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Affiliate Program
The Fishpond.com Affiliate Terms

This affiliate programme has been created as a means to encourage and reward participants who use their personal, non-profit or commercial website to refer customers to Fishpond.com for the purpose of buying Fishpond.com's products and services.

By signing-up to the affiliate programme from Fishpond Limited ("Fishpond.com") the affiliate ("The Affiliate"), agrees to the following terms and conditions.

Affiliate Website By signing up to the programme the affiliate agrees that they are authorised to place affiliate links on their website. Affiliates may not use the programme for the sole use of purchasing products for their own use.

The website must be publically accessible on the Internet.

Product Commision Rates

All products 5%

Fishpond.com reserves the right to change these rates at any time. Affiliates will be notified of any changes via the e-mail address used on sign-up.

Payment Once a payment threshold of $20USD is reached, payment will be made by the means the affiliate elected on sign-up.

Affiliate Marketing The affiliate is not permitted to use this programme by sending unsolicited e-mail to any address, posting on bulletin boards, forums, blogs and the like.

License of Intellectual Property The Affiliate is hereby granted a limited license to make use of the banners and product links available to you through your affiliate account. You may not modify these images or links in any way without the express permission of Fishpond.com. You agree to update your site with new banners as they become available from time to time.

Limitation of Liability The Affiliate shall indemnify Fishpond.com against any loss of or damage to property or for data or software which is lost, corrupted, deleted or altered. Fishpond.com shall not be liable to the affiliate for any incidental, indirect, special or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with your use of the affiliate program.

Non-competition on keywords With regard to search engines, The Affilaite agrees not to bid on any keywords relating to Books, CDs and DVDs and related terms that Fishpond.com already makes use of, or holds Trademarks on.

Natural Search Engine Results The affiliate won't be paid for links originating for free or natural search engine URLs. The customer must have first visited the affiliates nominated website to qualify. Links originating from social networks will be paid.

Transactions To earn the commission % as set out above:
a: The sale must be a result of a clickthrough from a website operated by the affiliate,
b: Payment must be made on the Fishpond.com website.

Site Access Without the expressed written permission of Fishpond Limited, you may not use any device, method or software that may interfere with site function including, but not limited to: spiders, robots, avatars, agents, data mining, gathering or extraction tools and attempts to probe, scan or test or breach security and authentication measures. Further, you may not make use of any form of product or data feed that originates from Fishpond without our expressed written permission.

Exclusions Fishpond.com reserves the right to withdraw affiliates from the programme without prior notification to the affiliate at their discretion.

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