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Help Desk - Payment and Pricing


Do you match the price of a competitor's product?

Yes, Fishpond.com currently has a price matching policy with major online retailers. If you order a product in any category where the total cost (including shipping fee) is more expensive on Fishpond.com than with the other retailer, we will credit your Fishpond account with the difference plus 10%.

We do not accept bargain books, out of stock or limited quantity items, coupons, online pricing that is limited to one day or less, damaged, clearance sale items or digital content.

Use our automated price matching system to claim your credits for price matching against major online retailers.

To claim your credits on price matching against other suppliers:

1. Place your order at Fishpond.com.
2. Provide links to identical products on the other retailer's site and Fishpond.com. Note that the ISBN/barcode must match.
3. Email us the links and also your Fishpond.com order number within two working days of placing your order (as prices can change).

The item must be new, exactly the same and not be part of a sale/clearance. It is limited to one price match per identical item, per customer and for personal use only.

The difference plus 10% credit is made to your Fishpond.com account. This offer is not for a refund to your credit card or bank account.

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