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Help Desk - Earning Cash Rewards


Learn about Cash Rewards

With cash rewards, Fishpond rewards you for participating. By completing any of the tasks below, you get a credit in your account. You apply this credit to your next purchase just like cash! There is no need to complete any additional forms. If you have a Fishpond account you can start immediately.

Current Cash Reward Qualifying Tasks

  • Add a trailer = $0.20
    • Find an embedded link to a trailer for any of the DVDs or games on our website.
    • All trailers are checked and must adhere to our review policy to qualify.
    • Only one trailer per product.
    • Trailers must be sourced from reputable websites.
    • Trailers must be the official studio trailer. If the official trailer is not submitted, cash rewards will be deducted.
    • To get started, visit a DVD or game product page and click the blue "Add a trailer" link under the product details.
    • DVD pages that have no trailer are listed here.

    Check back later for more Cash Reward tasks.


  • We reserve the right to change reward amounts and frequency.
  • Cash rewards can only be redeemed for credit on future purchases on this website.
  • Unused cash rewards expire after 12 months.

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