on advice that we can learn from. It is a book where the language and content is very clear. Thank you, Nikki, for shining a light and sparking my interest once again into mind, body and spirit. It is my pleasure to recommend this excellent book.”
*JOE DALTON, host of Breakthrough Brands radio show*

"What a miracle worker this 304 page labor of love is. I was completely woke up by the idea of healing ones belief systems through the chakras. I am well aware that disease has so much to do with the beliefs and resulting actions we hold. The method is simple and easy to follow and I loved the pictures throughout. The message was loud and clear as we change our thoughts we change our energy and we heal. I truly would recommend my new best friend to anyone wanting a healthier way to be and a gentle way to get there. Thanks Nikki, I so get this."
*Riki Frahmann, Mystic Living Today*

"Like many of my exceptional guests Nikki embodies the soul of a messenger of truth so needed in these difficult modern times. Nikki shows how to implement important changes in our thinking and choices while opening up to life with eyes and our hearts to the newness of experiences...She is truly answering the call to serve and to shine with excellence. It was a truly artful soulful purposeful informative discussion and one which I thoroughly enjoyed."
*Sheryl Glick, host of Healing from Within*

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