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Sell Yours rules and expectations

Our shared customer experience is important to Fishpond. That means we have minimum requirements that must be met.

We will disable your listings and you will not be able to sell for the following reasons.

Automatic suspension:
1. High refund rate - cancelled or unfulfilled items cannot be more than 20% of the sales rate (90-day suspension)
2. Star rating falls below 3.5 - this means you have consistently not sent orders within the 2-day timeframe

Customer experience / complaints relating to:
3. No/late reply to buyer or Fishpond contacts - communications should be responded to within 48 hours
4. Dishonest behaviour - e.g. saying the item has shipped but it has not; under-pricing your items; not fulfilling the order; counterfeit products or products that do not match the listing
5. Abusive behaviour towards customers and staff - communications should be polite and professional at all times. Abuse and/or offensive language will not be tolerated.

Repeated occurrences of the above may result in your selling privileges being blocked permanently. Note that, if your account is temporarily suspended while under investigation you may not create duplicate selling accounts. This will also put you at risk of being blocked permanently from selling on Fishpond.

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