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SC to MTRJ Singlemode Duplex 9/125 Fibre Patch Cable, 3 Metres


Technical Details:

  • Brand Name: CablesAndKits
  • Model: FSD9-SCMT-03

Product Description:

Singlemode ( 9/125) | SC to MTRJ | 3 Metre (9.84 ft) Fibre optic cabling is the medium of choice for longer distance and challenging cabling runs. These cables are thinner than copper patch cords and immune to EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) making them perfect for riser runs and uplink cables. There are two basic types of fibre cabling, single-mode and multi-mode. The cables listed here are single mode. Inside these cables you will find three basic layers. Starting from the inside, you have the core which is surrounded by the cladding. Both are protected with the jacket on the outside. Single mode cables have a thinner "core size". The core size is simply the thickness of the optical fibre inside the cladding. The cladding is material that surrounds that core which basically serves as the boundary for the signal, keeping the light refined to the core and not allowing it to escape. The thicker the core size, the more refraction the signal exhibits, the more signal degradation that occurs and the shorter the distance an intelligible signal can transmit. For example, these cables are 9/125. 9 is the diameter of the core, and 125 is the diameter of the cladding, both in micrometres. Lastly, the jacket is the part of the cable you see. This layer protects the cable and provides easy identification based on its colour. TIA-598C recommends yellow for single mode. In addition, single mode cables are more "stable" as they are only thick enough to carry one wave of light. This eliminates distortion caused my overlapping light signals making them ideal for applications that require couplers or other branching devices. SC connectors, commonly referred to as Subscriber Connectors, Square Connectors or Standard Connectors, are a larger, older connexion type found in Cisco GBIC's. The design is rectangle allowing a higher density installation compared to even older, legacy fibre end types. The connector is a "push-pull" type, has a ferule diameter of 2.

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