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The Yoga of Snakes and Arrows

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Table of Contents



1 Rules of Play

2 Meaning of the Game

3 Numerology of the Game

The Commentaries

4 First Row: The Fundamentals of Being

1. Genesis (janma)
2. Illusion (maya)
3. Anger (krodh)
4. Greed (lobh)
5. Physical plane (bhu-loka)
6. Delusion (moha)
7. Conceit (mada)
8. Avarice (matsar or matsarya)
9. Sensual plane (kama-loka)

5 Second Row: The Realm of Fantasy

10. Purification (shuddhi)
11. Entertainment (gandharvas)
12. Envy (eirsha)
13. Nullity (antariksha)
14. Astral plane (bhuvar-loka)
15. Plane of fantasy (naga-loka)
16. Jealousy (dwesh)
17. Mercy (daya)
18. Plane of joy (harsha-loka)

6 Third Row: The Theater of Karma

19. Plane of action (karma-loka)
20. Charity (daan)
21. Atonement (saman paap)
22. Plane of dharma (dharma-loka)
23. Celestial plane (swarga-loka)
24. Bad company (ku-sang-loka)
25. Good company (su-sang-loka)
26. Sorrow (dukh)
27. Selfless service (parmarth)

7 Fourth Row: Attaining Balance

28. Apt religion (sudharma)
29. Irreligiosity (adharma)
30. Good tendencies (uttam gati)
31. Plane of sanctity (yaksha-loka)
32. Plane of balance (maha- or mahar-loka)
33. Plane of fragrance (gandha-loka)
34. Plane of taste (rasa-loka)
35. Purgatory (narka-loka)
36. Clarity of consciousness (swatch)

8 Fifth Row: Man Becomes Himself

37. True awareness (gyana; traditionally, jnana)
38. Plane of life energy (prana-loka)
39. Plane of elimination (apana-loka)
40. Plane of circulation (vyana-loka)
41. Human plane (jana-loka)
42. Plane of fire (Agni-loka)
43. Birth of man (manushya-janma)
44. Ignorance (avidya)
45. Right knowledge (suvidya)

9 Sixth Row: The Time of Penance

46. Conscience (vivek)
47. Plane of neutrality (Saraswati)
48. Solar plane (Yamuna)
49. Lunar plane (Ganges or Ganga)
50. Plane of austerity (tapa- or tapar-loka)
51. Earth (prithvi)
52. Plane of violence (himsa-loka)
53. Liquid plane (jala-loka)
54. Spiritual devotion (bhakti-loka)

10 Seventh Row: The Plane of Reality

55. Egotism (ahamkara)
56. Plane of primal vibrations (Omkar)
57. Gaseous plane (vayu-loka)
58. Plane of radiation (teja-loka)
59. Plane of reality (satya-loka)
60. Positive intellect (subuddhi)
61. Negative intellect (durbuddhi)
62. Happiness (sukh)
63. Darkness (tamas)

11 Eighth Row: The Gods Themselves

64. Phenomenal plane (prakriti-loka)
65. Plane of inner space (uranta-loka)
66. Plane of bliss (ananda-loka)
67. Plane of cosmic good (Rudra-loka)
68. Cosmic Consciousness (Vaikuntha-loka)
69. Absolute plane (Brahma-loka)
70. True nature (satoguna)
71. Activity (rajoguna)
72. Inertia (tamoguna)

Further Reading

About the Author

Harish Johari (1934-1999) was a respected teacher, artist, and composer who studied with many of the great saints of India. He worked for decades to introduce the culture of his homeland to the West and authored 12 books on Eastern spirituality, including Breath, Mind, and Consciousness; Chakras; Ayurvedic Healing Cuisine; The Healing Power of Gemstones; Numerology; and Tools for Tantra.


"Leela is both a boardgame and practice on the spiritual path. The game is an analog to the spiritual journey. Following the roll of the die (which represents karma), the player advances along the path toward liberation of the soul." * Omega New Age Directory *
"Without a doubt, many hours of enjoyment and learning for anyone on the path." * Light of Consciousness Magazine, Oct 2007 *
"The late master of Vajrayana and Ayurveda, Johari is yet again demonstrating his vast mastery of the manifolded arts that lead to the revelation of self and purpose." * O Caldeirao, Issue 14, Nov 2007 *

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