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Pokemon [Region 4]


INCLUDES ALL 189 EPISODES FROM POKEMON THE SERIES: DIAMOND AND PEARL: There's no place like Sinnoh, the next stop on Ash Ketchum's quest to become a Poke-man Master! Legendary powers maintain a delicate balance in the Sinnoh region, a modern land where ancient statues and ruins still speak of the mighty Pokemon Dialga and Palkia--one said to be the ruler of time, the other of space. For Ash, there's no time to waste as he battles his way through Sinnoh, joined by his old buddy Brock and new friend Dawn, an aspiring Pokemon Coordinator. What new Pokemon will they meet, and which ones will they catch? These young Trainers can't wait to find out!

Whether it's solar-powered Sunyshore City or frosty Snowpoint City, there's no place Ash won't go in order to challenge Sinnoh's Pokemon Gyms and earn a spot in the Sinnoh League tournament. Ash and his friends are as determined as they come, but this time they'll face rivals and foes who never let up. Ash's new rival Paul does whatever it takes to win, no matter the cost to his Pokemon. The ruthless poacher, Pokemon Hunter J, stops at nothing when it comes to kidnapping Pokemon for cash. Even worse, the relentless forces of Team Galactic have launched a plot to destroy all of Sinnoh--and the Pokemon world! Ash's Sinnoh adventure could prove to be his most epic challenge yet!

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This is a Region 4 disc. A multi-region player may be required in order to play this disc in this part of the world.

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