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Great Military Commanders Collector's Set [DVD_Movies] [Region 4]

(Volume 1)
Hannibal: The Annihilator
Hannibal's merciless attacks on Roman soil deal a near fatal blow to the burgeoning Empire. In three key battles, Hannibal uses terrain, intimidation, and his iron will to literally annihilate the Roman Legions, killing every Roman soldier that he can.

Art of War
Sun Tzu was the Nostradamus of warfare, and his book Art of War, written 2,400 years ago, is still the ultimate how-to book for winning. The first is the story of Sun Tzu himself, and a war soon after his death where a city is saved using his tactics and China takes the first step toward unification.

Bloodthirsty barbarian or benevolent ruler? This episode portrays Attila the Hun as he really was: shrewd, tough, and at times even thoughtful. A man who, through intelligence and sheer force of character, forged a loose confederation of nomadic tribes into the most fearsome military machine of its time.

Genghis Khan
This episode features the life of the ruthless Mongol conqueror of the late 12th and early 13th centuries. His conquests created one of the largest empires the world has ever known.

Joan of Arc
The episode profiles the life of the peasant girl from Domremy, Lorraine who heard voices telling her to liberate France from the English.

Lee and Grant
This episode reveals surprising details of the bold choices and almost godlike power that Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee summoned on decisive battlefields like Vicksburg and Gettysburg.

(Volume 2)
Sherman's March
Combining breathtaking re-enactments with analysis from leading historians, this episode retraces the steps of the 60,000 Union soldiers who stormed through the heart of the south, determined to bring an end to the bloody Civil War.

Crazy Horse
This is the story of great chief of the Oglala Sioux who helped defeat General Custer at Little Bighorn. Crazy Horse fought all his life to protect Indian lands and treaty rights, and defeated Gen. George Crook at the Battle of the Rosebud just eight days before his encounter with Custer.

Field Marshall Erwin Rommel
This episode chronicles Germany's brilliant "Desert Fox" who nearly out-foxed Allied troops in World War II, and then later plotted to assassinate Hitler.

Napoleon Bonaparte
Discover the rise of the political and military genius who exploited the turmoil of revolutionary France to become Emperor. This episode also features spectacular victory over Austria and Russia at the Battle of Austerlitz.

Napoleon And Wellington
The story of the great military leaders who clashed at Waterloo. This exciting episode reveals the one fateful decision that told the outcome of the see-saw fight.

John J. Pershing
After his days as a frontier Indian fighter chasing Geronimo, Pershing took America's 128,000-man regular army and built it into a four-million-man juggernaut. We tell the story of Pershing’s enormous triumphs and bitter tragedies.

(Volume 3)
Omar Bradley
This episode focuses on Omar Bradley’s career from West Point through early battles in WWI, and then WWII action in Tunisia, Sicily, and Normandy. Bradley's forces liberated Paris on August 25, 1944.

General Douglas Macarthur
Discover the glory and controversy of General Douglas Macarthur’s defeat and then triumphant return to the Philippines in World War II and his conflict with President Truman over policy in the Korean War.

This episode recalls Patton’s formative years at West Point, the first taste of battle in World War I, and many successes in North Africa and Europe during World War II. The downside of the Patton's record, including his slapping of a shell-shocked soldier, is also revealed.

(Volume 4)
Meet the man who went from Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in WWII to Commander-in-Chief of the US during the Cold War 50's.

Admiral Nimitz
This episode profiles the World War II leader who took command of a shattered navy and led his forces to victory over often superior Japanese forces.

George Marshall
Follow the rise of George Marshall’s to Chief of Staff by W.W.II and how he directed a massive post-war drive that took its name from the dedicated professional soldier who led it.

Chesty Puller
Witness the life of the tough-as-nails Marine who compiled an unmatched fighting record from the jungles of the Banana Wars and Guadalcanal, and from Peleliu to the Chosin Reservoir.

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