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Help Desk - Ordering Basics


What is the wishlist for?

The Wishlist is a place for you to keep all the items you are thinking about buying, but haven't quite decided on yet. And the best thing is you can email it to your friends and family so they know exactly what to get you!

To share your Wishlist, click the 'Wishlist' link to the right of the search box, then enter email addresses of the people you want to send your list to. You can also write them a message - something like: "Here are all the things that people who really love me will buy for my birthday/ Christmas/ a surprise"

Once they have bought you something, they can click in the "tick if purchased" box, and everyone will know it has been bought so you won't get two copies. And make sure you keep adding to your Wishlist so there is always lots of things for people to buy (you can remove the "already bought" items too).

To add an item to your Wishlist, just click the 'Add to List' button on any product page. You can also easily transfer items between your Wishlist and Shopping Cart at any time.

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